Which e-Commerce platform is best for SEO?

What is SEO for eCommerce?

SEO is one of the most important factors of an online store. If no one can view your fantastic website, it serves no purpose. Before moving on, it is necessary to comprehend why SEO is crucial for e-commerce and the many eCommerce platforms with distinct benefits, drawbacks, and price points.

These platforms guarantee that your target audience can find you, regardless of whether you are just starting or looking to switch. Also, you’ll know how to select the SEO platform that will best serve your requirements and raise your SEO ranks. The top e-commerce platforms for SEO in 2023 are listed below. 

The importance of SEO for e-commerce websites

Although any owner of an eCommerce shop would assert that driving traffic to your website is your top concern, there won’t be any sales or business if there are no visitors. Search engine optimization is the best approach to increasing website traffic (SEO).

To improve a website’s ranks and visibility, SEO involves optimizing it for Google searches. Knowing why SEO is crucial for eCommerce is necessary for the following reasons. 

Increased organic traffic generation

increased brand recognition and credibility

Far better ROI than what paid marketing advertising platforms provide

Given all these advantages, it should be no surprise that businesses are spending more on SEO than ever. You must select the proper platform to begin SEO for your eCommerce website.

What to look for when optimizing an eCommerce website

When deciding which eCommerce platform is best for SEO, there are a few things that you need to take into account because not all eCommerce platforms are treated equally when it comes to SEO. 

A website platform created with SEO in mind

indexing management

Adaptable HTML

Using Google Analytics 

A faster website indicates shorter download times

The capacity to alter URLs, titles, and metatags.

While determining which e-commerce platform is best for SEO, it is important to ensure it is SEO-friendly. It would help if you also thought about the platform’s cost and level of experience.

SEO-friendly eCommerce sites

It’s time to think about which e-commerce platform is best for SEO now that you know what to look for.


This platform aids store owners in starting and growing their online businesses. It is suitable for SEO purposes, including product suggestions, abandoned cart delivery, and blogs, because it offers several options.

It is regarded as the most reliable B2C and B2B solution, and it has an app store with extra capabilities like email marketing and social networking tools. The plans’ potential cost can be their only drawback. But if you are serious about SEO, you should think about e-commerce.

For SEO in 2023, which eCommerce platform is best?

  • key attributes
  • using a visual editor with a page builder
  • Solutions for inventory management
  • Reporting in real-time
  • Social trading


  • strong security
  • essential integrations for buybacks
  • Uptime of 99.9%


  • They provide a common 15-day trial period.
  • The Pro plan costs AED 110 per month, while the ordinary plan is AED 110.


Shopify is a fantastic option for businesses of all sizes, but getting started is the key. It is a user-friendly platform with great built-in SEO tools that delivers a clear advantage when determining which eCommerce platform is best for SEO objectives.

Even yet, the platform has some restrictions on more sophisticated SEO services. For instance, you could need the developer’s assistance in modifying the internal link structure. Yet, their aid will always be available to deal with any problem-solving situations.

Key Elements

  • No-cost SSL certificate
  • emails for abandoned cart recovery
  • Credit cards
  • Options for customer segmentation


  • Simple to use
  • fast tempo
  • Free blogging tools
  • ideal for new enterprises
  • numerous built-in SEO features


The basic plan is priced at AED 110/month, while the Advanced plan is priced at AED 1101/month.

There is a free 14-day trial period. 

For SEO in 2023, which eCommerce platform is best?


Millions of online stores use WooCommerce, one of today’s most well-known open-source eCommerce platforms. It is excellent for SEO because it is simple to use and raises the website’s rating in search engines.

The ability to alter the title tags, meta descriptions, and other SEO elements is provided by an integrated site map that will make it simple for Google to index your products.


  • Hundreds of free and premium extensions and plugins, fully customizable
  • Options for subscriptions for digital goods
  • calculating taxes automatically
  • Setting up shipping options


  • an open-source system
  • Benefits of seamless WordPress integration
  • Transactions are only subject to the payment service provider’s fee.


Open-source WordPress is a free eCommerce platform. Still, you must pay for a domain name, WordPress hosting, and an SSL certificate.

If you know how to utilize Yoast SEO and install WordPress plugins, you can quickly optimize an eCommerce website.

Google Chrome (formerly Magento)

It was formerly known as Magento and has long been considered one of the greatest eCommerce platforms. Now, it is a component of the Adobe Experience Platform, which also provides access to products from the company, including Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target.

Being an eCommerce platform, it has several capabilities, including order management, product categorization, and many more. This is a fantastic option for an eCommerce company that helps them optimize their store for search engines.


  • characteristics for optimizing images
  • Customized pricing lists and catalogs for B2B sales
  • Regular data backup
  • Grow your online store using AWS and Azure.


Multi-channel business

  • improved developer tools and experience
  • A more rapid e-commerce platform, especially for businesses with large catalogs and volumes of transactions


Contact the team for more information on the pricing for the Adobe commerce Pro plan.


The platform is excellent for eCommerce because it has built-in capabilities that simplify setting up and managing your online store. For instance, simple processes include adding a product, setting up payment processing, and tracking sales statistics.

You can create a webpage for your restaurant or salon to sell tangible things. Also, the platform comes with optimization tools for search engine optimization to increase website traffic. One example is that you may manage the meta tags on each website page and much more. 

For SEO in 2023, which eCommerce platform is best?


  • Booking appointments capabilities
  • Auto-generated markups and structured data
  • Mobile-friendly online stores
  • SSL encryption


  • free personalized domain
  • Credit for Google Ads
  • Enhanced managed


  • AED 84 per month for a personal plan
  • Advanced business plan: 238 AED per month.


Another platform that offers SEO-friendly features is this one. Your quest is over if you’re trying to determine which eCommerce platform is ideal for SEO. The thorough document will enable you to get going right away.

The ability to personalize any aspect of the website makes it the ideal e-commerce platform for SEO. This covers the meta descriptions, URL structure, meta tags, and many others. It is the greatest if you investigate the potential of an SEO platform with powerful capabilities.


  • around 13,000 modules and themes
  • Extensions that provide further functionality
  • Optional product variables for addition
  • coupons and discounts


  • an SEO-friendly open-source e-commerce platform
  • fewer plugins than platforms that are self-hosted
  • No ongoing charges


  • No ongoing charges


Wix is one of the best eCommerce platforms for building attractive websites optimized for search engines. You can change the website titles and meta descriptions on this platform. Using the built-in keyword research tool, you may find the ideal keywords for your website.

You can create personalized URLs for blog articles and website pages. Your website’s SEO rankings may benefit from this. Moreover, a free option is available, which offers limitless bandwidth and storage.

For SEO in 2023, which eCommerce platform is best?


  • 500+ free, high-quality templates for online stores
  • standard tags
  • The markup for structured data
  • built-in tool for keyword research


  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • APIs enable countless customization options
  • 24/7 assistance

Now that you know what Ecommerce SEO is and the qualities you must seek in an SEO platform, the time has come to construct your website on the most effective platform for SEO. You may always get expert advice if you’re still unsure which e-commerce platform is best for SEO.