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Web Development Company in Sharjah UAE

Redberries website development company in Sharjah is an industry leader in the web designing field as we provide 360-degree website solutions to enterprises of all shapes and sizes. One of the key objectives, while we design your website, is to ensure that we match your requirements. We consider your requirements as a way to develop a solid website that helps you achieve desired results.


Explaining the design flow of the website


Red Berries follows a user-first approach and keeps the user journey in mind while designing the website interface. The website design process is executed by our experts who help you design a website tailor-made to your needs.


Our team at Redberries Sharjah has brilliant website designers who are well-qualified for the task. Using their skillset, we are able to develop visually appealing and aesthetic websites.

Quality Assurance

We have quality checks in place to ensure there are no flaws or any vulnerabilities left behind before we transfer the ownership to you for managing the website.


Once we get the green light on the final website, our team will go live with the website and activate it on the servers.

Web Development Company in Sharjah
Web Development Company in Sharjah

What is web application development?

The website acts as a channel of communication between a brand and a user. At Red Berries Sharjah, we ensure to develop a website using the latest software at our disposal to stand out from the rest. Be it redesigning the website, an upgrade or building it from scratch, we have a wide range of web development services to offer.


Essentially, websites have two key components: Frontend and Backend Web Development. The front end is where the user views & engages with the website. The backend is where the entire functionality of the website is dependent. Every button, banner, image sizing, font size, information filled in the form is dependent on the backend of the website. Backend ensures smooth functionality of the frontend website. The frontend helps users to navigate the website whereas the backend helps to build that frontend and store information gathered from the website. Our Sharjah team has in-house specialists who have years of experience developing websites on various frontend frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, js, JavaScript and backend frameworks like PHP, Java, or Ruby and so on. Our team ensures to deliver the best possible solution that aligns with your website goals.

Applied methods

Redberries team has experts specialized in Kanban, Scrum, and Prince2 and the Lean IT approach. Our experts keep themselves updated on the latest trend since we work in a dynamic industry. We always keep the requirements of our clients as our top priority. Our website design process starts with a client-first approach. Developing a website is a complex process that needs coordination among various departments within the team. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to choose an appropriate strategy while creating a website. Project managers at Red Berries Sharjah have years of experience to ease the entire website development process from start till the end as we use the latest technologies and have put in place management procedures.

Quality Assurance

We have an in-house quality assurance team that does the final checks on the website project and evaluates as to website design is as per the client’s requirements or not. Your users’ trust you and we will do everything to ensure that trust strengthens with time. Therefore, we have experts checking for any vulnerabilities in the system that does not leak your client’s data.

Web Application Development Sharjah
Web Application Development Sharjah

Why Redberries?

We bring nearly 15 years of experience to the table. Along the way, we have learned, pivoted, and adapted to various changes in the world of web development and have established ourselves as market leaders. Redberries Sharjah has a team of experts who are keeping themselves updated with the latest technology on a frequent basis. We provide services such as mobile application development, search engine optimization, custom web development, and user experience research. Red Berries have a proven track record of delivering satisfaction to our clients by timely communicating and being transparent.

web development Sharjah
web development Sharjah

Stay ahead of your competitors

We give importance to the needs of the client as that is the secret ingredient to our recipe of success over the years. We develop websites that will not only meet but even at some level, exceed your expectations. As we employ specialists who have decades of experience to add their work, we can create tailor-made solutions to fulfil your online presence needs. We also help in recreating your existing website to match the industry standards of today. We can assure timely and transparent time-to-time communication to keep you in the loop of the progress made. Connect with us to get started on your web development journey.

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Web Development Company in Abu Dhabi

Web Development Company in Abu Dhabi

Redberries is a pioneer amongst various companies that excel in offering web development services. Beginning from the easy-to-navigate user interface to providing the desired functionality of the webpage, we concentrate on meeting the client’s expectations. The client's requirements are our key strength that transforms into the desired output from the website.


What is the process flow for creating a website?


We follow a client-centric approach hence the user experience and interface design process are delivered by our team leaders who work with you to translate your needs into the desired website design.


Our team at Redberries has excellent web developers who are highly trained specialists. We put your ideas into practice to provide you with a visually appealing and intuitive website.

