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Every year billions of dollars are spent shopping online. Whatever you are in need of, chances are there is an online store dedicated to it.


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The product and its price mean nothing if your store doesn’t function properly, tell a story and is aesthetically pleasing. From designers to marketers, our team knows what it takes to build an online store that is worthy of your products.

Redberries has expertise in developing eCommerce and shopping cart applications which ensure a convenient, secure, and hassle-free shopping experience that will keep customers coming back.

To experience the change, kick start your e-commerce or take your current website to the another level with us!
The internet era has opened new doors for companies to take their business online so that people can trade through it. E-commerce offers efficiency in purchasing a good or service almost instantly and has made life easy for people to trade.

We at Red Berries, give your clients an e-commerce solution which is customized for their requirements. We provide tailor-made solutions to align it with your client's objectives which can gain desired results. We consider your client's needs as our number one priority before we start to develop an e-commerce website. We make sure that your client's website is user-friendly and responsive to the various type of devices.

Some of the e-commerce services which we provide are:

Content Management:
When it comes to content management for an e-commerce website, we care about creating & adding blogs, design display banners, which have been approved by your client. We also help your clients source images and create a structure for the website.

Online Cart:
A user-friendly online cart is always our top priority while developing an e-commerce website. As users will not place an order from your client's website if they face any issues while purchasing online. We ensure that the e-commerce platform is flexible from your client's end as well as from customers point of view to revise, add, remove or update products.

Website Security:
More scams happen in innovative ways as technological advances happen. We at Red Berries never compromise on website security at any cost.
By having multi-level encryption & SSL certificates, we ensure your client’s website is secured at all times. Our team keeps themselves updated about technological advances happening in the security industry and ensure to use that knowledge to keep your client’s website updated, accordingly.

Payment Options:
Our team at Red Berries makes sure to provide different payment platforms to have higher sales conversion. Mastercard, Visa, PayPal are some major online gateways we can provide for your client's e-commerce website.

Website Security services Qatar

Ecommerce website design services Qatar

Discounts & Promotions:
Discounts & promotions help to sell products or services faster to mass audiences. It needs logistical support to understand whether a current promotion is scalable or not. Lastly, it also helps to catch the attention of the customer. Promo codes can be personalized for specific campaigns which can be used for seasonal or limited time offers.

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Ecommerce website design company Qatar
Our expertise solutions aid you in creating best sales website to meet two essential objectives:

  • Boosting the sales from your website
  • Switching to a cost-effective e-commerce store to obtain ROI

As an e-commerce platform developer, we at RED BERRIES help you to obtain these objectives using a systematic approach. We are delivering efficient strategies that meet your company's overall marketing strategy and business plan. Our strategic support includes deep analysis of the market and ongoing competition so that get better strategies can be prepared to position you best and reach the desired objectives.

While developing an online business website, you st come across some basic thoughts about the layout of the content, design of your brand, reliable navigation between the pages, the communication policy, etc.

Our developers at RED BERRIES are specialized in Magento, CMS PrestaShop, and Drupal that are a significant part of online sales platforms.

How to understand the behavior of your visitors and to increase the traffic on your website?

To understand the behavior of the visitors, specific tools are required to analyze the data collected. We analyze the behavior of your visitors to determine the barriers that are leading to the low purchase. This analysis helps us to find a much better strategy to optimize the overall user experience. Increasing organic traffic on your website is performed under well-referenced search engines so that the targeted audience can find you easily. We offer the best-optimized SEO web content and an automated SEO method that aimed at serving you the best because you need not worry about a product catalog. If you want to take a step further, in the international market then we can also implement an international SEO strategy, which is specially designed to penetrate the targeted audience.

Our extensive list of services

E-commerce application development

We build specific e-commerce mobile-centric application that supports e-commerce model to facilitate the end-users.

Custom E-commerce website design

We offer custom website designs based on the advanced framework to cater to all your needs and requirements.

Convenient shopping website

We make your shopping portal get access through different devices, such as smartphones and tablets to increase the customer base.

Plug-in & Module development

To optimize your site and application and to improve its functions we use well developed Plug-in and high-end modules.

Payment gateway integration

We develop an excellent and convenient payment gateway system that can be used with other e-commerce frameworks.

Web development and customization

We upgrade e-commerce websites to match trending concepts to make the user experience more engaging.

Data procurement & migration

The database is essential for every business as it takes a lot of effort to build user database therefore we at RED BERRIES
understand this concern and provide safe migration of data without costing any loss to the database.

Maintenance and support

RED BERRIES have an efficient supporting staff that assists you in maintaining your website and application as well as to support you to cater to your needs so that your systems can perform as per industry standards.