Linkedin Advertising

When a professional blogger wants to connect with influencers and other individuals or companies, they have to ensure that they have tailor-made ads for targeting these individuals. Many a times, bloggers and companies are faced with obstacles such as lack of adequately specific ads and inadequate ad designing skills due to which they miss out on several opportunities for collaborations. Owing to this they are not able to reach out to people who would be able to profit from their skills or their product.

In order to ensure adequate reach and strong connections on a platform like LinkedIn, it is necessary to have a well-equipped as well as well designed ad campaign.

LinkedIn acts as a platform that enables professionals to connect with each other and access opportunities that could help them upgrade as well as publicize their business among other interested individuals. Whenever a blogger or a corporate professional wants to connect with influencers on the platform, he needs to create an ad campaign which he uses to get in touch with individuals amongst whom he can share his content. These ad campaigns need to cover aspects such as catering to a specific audience and ensuring that it reaches out to individuals who can in turn act as collaborators for content creation.

We at Redberries Digital Marketing, Dubai ensure that professionals, companies, brands and bloggers can effectively use the nuances of the platform in order to reach out to an influencer market that can really help in ensuring that the business in question can reach new heights. Moreover, by connecting with already established collaborators; businesses, brands and individuals will be able to tap into largely profitable realms of expansion which will help them considerably.

RedberriesDigital Marketing, Dubai provides the following services with regards to advertising on LinkedIn:

  • Creating campaigns for Sponsored Updates, where company updates can be promoted through ad campaigns
  • Using individual accounts of the employees in a business or company in order to sponsor company updates through individual ad campaigns
  • Creating Business Ads accounts dedicated for the purpose of sponsoring updates for a particular business or brand through various ad campaigns
  • Monitoring both CPC as well as CPM for the ad campaigns which are run on the platform
  • Connecting with members on LinkedIn who may have liked, shared or commented on the status of the company, brand or blog, and approaching them for promoting company updates through sponsored ads which benefit them as well.

Redberries FactFile:

The most sought after skill on LinkedIn in the year 2014 was Statistical Analysis and Data Mining.