Quality Assurance

The website's security, usability, and overall performance are checked by a team of specialized quality assurance members. His process is to ensure your website meets the highest industry expectations.


After the final approval of the proposed strategy, our web development experts will activate the same on live servers.

Web Development Company in Abu Dhabi
Web Development Company in Abu Dhabi

What is web application development?

Web development is transforming rapidly to serve and communicate with its consumer base. , We at Redberries make sure your business has a unique website available to be on par with the latest industry trends to outrun your competitors. Even if it is a new website development and enhancement or complete re-design of an existing website we offer our bespoke web development service.


Websites are made up of two parts: Frontend Web Development and Backend Web Development. The frontend is the user interface which involves what a user views on a website. It is very important as it’s the face of your business to new customers. The backend web development is the backbone of the website. The functioning of the website depends on the backend development it also ensures the functionality of what the user operates in the front end of the website in a successful manner. Our developers in Abu Dhabi are experts working with various development frameworks depending on the project's requirements. Angular, React, Vue, js, JavaScript is among the frameworks we use for frontend development. For backend web development, PHP, Java, or Ruby frameworks is used to build a strong backend. We ensure that our customers receive the best possible outcome.

Applied methods

Redberries team is well-versed in Kanban, Scrum, and Prince2 and the Lean IT approach. As we work in a dynamic sector that is constantly changing, we must stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. As we are client-centric, we choose the best approach and design our product based on the needs of our clients. Creating a web application is a complicated process that requires close coordination among various team members who may be responsible for different aspects of the project. Choosing the appropriate strategy is critical in web development. Our project managers have the necessary credentials to make the web application development services possible at ease, thanks to the wide range of techniques we employ.

Quality Assurance

Redberries Guarantees Quality. The Quality Assurance department tests the finished product to ensure that the satisfactory level of our clients has been satisfied. Your customers have confidence in your services and we promise to ensure it's not broken hence our security experts check that hackers cannot steal your clients' data. Our quality assurance professionals in Abu Dhabi have become meticulous inspectors throughout their years of service.

Web Application Development Abu Dhabi
Web Application Development Abu Dhabi

Why Redberries?

We bring 15 years of service experience in web development, and we've changed along with the software industry change dramatically and have become quite competitive. Redberries employs around quality specialists who are constantly improving their knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Our team's wide range of services enables you to coordinate with all your company's software services under one roof. Redberries provides search engine optimization, custom web development, mobile application development, and user experience research. We've demonstrated cutting-edge solutions for significant corporations and countless others, distinguishing ourselves from other web development firms in Abu Dhabi.

web development Abu Dhabi
web development Abu Dhabi

Stay ahead of your competitors

At Redberries, we prioritize the needs of our clients hence the secret of our success is to provide our clients with the most outstanding web application development services possible. Custom web development for your firm is possible because of the talent pool of our specialists. Web development for your complete website re-design is both services we provide here at Redberries. We are confident that you will select us over the other web design firms available on the market because of the talent pool, expertise, and client-centric approach. Get in touch with us so that we can get started on the web development needs of your company.

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Web Development Company in Dubai

Web Development Company in Dubai

Redberries understands the value of a company's website. That's why we put in so much effort to create specific sites focusing on functionality and an easy-to-navigate user interface. Our talented web developers will realize your idea, and the end product will exceed your expectations.


What is the workflow for creating a website?


As part of the user experience and interface design process, our team leaders work with you to translate your needs into a website design.


Redberries' web developers are highly trained specialists who put your ideas into practice to produce a visually appealing and intuitive website.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team evaluates the website's usability, security, and overall performance to ensure it meets the highest industry expectations.


Once you've given final approval to the final product, our web development experts will put it on live servers.

Web Development Company in Dubai
Web Development Company in Dubai

What is web application development?

A website is a must-have for any modern business to serve and communicate with its consumer base. To do this, we at Redberries make sure your business has a unique website available, providing your consumers with simple and easy service. New website development and enhancement or complete re-design of existing ones are available through our bespoke web development service. Developing mobile apps is another area in which we excel as a web design firm.


