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Red Berries web design company in Sharjah provides operational & cost-effective website designs solutions that help your users to spend more time on your website longer than you would like them to due to the various design and visual navigation elements of the website that helps users to browse through the website easily. When it comes to delivering the best website experiences in Sharjah, UAE, Red Berries is one of the most trusted names in town because it has the expertise to create a website that matches your expectations and gives an interactive user experience.


Understand the importance of investing in a website design

Users and clients are usually attracted to visually aesthetic websites. A website helps them to promptly make an impression about your enterprise as to how trustworthy it is and how will you deliver on your promises based on the flow of the website design.

Website design creates a good impression

Making it visually appealing

90% of website visitors predict a company’s credibility on the basis of the website’s visual appeal alone. Hence, it becomes even more important to elevate the impression about your website from your clients and their user’s mind.

website design companies aids SEO

Increase your SEO

Depending on the design elements of your website, page speed can be boosted and site structure can be modified that will help you witness higher conversion rates. If you are an e-commerce based enterprise, the customer journey starts and ends at your website as the users can browse through, add to cart and proceed to make payment on the website itself. Before we initiate the website designing process, we analyse and keep the factors in mind from the user point of view and therefore the website is designed appropriately as per your sales strategy.

Process of Red Berries as a creative website design agency in Sharjah, UAE

1. A User First Design Approach

The very first step we take while we start to design an aesthetic and user-friendly website is to conduct brainstorming sessions with our experts so that they can come up with desired website solutions. We at Red Berries follow a user-first approach i.e. from user journey to search engine optimisation, we think like how your users would go about it.

2. Tailor-Made Website Solutions

At Red Berries, our core objective is to achieve the desired results as per your requirements and deliver a website that provides an extraordinary visual appeal. Our experts deliver creative and unique solutions to develop an aesthetic and custom-made website.

3. Well performing website

If a website loads quickly, is responsive to users’ actions on the website, and has a user-friendly design, chances of increasing conversions and leads also goes up. This helps your business to stand out from the rest and at the same time, help you achieve your desired results. We are a website design boutique in Sharjah that helps to increase conversion rates for your business,

4. Better the Aesthetic Greater the Results

Red Berries experts’ do not only design websites that look good but we also ensure it is visible to your users. This is achieved by making sure that the website is optimised for various search engine platforms. We ensure to keep your website on top in terms of search results and keep working towards ranking it higher for specific keywords.

5. The Best Website Experience

Our experts have years of experience in delivering high-quality solutions to clients. With the backing of years of trial and error, our team knows how to deliver the most suitable solution for your business needs. They also keep themselves with new industry experience so that your firm is not left behind with the latest technological advancement.

6. Never compromising with your business image

While designing a new website, we ensure to not let your business image fade away in the process. We design and develop tailor-made solutions that go along with your corporate identity.

7. Best of Creativity & Technology

Our team, irrespective of which department they are in, work alongside one another to make sure you get the best-of-all-the-world possible website solution. Be it from the technical side or the creativity aspect, both teams coordinated and consult with one another and match it with your set of requirements for the website.

8. Talented design team

Our website design team have years of experience and have designed numerous websites. Our team approaches each project with a fresh set of ideas and have a 100% professional approach while working with you.

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Startups & Ecommerce

Non Profit Organisations

Food & Consumer Electronics



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Website Design In Few Steps



As we are one of the most well-known website agencies in Sharjah, we consult you on what type of website is the most suitable for your business.



We research and analyze your competitors’ websites and develop a plan accordingly.



Here, we deploy the approved content and sitemap. Also, we evaluate the user interface and responsiveness of the website.




We develop the website and optimize each page for SEO.



Before launching the website, we conduct multiple tests.



It’s launch time! Post that, we ensure that the website is functioning properly and provide updates on improving it.

What Makes Us Different

Website design Company in Sharjah
Web Design Company in Sharjah


We have worked for over twenty years and therefore, we have a track record of delivering projects successfully for clients from various industries.


We keep our word and deliver the project on time and keep you in the loop on the website progress frequently.

Timely Support

The client’s interest is our core focus and therefore, we assign dedicated account managers for your website design project who would coordinate within the Red Berries Sharjah team and with you. We always aim to match your requirements. Based in Sharjah, our website design solutions are provided by keeping in mind the highest quality of service standards by updating your website designs. This is done by updating your website as frequently as possible with the latest technology in place. Looking for an adaptive, reliable, and experienced team to deliver a well-performing website for your business? Look no more and contact us.

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