Product Listing Ads (PLA’S) – An Undisputed Brand Advantage

Product listing ads or Google display ads have brought the much-needed limelight to the products for sale on e-commerce. It has brought a favorable vantage point to many e-commerce retailers in the UAE to try and expand their market base via digital selling. By placing the product in the most coveted ‘top’ spot of a search engine result, Product display or Google shopping ad is boosting the thriving e-commerce sector. The informative way with which it displays photos of products derives more clicks, secures engagement, and accelerates e-tailers’ business.

According to WebFx, visitors who could see the product right at the formidable top spot of a SERP clicked on it were 50% more likely to make a purchase. But why product listing ads are a better alternative to boost sales and conversions.

There are different reasons why product listing ads rule the search engines. Here are few such reasons ruled out by professionals in digital marketing Dubai that make product listing ads a sure-shot success.

1. Informative and interesting way to showcase product  

Product listing ads appear whenever someone searches for a product in need. It bridges the gap between the prospect and the company advertising a product. A great product image, a compelling product description, authentic reviews, and price rule a search engine result page and make the advertising more effective, unlike its counterparts.

2. More engaging user experience

All the essentials of a product are placed in a concise and presentable form which gives it enhanced visibility amid the target audience. At a single click, a visitor can find all he needs and even convert into a customer. These ads secure higher click-through and conversion rates than text-rich ads. This increases the probability of a visitor engaging more with the brand by visiting a website or downloading a mobile application. These ads can also facilitate the sales funnel journey in a cohesive format.

3. Seeing is believing

The human eye and brain catch visuals before the text. So, in an instant, a product related to the search comes in front of the eyes, attracts the buyer’s attention, and results in a positive click-through rate. High-quality images placed strategically on the SERP secure better engagement and click-through rates than text ads.

4. Undisputed placement of the product

Being on top of search engines might look like a daunting task in the organic SEO process. Many SEO professionals work 24×7 to achieve the organic top-ranking spot. Google shopping ads enable marketers to secure seamless product placement on the top of the search engine result page, making Product Display Ad a clear-cut winner over its counterparts.

5. Automated match of product to meet user searches

Since user searches are dynamic in real-time, the Search Engines implement their automated intelligence to match the product with the user-initiated search. The exact results on any search query help e-commerce vendors secure authentic leads and conversions.

6. Advanced RoI tracking

Google Shopping / Product Display Ads have enabled marketers to mince the data and analyze the ad performance dynamically. The digital advertising experts can drill down the performance in real-time through quick insights and adapt to the market need accordingly.

After understanding the relevance of Product Listing Ads, we can easily say that these online display tools have given new exposure to the e-commerce industry in the UAE. With these advancements, marketers can promote their products, services, and solutions among their prospects, expand their markets, and monetize digital marketing for online selling.

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