Websites are made up of two parts: the frontend, which is the part that the user sees, and the backend, which is the part that runs the website. Our developers are adept at working with various development frameworks depending on the project's unique requirements. Angular, React, Vue, js, JavaScript, and Angular JS are among the frameworks we use for frontend development. PHP, Java, or Ruby frameworks is used to build a robust backend. Our web development company's ability to use such a wide range of frameworks ensures that our customers receive the best possible outcome.

Applied methods

Because we work in a dynamic sector that is constantly changing, we must stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. We choose the best approach and design our product based on the needs of our clients. Creating a web application is a complicated process that necessitates close coordination among numerous team members who are each responsible for a different component of the project. Choosing the appropriate methodology is critical in custom web development because of this. The Redberries team is well-versed in Scrum, Kanban, and Prince2 and the Lean IT approach. To execute different directions, our project managers have the necessary credentials. Web application development services are made possible thanks to the wide range of techniques we employ.

Quality Assurance

Redberries with a Guarantee of Quality The Quality Assurance department tests the finished product to ensure that the specifications have been satisfied. Our security experts check that hackers cannot steal your clients' data for your customers to have confidence in your services. A close look at the user interface ensures that customers are provided with a company website that is as simple to use as feasible. Finally, our engineers fix any flaws that they find and verify that the interface works as intended. Our quality assurance professionals have become meticulous inspectors throughout their years of service with our web software company.

Web Application Development Dubai
Web Application Development Dubai

Why Redberries?

Our web application development company has been in business for 15 years, and we've seen the software industry change dramatically and become quite competitive. Redberries employs around quality specialists who are constantly improving their knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Our team's wide range of services enables you to centralize and coordinate all your company's software services under one roof. Among the many benefits that Redberries provides are custom web development, mobile application development, search engine optimization, and user experience research. We've demonstrated our superior abilities by creating cutting-edge solutions for significant corporations and countless others, distinguishing ourselves from other web development firms in Dubai.

web development Dubai
web development Dubai

Begin your journey towards a competitive web solution

At Redberries, we prioritize the needs of our clients. The secret to our success, according to us, is to provide you with the most outstanding web application development services possible. Custom web development for your firm is possible because of the wide range of talents of our specialists. Web development for your startup and a complete website re-design are both services we provide here at Redberries. We sincerely hope that you will select us over the other web design firms available on the market. Get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can get started on building your company's new website.

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Web Design Agency in Dubai & Website Design Company in Dubai UAE

Red Berries Web Design Agency & Company in Dubai, UAE

We offer beautiful, functional & affordable website designs solutions that impress.

Whether your company needs a portal for your employees or a new website to reach your customers, RedBerries web design agency Dubai has the expertise and the experience to build it efficiently and quickly to perfectly align with your end goals.


Why is website design important

Humans are naturally drawn to good visuals and designs. An when it comes to your business website design a prospect will quickly judge your business in terms of capability and trust based on the website design alone.

Website design creates a good impression

Sets the first impression

90% of users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on visual design alone

website design companies aids SEO

It aids your SEO

Certain web design elements influence how how search engines crawl your website like page speed and site structure

Website Design increases conversions

Increases your conversion rates

A customers entire buying journey can start and end on your website if the site is designed appropriately. Hence it is important to have an optimum design at every step of the sales funnel.

What we can do


    Create and develop websites which are responsive and can be displayed on any device according to its screen size.experience for you visitors


    We use the latest web tools and technologies with bug-free coding and optimization services.
    experience for you visitors


    We can help get your ecommerce site running in a matter of weeks including plugin installation for WooCommerce, theme development, payment integration and much more


    There are a number of variables which are involved in deciding the website design dubai price. Before asking for the cost, you need to ask, what is that you want from a website

website designs for mobile devices


    We provide remarkable designs in consultation with you for increased user stickiness and conversion


    Emphasis on using clean codes and modern coding standards in line with latest SEO trends.


    We deliver internet hosting facilities that are second to none with technical assistance at a professional level.


    The success of a website migration depends on a very detailed site migration plan


    We can provide website support services to ensure your website runs smoothly and has optimal performance at all times.

Our approach as a creative website design company in Dubai, UAE

1. Web Design Process

Our team conducts brainstorming sessions to present you a custom web design solution desired by you. We factor in the user journey, search engine optimisation, web hosting as part of the process. This helps us deliver a quality-based solution which can drive growth for your business.

