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One of the most prominent e-commerce solutions out there. Shopify is spread in over 175 countries and has over 1 million business clients. Shopify is best suited for small to medium businesses, with various features already integrated into the platform, making it simple in use. There are plenty of featured that come along with excellent support on Shopify, some that are worth noting are the diverse custom domains, AI personalization and over 70 user-friendly templates.


One of the well-known e-commerce platforms that is also open source. Initially released in 2009 and providing services in many countries ever since, magento is best suited for small to medium businesses that require manpower and time for set up. The various features such as global selling, optimization for mobile shopping, instant purchased, video options and more, is what makes magento reliable.


WooCommerce is first that comes to mind when you think of e-commerce platforms. Not only is it an open source but also a free shopping cart plugin. WooCommerce is used by over 30% of all online stores. It is crucial for small businesses that already possess a site on WordPress but have a minimal budget. Third-party plugins and user-friendly themes make this platform extremely flexible. With different features such as shipping options, calculator, geolocation support, mobile optimization, coupons, and discounts, and more.


An open-source and free e-platform that helps perform various functions on your website. It has flexible features that can help to customize an e-commerce store according to customers’ needs. This accessible and secure platform is best suited for small companies with a relatively tight budget. optimization, coupons, and discounts, and more.


Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is now spread across 120 countries. It is best suited for SMBs that require their online platforms to perform various functions. It is slightly costlier than other platforms, but it is loaded with a variety of features including gift cards, limitless bandwidth and product listings, custom domains, lots of themes and templates that make the cost not seem like such a bad idea after all.


Your one-stop-shop for running an online store. OpenCart is an open-source software that can be added to an existing website. It’s various modules, extensions, and themes will help you customize the look and feel of your website. OpenCart also provides excellent assistance from registered members, as well as other paid technical support.


A great software for entrepreneurs that wish to develop. Its various features make it super user-friendly. It is secured with two-factor authentication and various anti-fraud tools but is also a scalable platform that you can use to build your website.


eCommerce website development company in Dubai
eCommerce website development company in Dubai

Things to consider before developing an e-commerce website

Research well about your business industry: Before you begin the e-commerce web development process, one of the most important things that you must do is conduct is a thorough analysis and research of the business industry you aim to fit in to. You must understand the various loopholes and take into consideration your target customer. Take a deep dive into their preferences, age, and other factors that will help you develop the product categories, product descriptions, payment gateway, product images, and other essential aspects.

Attend to the needs of the target audience: Once you understand what you want to sell, it is now time to prioritize your potential customers. You must understand their culture, geography, demography, and purchasing inclinations. The best thing is to develop a questionnaire which will help you design your e-commerce business.

Determine your branding and plan a content strategy: Without proper branding and content strategy, you will never be able to reach out to customers. Think about all the successful companies such as Amazon and their logos, product details, product reviews, visual images, emotional references, wish lists, everything that made them successful. Similarly, you now need to take into consideration these aspects and build from scratch.

Mind your e-commerce website development budget: It is always easy to go overboard, you need to be very cautious about staying within the stipulated budget and employing strategies that will help you to do so. It is always easy to get over excited about something and end up spending more, keep your end-goal in mind, start simple and build on it, see what works first then only invest.

Bear in mind the competition: A business is all about standing out! It is a great exercise for you to check out your competition by analyzing their working segments by applying the relevant catchphrases into a browser search. Look out for the various promotional tools and features they use, are they using social media, e-commerce email marketing, or something else? How does the design of their pages look like? You must also pay attention to the technical aspect, such as the hosting tool, domain name, content management system, and any other add-ons that are being used by them.

Create an MVP (Minimum viable product): You need to understand that the essential function of an e-commerce store is to sell. On the other hand, the goal of an e-commerce MVP is to assess the potential of a particular business to encourage people to buy the goods and services being provided by them. If you aim to create a creative and innovative shopping platform with a high conversion rate, with an algorithm and a fantastic user experience, and the best products, it is important for you to use the assistance of an MVP.

