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Google Ads Management Goals

A thorough Google Ads Management can help you reach out to the relevant visitors and achieve positive ROI

We provide optimum Google Ads Management Services in which we do all of the work for you, bringing more visitors to your site at a lower cost and converting more visitors to sales. This service can help you save money on your advertising budget by not overbidding keywords or bidding on keywords that will not bring you qualified traffic. We can help you save money and increase conversions from your Google Ads advertising.

What we do?

As a Google Ad Services Agency, we employ google search ads and reach out to the streamlined markets with our Google Ads Management services and get maximum ROI.

How we do It?

Our Google ads management foundations lay deep in the paid search campaigns and we’ve evolved with the same over the past 8 years.

Our Partnerships

With our Google Ad campaign manager experts, we offer vantage point to our clients with our close association with search engines.

Creative Strategy

More than keyword targeting, we as a Google Ad Services agency, monitor target behavior and customize our campaign’s messaging in real-time to reach users effectively.

Google Ads Campaign Types

Google Search Text Ads


Reach customers interested in your product or service with text ads from google ad services

Google Display Campaign


Run different kinds of ads across the web

Promote your products with google shopping ads


Promote your products with shopping ads offered by google ad services

Google Video Ads (Youtube Ads)


Reach and engage viewers on Youtube and across the web with google ad services

Reach your business goals with automated ads on Google across the web


Reach your business goals with automated ads on Google across the web

Run ads on Youtube, Gmail, Discover, and more.


Run ads on Youtube, Gmail, Discover, and more.

Things to Know About Google Ads Management

Professionals in online advertising know how to find the best keyword phrase options for your bidding based on other bid levels, how frequently the terms are searched for, and other factors.

A Wide Range of Matching BID’s

PPC experts are familiar with variations in PPC campaigns, such as “broad matching” your bid to have your ad appear in similar relevant results.

Variations on Keywords

PPC marketing can be highly complicated when dealing with thousands of variations and keywords and optimizing ads for each. To ensure the best PPC campaign results, PPC professionals will take the time to test variations and monitor results for you.

Bidding strategy

When running a Google ad, you have three bidding strategies to choose from. These are the cost per click (CPP), cost per impression (CPI), and cost per acquisition (CFA) (CPA). You must select one of these options based on your advertising strategy and plan. Speak with our Red Berries team to determine which option is best for your company’s objectives.

Quality rating

Google will evaluate your ad and several other factors to ensure that it provides value to your customer. The higher your quality score, the more exposure you’ll get from Google, allowing you to outbid your competitors even if they bid higher.

Negative Keywords

We ensure that your ads are only shown to people looking for what you have to offer. We accomplish this by providing that your ad does not appear for key phrases unrelated to your offering.

Ad Rank

It is the method by which Google places your ad. Ad rank can be calculated using the formula $$ = Ad rank to beat/Quality Score + $0.01, which explains why quality scare is essential. Having a good Google AdWords agency on your side will give you the best chance of achieving a high ad rank and, as a result, a better ad position. Our AdWords management service is priced at AED 2,500 per month. Get a Free Quote Right Now!

Google Search Ads

  • Setup by Google AdWords Expert
  • Defining and creating up to 5 Campaigns Writing text ads
  • Keyword research
  • Unlimited number of targeted Keywords
  • Unlimited Keyword changes
  • Creating Ad extensions
  • Campaign enhancement
  • Ongoing account optimisation
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Webmaster tools integration
  • Monthly reports
  • No fixed term contract

Google Display Ads

  • Setup by Google AdWords Expert
  • Defining and creating up to 5 Campaigns
  • All types off Display targeting
  • YouTube advertising
  • Mobile app advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Campaign enhancement
  • Ongoing account optimisation
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Webmaster tools integration
  • Monthly reports
  • No fixed term contract

