Why Can’t I Manage My Own Google Advertising?

It takes a lot of practice to build up high-converting Google Ads. Google has qualified professionals in the field. Learning how to operate Google Ads effectively is not something most business owners would have the time or willingness to do.

You can certainly open a Google Advertising account and start a campaign that will be up and running in no time. You may even be able to achieve first-page results for most or all of your targeted keyword searches locally or globally. Effective Google Ads campaign management, on the other hand, boils down to one thing: ROI (Return on Investment). As a newcomer to PPC (Pay Per Click), it isn’t easy to know whether or not your campaigns have been properly optimized for your needs. This wastes a lot of time and money, and it’s not likely to yield the best results.

Attempting to manage Google Ads without sufficient training or certification is akin to expecting a backyard mechanic to operate a race car and provide a winning result.

Here are a few examples of common blunders:

1) It’s not a ‘Set and Forget’ situation

This was due to late submission. When we checked this post with our in-house Google Ads professional, we discovered that the most common mistake made by business owners is believing that Adwords is “set and forget.”
Google adores people since it allows them to make the greatest money over time. Business owners don’t have time to fiddle with Adwords settings daily in their hectic schedules. Most people should be concerned about more serious issues.

2) Appearing in places that aren’t in your service area

This is arguably the most typical blunder made by a local business that our agency encounters. Nothing will burn into your PPC budget faster for a local business than showing up in areas where your firm does not provide services.
While it is one of the most common errors we encounter, it is also the simplest to correct. To avoid this error, define your geographic service area when starting Google Advertising. In the service industry, you probably only work within a 50-100km radius. Nothing will waste your advertising dollars faster than having clicks from sources other than this.

An example of a local service business appearing outside their service region is seen above. The search for an electrician was made using Google’s search location of “Dubai.” This is 158 kilometers (almost 2 hours) from the marketers’ service area in Abu Dhabi. When they solely serve Abu Dhabi, they might generate clicks from all over UAE.

3) Keyword categories are mismanaged

Any advertiser should be familiar with the following three categories of keywords on Google Ads:

  • Matches of all kinds
  • Matching Phrases
  • A perfect match

Advertisers frequently make the error of not correctly utilizing these keyword kinds. Experimenting will allow you to determine which sort or combination of models will work best in your firm. a wide match
When you choose a broad match, your adverts appear when someone searches for your keywords. Regardless of the order in which the keywords appear, your advertising will appear. Suppose your organization targets “men’s leather backpacks,” for example. In that case, your advertisements will occur for a variety of keyword searches, such as “leather backpacks,” “leather backpack men,” “backpack leather men,” “best men’s leather backpacks,” and “men’s leather backpack for sale,” and so on. When employing broad match keywords, you might expect a lot more traffic and clicks.

When advertisers use phrase match keywords, advertising will only appear if the search term appears in the same order as the keyword search phrase you want. If your company is targeting “best seafood in Dubai,” for example, your advertisements will only appear when consumers search for those keywords in that exact order. Your advertising may also show up in other searches, such as “where is the best seafood in Dubai,” and so on.

Identical match

Exact match keywords are the most precise and convert most of the three types of keywords. It eliminates all perceptions that aren’t a perfect match. Your ad will not appear in the example above unless visitors put in “best seafood in Dubai” and nothing else.
You will lose a lot of traffic if you use a precise match. They won’t reach as many people as a broad match and phrase match, but they have the advantage of increasing conversion rates and lowering costs over time (assuming you know what you’re doing!). A planned Google Advertising campaign is required for success. Conversions, revenues, and profits must all be tracked and measured.

4) Showing up in search results that aren’t relevant

Not all searches containing your keywords will be suitable. Your keywords may yield search engine results that are irrelevant to your products or services unless you are very attentive.
For example, if your company sells ceiling fans, you don’t want to show up in searches for pedestal fans or portable fans.

5) Finding yourself in a search for unfavorable terms

Another common blunder made by advertisers is failing to consider negative keywords. If you’re running broad match keyword campaigns, this is very critical. For example, suppose your company sells baby formula; do you want your baby formula ad to show up when someone searches for “hazardous baby formula”? This particular search is not only unlikely to result in significant conversions, but it also has the potential to harm your brand’s reputation. HIRE A PPC PROFESSIONAL TO MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE ADVERTISING

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most powerful kinds of marketing accessible when done correctly. Unfortunately, many small businesses try to handle their campaigns without the necessary skillsets and become upset, eventually giving up and assuming that it won’t work for them.

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