2. Tailor Made Web Design Solutions

By implementing innovative and creative ideas our team present aesthetic looking web designs, tailor-made to your requirements. This helps your business to stand out of the crowd and achieve your desired results.

3. Website That Performs Well

A responsive website is user-friendly, easily accessible, and therefore, leads to more conversions. We are a web design agency in Dubai that implement a website solution which does not only look aesthetic but also increase leads and conversion for your business.

4. Aesthetic Design. Great Results

Designing an aesthetic website is one thing but is it visible to your audience? We answer this question by optimizing the website for search engine platforms which ensures that the website is ranked higher and visible on top when searched with specific keywords.

5. Delivering the Web web design services Your Business Deserves

Through our level of detail, we deliver the highest quality of service and meet your expectations. Custom web designs help your business stand out of crowd as they are designed specifically for your business.

6. Your Business Stands Out

Keeping your brand identity intact, we design a website which is specific for your business. We understand your business needs and deliver tailor-made web design solutions accordingly.

7. Combining Creative & Intelleuctual Thinking

Aesthetic design is not enough to drive user engagement on the website. Our technical and creative team will together deliver the best solution for your business needs in terms of User experience and the responsiveness of the web design.

8. Experienced web design services team

Our website design team has the experience and the capability to provide solutions which are best suited for your business. We take on the project with a professional approach and communicate the progress of the website on a timely basis with your team.

Do you have any question?

Or you need help with your website? No problem! Our support team is here to help you.

Field of Experience

Startups & Ecommerce

Non Profit Organisations

Food & Consumer Electronics



Real Estate


Oil and Gas

Al Ajmi Engineering Consultants

Inaya Facilities Management

Herman Foods

Website Design In Few Steps



Being a reputed website design company in Dubai, we consult you on which website design will be best suited for your business. We also finalise the scope of work at this stage.



We conduct competitor analysis and research on how to position your custom website. We also decide on the technical and creative aspects of the website design.



At this stage, we start designing the website with the finalised content and sitemap. We also consider the user experience and responsiveness of the website while designing it.




We develop the website design from scratch and optimize for the search engine platforms.



We also conduct multiple tests before launching the website.



It is Live! But our job is still not done. We ensure that the website design is performing smoothly and provide feedback on how you can further improve it.

What Makes Us Different

Website design Company in Dubai
Website design Company in Dubai

Years of Experience

We have worked and successfully delivered projects to every type of clients – right from eCommerce websites development, non-profit organizations to multinational corporations.

Transparent and On Time

We do weekly progress meetings involving you to give you update on the project and meet the promised deadline.

We Work In Small Teams

Our teams are small and agile. Hence, they get to focused on one project. Your project would have a lead designer who gets support from a junior web designer, a developer and an account manager.

Excellent Support

We'll get you online quickly, usually in a matter of weeks, sometimes days, depending on the complexity of your web site.

Lets Get Started your project

Fill the form and give us more information about your needs and wishes. First step to your new website

We have implemented extensive website design solutions for all our clients. Our web design company uses a variety of web development and e-commerce applications to implement a web solution that is tailor-made to your needs. We won’t use any tool which doesn’t match your specifications. As we go about doing website design services in Dubai, we maintain high standards by updating your website designs with the latest coding standards and working with updated technological tools. Our web design company creates web solutions that are reliable, adaptive, and highly ranked on search engines.

Not your regular web design agency in Dubai

We are the best web design company in Dubai for a reason. We first understand your requirements.


We work closely with your team to gain inputs about your business and industry. Then our team comes with a visual mock of the website. This will give you an idea of how the web design will look like. We will consider your inputs at all stages and our team will combine it with their own expertise to deliver the best applicable solution.

By designing a mobile-friendly website, we instantly reach a larger audience size as most of the potential customers browse websites on the go. We also listen to customer feedback and interact with them to increase two-way communication. Red Berries is a creative website agency in Dubai specializing in designing mobile-friendly websites.

At Red Berries, we understand that each business has unique offerings. Therefore, our team specializes in creating custom web designs that capture user attention and increases engagement. Our web design company is well experienced and can successfully implement a web design based on your needs. We combine creative design concepts with result-driven website features to grow your business with the best web design in Dubai.