Google Shopping Campaign

  • Google Merchant Account Setup
  • Campaign Management
  • Bid Optimization (Manual & Automated Solutions)
  • Account/Campaign Set Up
  • Ad-group Product wise Targeting
  • Campaign Audits
  • Campaign Restructure
  • Bid Refinements
  • Data Feed Optimization
  • Google Merchant Promotions
  • Advanced Google Shopping Strategies
  • Product management
  • Closely Monitoring & Optimization

Display Remarketing

  • Analytics integration
  • Audience creation as per the activities and link with Ads
  • E-commerce targeting setup.
  • Campaign setup + Ad’s setup
  • Closely Monitoring & Optimization
  • Remarketing
  • Campaign enhancement
  • Ongoing account optimisation
  • Webmaster tools integration

Campaign Audit

  • Review of Geo-Targeting
  • Review of Targeting Method
  • Review of overall Adwords
  • keyword strategy across devices
  • Mobile Bid Adjustment
  • Review bidding strategy
  • Audit the structure of Campaigns,
  • Ad Groups and Keywords
  • Review of selected campaign’s network
  • Delivery Method
  • Impression share of all elements of the campaign
  • Budget
  • Review and ad copy optimisation
  • Ad Rotation
  • Analysis of the landing pages
  • Review of Negative Keywords
  • Review of Ad extensions
  • Change History
  • Analysis of keywords Match type
  • Long tail keywords
  • CTR (click through rate)

Google Tag manager

  • Tag Setup & Verification
  • Event setup on the website
  • Conversion Setup
  • Pixel Setup

Google Analytics

  • Tag Setup
  • Event integration from the Tag manager
  • Goal Setup
  • E-Commerce & Funnel Setup
  • Audience Creation & Import

Reporting & Meeting

  • Bi-weekly call with the client
  • Weekly Reporting throughout the platform
  • Detailed business reporting format to understand the overall growth
  • Monthly opportunity report & way forward discussion
Google Ads Management
Google Ads Management Services in KSA

Securing profitable Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can be a task, but not for Red Berries Digital. Our Google Ads Management experts here know how to gain maximum traction of the allocated budgets. Even in the case of competitive markets, Our Google Ads Management company has the key to stay ahead through our professional keyword management solutions. This is our way to stay ahead of paid ad competition and other Google Ads Management agencies in the KSA.

Get to know more about Google Ads Management before getting an agency to manage them for you. Have a read of the questions and answers below to get a better understanding. We will be glad to answer for further information about Google Ads Management if it’s not listed below. We are a Google Adwords Management agency and we are official Google Partners, we provide not just information but bring tangible results through the various features of Google Ads Management.

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Redberries - Google Ads Management Agency
Redberries - Google Ads Management Agency in KSA KSA

A successful Google Ads Management campaign must consider questions such as:

Who is your target audience? If you're going to launch a campaign, you need to know who you're going after. Otherwise, you will waste money by targeting the wrong people in the wrong place, increasing your expenditure while decreasing your returns.
What services or products do you provide, and why? Are you looking for short-term gains or long-term strategic goals?

You must create keyword-rich ad campaigns that highlight your brand. A keyword planner and thorough research will assist you in determining what works best for your target audience.

Set up analytics to see how your campaigns are performing and where you need to improve. Visit our Google Analytics blog to learn more about what Red Berries can do for you.
Sitelinks (in-depth) and more...

For instance,  at Red Berries we have used the following techniques to make AdWords Creatives stand out:
Deep dive into site links
2-line site links increase CTR by 20%, and
3-line Sitelinks increase CTR by 30%.
Location Expansions – a 10% increase in CTR

Call Extenders

We will assign a dedicated AdWords Management Manager to manage your ad campaigns and the above-mentioned factors such as landing pages, download speed, navigation ease, and so on. Whatever your budget or growth stage, we will design an AdWords Advertising Campaign that will deliver consistent and affordable lead generation and sales locally, nationally, or internationally. If you don't think AdWords is right for your company, look at our pages on related social media advertising and other topics. Please see our contact information below.