Train your team: If you want to raise sales and increase the volume with time passing, you should have dedicated SDRs on board. Before investing in a project, make sure you have the right talent before the launch, or if you plan to do it by yourself, make sure you have the time for this. You might face some challenges with productivity and efficiency both in yourself, and your team. For this to be avoided within a team, you should invest in a sales process and team training.

eCommerce website development Dubai
eCommerce website development Dubai

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We have been providing eCommerce development services and creating products which boost sales for a while now. Our data-driven approach, with psychographic factors of the targeted audience in mind, adherence to UI, UX and IxD trends is what sets us apart from the rest, allowing us to convert our solutions by up to 3%. Need we say more?

We have a considerable amount of experience.

Just a small fraction of what we do: personalized systems for selling tickets, booking websites, subscription boxes, affiliate marketing apps.

We have proven expertise.

We are web designers with CWDSA diplomas, CIW eCommerce-engineers and consultants compliant with CBAP requirements – all in one place.

We guarantee quality.

We are confident with the high quality of the software we develop. Our testers enable your application, therefore avoiding potentially devastating effects of bugs and hacks.

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We have delivered effective coding solutions to several innovative companies. Our focus is on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do! This led us to longstanding collaborations with major brands across various industries.

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eCommerce Development Company in Dubai
eCommerce Development Company in Dubai

A number of companies populate the e-commerce market across the B2B, B2C segments. E-commerce has arguably also led to the growth and prospering of C2C (consumer to consumer) by creating an online marketplace for pre-owned goods. C2B segment, where a customer posts project requirements and budget online to attract bids from vendors has also taken off under e-commerce.

So how do you differentiate yourself amidst all the clamor? Allow Redberries eCommerce Website Development Dubai company to ring a clear bell for your target audience to hear by evolving a holistic e-commerce strategy that delivers sustainable benefits to your organization:

  • Cataloging of goods and services
  • Creation of shopping cart application
  • Facilitating shipments
  • Payment module integration
  • Network security and data privacy
  • Database management
  • Customer insights and analytics
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Redberries eCommerce Website Development Company in Dubai will ensure that you extract the advantages of e-commerce by making your site the online manifestation of the ultimate shopping experience.

What Makes Our e-Commerce Website Development Solution Different?
Each business has a different set of requirements when it comes to developing and implementing an eCommerce web development. Firstly, we understand what are your exact requirements. Then, we provide you with tailor-made solutions which are not only aligned with your goals but also helps to grow and expand your business.

Our team is highly adaptable to the ever-changing environment of the digital world and can help to modify your website, accordingly. Our team is experienced and specialized in developing e-commerce websites. They account for every single detail, from website security to product information, to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

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Content Management:
We specialize in managing content efficiently. Our team is able to update and maintain various pages on the website. Product listings, image distribution, blog posts updating, website banners, reviews, and comments are few of the many content management tasks our team is able to execute.

Online Cart Design:
It is important to have a user-friendly interface for the online cart to give users the best shopping experience. Our team has analyzed several e commerce website development in the past and implement best industry practices to give your customers a smooth and friendly browsing experience. Functionality such as order revisions, add/remove products from carts, add multiple products, etc. are provided to both, customer and the business from our end.

eCommerce Website Development in Dubai
eCommerce Website Development in Dubai
eCommerce Website Development Dubai - Red Berries
eCommerce Website Development Dubai

Payment Methods:
We provide multiple payment options for eCommerce website development in UAE which helps your business to gain more sales and conversion. Our eCommerce website development Dubai team integrates payment options such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Cash on Delivery, and so on to satisfy your customers and allowing them to choose their desired mode of payment.

Website Security:
Online scams and hacking have become easier than ever due to technological advancements. We at Red Berries do not compromise on website security for any reason. It is always our top priority to give your website the most advanced level of security. Credit card details, personal data, and other important user data have to be protected at all times.

We provide you with multiple levels of encryption, fully supported SSL certificates, and implement any other measures to safeguard your customers’ data.

