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The use of video is no longer a luxury, but a requirement in today's digital world. If cable television was the media revolution of the 20th century, then YouTube is that of the 21st.


RedBerries Youtube Advertising Services

YouTube has become a ubiquitous source of content for both entertainment and education, with some of its most popular videos garnering billions of views. There are videos on this site about everything from make-up to maths, with cat videos in the middle. This gives advertisers a huge range of options.

At RedBerries, our team has assisted businesses of all sizes and in all industries in developing and running successful YouTube marketing strategies.

We choose the best advertising mediums for your company by studying demographic and psychographic information about your target market. Then, our expert marketers and PPC professionals collaborate with you to produce unique, inspirational videos that drive traffic to your site and, ultimately, sales.

RedBerries simplifies this world of YouTube Advertising by helping you find the right strategy based on very important questions like:

  • What type of content does my target audience to view? Which channels should I target to reach them?
  • Which type of ad should I go for a simple display ad or a streaming ad, skippable or non-skippable?
  • How will my brand image be affected by associating with the XYZ channel?
  • How will the choice of device of my target customer base affect my decision about the type of ad to be used?

RedBerries suite of YouTube advertising services will help your brand in leveraging the power of YouTube:

  • Accurate customer targeting based on in-depth research
  • Data analytics of viewer behavior, responses
  • Performance analytics of ads
  • Post campaign support for assessment, review, and learnings

RedBerries Youtube Advertising Services

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