Audit of Google Ad services

Not interested in active management? We will audit your account and provide you with a recommendation report that you can implement yourself. Your comprehensive report will be chock-full of specific tips and recommendations for your account to implement on your own time.

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Consultation on Google Ad Services

The keyword research required for pay-per-click campaign management can take a long time, and not all advertisers will know how to choose the best phrases to target. As a result, hiring a Google Ad Services expert to handle pay-per-click campaigns is generally more productive. Here are some more reasons to hire a Google Ad Services professional:

Google Ads Management Agency in KSA
Google Ads Management Agency in KSA

Google Ads Agency in KSA - Redberries Digital
Google Ads Agency in KSA - Redberries Digital

Google Ads Services – Quick AdWords Understanding – Red Berries

As you may know, "search ads advertisers" only pay if a user clicks on the advertisement, which is known as a click-through, and the CTR is the ratio of clicks to impressions. The highest bid is not always the price an advertiser will pay; in fact, an advertiser will only pay one cent more than the next highest bidder; however, the bid is only one-factor determining ad placement. Other considerations include:

1. Quality Rating
2. Ad rank
3. User Relevance of the Ad
4. The caliber of the landing page
5. Simple Navigation
6. Quick load time
7. There will be no pop-ups, etc.

*Please keep in mind that the higher-ranked ad may have a lower cost per click than its competitors. Even if your ad is more relevant, you can compete with someone who has more money. Increasing your Quality Score can lower the actual cost of your clicks, so creating more relevant ads and improving landing pages, for example, can help you save money. And this is where our experience can make a real difference in your bottom line... Not to mention choosing the right 'keywords' and then the best' Keyword Match Types' for your campaign.

Google Ad Services - The Process

  • Conduct keyword research to identify opportunities and campaign focus.
  • Examine current Google Ads and/or Bing accounts.
  • Create new campaigns or restructure and optimize your current account.
  • Create and implement dedicated landing pages, as well as conversion tracking for these pages.
  • Run a test of a new campaign setup based on the agreed-upon budget.
  • Launch new campaigns regularly.

Pay Per Click Management / Google Ads Management monthly

The keyword research required for pay-per-click campaign management can take a long time, and not all advertisers will know how to choose the best phrases to target. As a result, hiring a PPC management expert to handle pay-per-click campaigns is generally more productive.
Hiring a Google Ads Management company to manage your Google Ads PPC account can save you money by ensuring you're bidding on the right keywords. We also ensure that your ads do not appear for any searches that contain the keywords you are bidding on but are not performed by people looking for your product or service.

Aed 0/15 Minutes Consultation On Google Advertising

A brief phone call with a Google Ads expert to evaluate your Google Ads campaign.
1. Your Objectives
2. Your Company
3. Your Opponents
4. Google Adwords Campaigns
5. Your Webpage

Google Ads Campaign Setup from SAR 5,000 per Month

  • Account Setup
  • Researching Most Profitable Keywords
  • Conducting research and determining your maximum budget.
  • Creating keyword bids
  • Working to improve the quality of your ads.
  • Optimisation of landing pages
  • Account Management
  • Personalized Campaign Options
  • Examine Keywords
  • Develop New Ad Variations
  • Increase KPI Values
  • Make Budget Changes
  • Complicated Campaigns
  • Conversion Monitoring
  • Incorporation of advanced features (Dynamic remarketing, RSLAs, ROI Tracking, etc.)
  • Consistent account optimization. Your account is monitored and optimized daily.
  • Audits of keywords
  • Copywriting Services

Frequently asked questions (Faq's) regarding Google Ads Management in Saudi Arabia

We as a Google Ads Management and Digital Marketing agency in KSA, spend time optimizing your account then trying to get more money to add in a few new advert groups. If there is more you would like to know about AdWords Get in touch with our Google ads management team and we’ll add it to these questions.

Email us, we are sociable!

All queries are answered within 10 hours during work days and within 16 hours during holidays.