Customer Feedback:
A highly optimized eCommerce website will not only grow your business but will also help you receive positive customer reviews. We understand the importance of these customer reviews and display them to all the potential customers visiting your e-commerce website to grow your business.

Consistent Design and Product Information:
An accurate display of product information and image is crucial for your brand reputation. Color schemes, font types, product descriptions, all have to be uniform and 100% correct in order to build trust with your potential customers. This also helps the website visitors to get an overview of the products and it’s benefits.

Contact Information & Support:
There could be multiple issues arising when someone makes a purchase from your e-commerce platform. Our team at Red Berries specializes in an effective customer service approach wherein customer’s concerns are being well heard and ensure that prompt action is taken.

Online Promotions & Discounts:
Online discounts and promotions make an e-commerce platform much more valuable for purchases as it attracts more customers. Through the use of promo codes and referral links, many customers can avail discounts in just a matter of a few clicks.

What Makes Our eCommerce Website Development Solution Different?

  • Specialize in managing content efficiently.
  • User-friendly interface for the online cart.
  • Provide multiple payment options for the e-commerce website.
  • Provide you with multiple levels of encryption, fully supported SSL certificates.
  • Specializes in an effective customer service approach.
  • Help you receive positive customer reviews.
  • An accurate display of product information and image.
eCommerce Website Development UAE - Red Berries
eCommerce Website Development UAE
woocommerce if you aren’t expecting huge traffic, concurrency, and features. Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento have different design, cost, and function related aspects that you can choose from based on your needs.
Prior to choosing an ecommerce platform you should take a look at all the opportunities, your budget and your needs because all ecommerce platforms have some pros and cons.
Activities include getting a domain name, designing a logo, designing the website itself. Of course, getting a payment gateway, deciding on several extensions required for running the portal, promoting the website, making it visible in various search engines, back-end work for uploading products, dealing with orders and shipments. The list may go on, depending on what are your goals for the portal.
Maintenance, enhancements + digital marketing + infrastructure management.
When you setup a company you can decide if it will be a proprietorship + partnership, LLP or Pvt. Ltd. As an example, the GST no. Payment Gateway will require a set of formalities to be fulfilled. You must apply for GST and file the GST return.
This entirely depends on your choice. It also depends on your budget, for example premade themes are cheaper.
Some extensions are free, some are paid, they both can be added on as and when you require them. The price depends on the extension you are looking for, for example for a basic e-commerce store you do not require any extensions at all.
It will be low for WordPress + woocommerce as it can be hosted on shared server approx. AED XX Per month, and higher for Magento as it requires at least 4 GB VPS server, prices for that start from AED XX.

You will need all product details in appropriate CSV format/photographs, and an official agreement signed by all parties. If you are planning a Marketplace, you need to purchase a paid extension and integration and customization fee as an extra add on.
You can check the format of standard Marketplace companies or hire a law firm to help you with this.
Ideally, through sales or transactional margin.
We charge a one-time design and development fee which is a fixed cost. And a variable cost for hosting + digital marketing + maintenance.
Your customers may choose to buy from your portal for the following reasons: You have excellent customer service / excellent user experience You are reliable (Quality & Genuine Products) Product range – Wide and exclusive range, or niche products Competitive price
B2B and B2C both are appropriate for ecommerce businesses. It all depends on your purpose and if you want to sell your products to other business (B2B) or if you want to sell your product direct to your customer (B2C).
You can write these yourself, outsource to a copywriter (for an extra fee). If you don’t have the flare for writing and don’t want to spend money on a copywriter, you can find standard formats for various requirements from the web and modify according to your preference.
Due to the online marketing revolution, ecommerce has now reached far beyond limits, so for customers it is always more preferred to shop from anywhere! Here are some more reasons why you require a Mobile App for your portal: Captive Customer – you must keep your customers engaged. Routine / Regular offers and notifications to stay top of mind Frequency of purchase – If products are frequently purchased. To fulfill specific business needs or logic. Customers need to be provided with regular data in the form of facts and analysis
Yes, if you start with WordPress you will have to upgrade to Magento when you experience a concurrency of approx. 3000 to 4000 users. If you already use an upgraded software, this exercise can be avoided, and your portal duplicated.
You will have to fulfill all the current and outstanding order, while doing so stop taking new orders on a customer facing side. And from a professional standpoint you will need to meet with your vendors, let them know you’re closing, then ask your CA firm to officially close the company.
We can provide you with valuable consultancy + support + digital marketing and hosting.
We have delivered e-commerce platforms using SaaS based solutions and some that were based on off-the-shelf solutions, we have even built from scratch using modern technologies like PHP and MySQL! You can check out our portfolio HERE.
Yes! Products today are discovered on mobile devices, therefore having a mobile-friendly online store is highly critical. Mobile-ready websites are also Google-friendly and help in ranking.
Yes, you can look at our portfolio HERE. If you want to see more send us a message, we’ll happily boast about our work.
Our experience spans over XX years within the region. We’d say we’re pretty seasoned professionals.
An online store set up of a simple off-the-shelf solution can go live in a couple of weeks, but a bigger, feature-rich platform can take a few months to launch. Keeping in mind the final list of features and design goals, get a specific idea of how much time it will take for your online store to go live before you set a date in your mind. Tip: If someone quotes a really short time while promising an Amazon-like store, it’s probably too good to be true.
SEO helps sites rank higher on Google and we believe your online store must be developed with the latest SEO norms. Ignoring SEO while developing your e-store will hamper its performance and growth in the long run. You can test us!
Because you have the best understanding of your website goals, we will work with you closely during the ecommerce store development process. We work in phases or modules therefore you will be in the loop at all times, and if you have any questions during the process you can always talk to us.
We work with methodologies like Minimum Viable Product and Proof of Concept to test the technical dependency before diving deeper. These processes help validate the product idea without pumping a lot of resources and time into it. In short, we know what we’re doing.
Technology is everything when it comes to building an online store. It happens very often with entrepreneurs that start their online store with a solution that is not scalable with the business, they later must rebuild everything. Therefore, this is something that requires all the attention you can give. Top ecommerce development firms understand this, and their products are highly scalable horizontally as well as vertically.
We appreciate clients who let us know of their budget from the initial discussion. Small online stores can cost between 1000 USD and 5000 USD, while a bigger and feature-rich online store can cost a lot more. Costing depends a lot on the features you have in mind, the technology you want used, scalability and reliability.
We use a comprehensive design and development process that includes requirement gathering, initial planning, design mockups, development, review, deployment, and support. You must be an active participant in each step of the development. You must not miss any of the above mentioned in order to have a powerful online store. Long story short, ask plenty of questions regarding work process and always be in the loop.
We can deliver a custom design, use a pre-designed template, or combine both when designing your ecommerce store, the choice is yours. Online stores built from scratch using modern development technologies are powerful, scalable but are more expensive. Stores built on SaaS solutions can be launched super quickly but may falter as your store grows.
Launching an ecommerce store isn’t the end goal of your digital journey. Online stores require support of content, SEO, social media, and branding to further succeed. That’s why it helps if you let us help with all other aspects of digital growth. This is an added advantage, but not a deal breaker.
In order to build an online store that you dream of, we initially ask for website goals, budget and feature requirements for a perfect proposal. After that you will need to supply a product catalog, product images and descriptions, content, and a lot of other things down the line. Building a great online store is a collaborative process that required you and the developer to work together closely.

Tip: If a developer asks you for full payment upfront, run! That is a red flag, and no real developer will ask for such terms.

If you are not hands-on with ecommerce websites, you will need plenty of after-sales support. You will need the help in resolving bugs, making design changes, and improving any newly built processes. We offer at least 4 months of support for mid-sized online stores and up to 12 months of additional, free support for any technical issues caused by our own development. Not sure how much to pay for your online store? Email us at for a free quote!

Redberries fact file:

More than 40% of internet users have purchased goods online. Let millions reach your site through Redberries.

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