The design of a website should be pleasing on the eyes. If the information is easy to digest, user engagement will increase, leading to more conversions. Bounce rate will be high if the design aesthetic and content presentation is not up to the mark. Our team makes sure that design aesthetics are considered for a web design in Dubai that stands out. We will also ensure that the website is fully responsive across various devices and platforms.

Different devices, methods, practices have come and gone over the years in the digital world. Our web design company in Dubai has faced various challenges over the period. Yet, we have stormed through it all, time after time, and pride ourselves in overcoming them. This has been possible because of the experience and knowledge our web design company has. Our team’s expertise has led us to follow best practices and implement them effectively for our clients.

Each business and industry is different. Being a web design company in Dubai, we deliver customized website design solutions and never suggested anything which does not suit our client’s standards. Our aim is always to deliver nothing but the best possible solution for your business by following the best website design industry practices. Our web design company also ensures to align our website design services with your long-term business vision.

Our web design company team understands the importance of data. We gather all the evidence and creative website design solutions based on the given information. This helps your business to stay ahead of your competitors by adapting to industry trends before anyone else can. Our web design company ensures to develop a dynamic and adaptive website design that can meet the requirements of the ever-changing digital landscape in Dubai.

Irrespective of whether your business is an e-commerce, brick & motor store or a large corporation, we understand that each one of our clients is equally important to us and therefore we provide the same level of services and expertise to all.


How well is your website design performing

How well is your
website performing?

We’ll give you an assessment. All for free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every project comes with its own set of challenges. Web design services differ as far as timeline is concerned and each project needs to be studied to determine the accurate timeline. That said, four to eight weeks is a good benchmark to aim for especially keeping in mind how proactive the team is in terms of producing assets and making changes. We always aim to stick to predetermined deadlines. In terms of perspective, it’s worth considering that a delay is usually attributed to the time it takes for content (text and images) to arrive.

It is crucial to think of all the factors during the decision-making process. It’s important to note that costs tend to increase with the number of changes. Additionally, a brief does form the crux of any contract and it’s important to get it right from the start.

A few points worth considering include:

Costs and timescale (is there a fixed launch date that needs to be considered?) Background of your company Detailed information about the structure and content required Briefing the designer with detailed instructions: the marketing materials and logo. A good rule of thumb is to add specific examples Clarifying the objectives of the website, the clientele, and the target audience Specific details around SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
While it is essential to note that the overall costs largely depend on a client’s web design requirement, there are two factors that help determine this: volume and customization. Volume refers to the total number of pages on the site. For instance, you’ll end up paying far more for 95 pages compared to 10 pages to a web design company in Dubai. Prices range from $800 (for a basic website) to tens of thousands of dollars for a more polished website where more complex details are involved. Most sites cost less than $10,000 (between $3,000-6000) to develop. For us, it’s important to develop sites based on what our clients can afford (this includes small businesses). Customization is exactly what you think it is: coming up with content that is specifically relevant to the website and helps build its unique style and feel. This includes everything from the graphics to the programming details on the website. A good example here is a site that needs to host a third-party application such as a shopping cart.

It’s possible for a website to be maintained independently after the launch. We aim to help you feel comfortable enough with the interface to add updates and edit content with the help of WordPress tutorials. We can also pitch in and help if required with our services.

Website hosting: When you decide to launch a website, you need a server to host it. Domain registration: For a site to be fully functional, it needs to be registered with a legitimate, authorized domain registrar. On our part, we highly recommend Namecheap.com, a service that we’ve used since 2011.

We do! We can change the web design while ensuring that a company’s corporate style stays untouched. Or we can change the look of the website if that’s what you need.

Absolutely. We’d be happy to take a look and update the site. We’d be able to help you with the rates after an initial evaluation.

No restrictions here! As many as you want, honestly. The more, the merrier, if you’re thinking about SEO!

Our web design company team aims to offer complete support to our clients and are always available to tackle associated challenges with the website. We also offer website maintenance services.

It’s super easy to access the administration section of the site. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’ll be good to go!
The best way to familiarise yourself with web design agency in Dubai is to spend some time on research and study individual websites. When you are evaluating the work of a web design company in Dubai ask yourself:

Do their links work throughout the site? Are their website images high-quality and appealing to look at? Does their website seem original or does it simply look like a template? Can you take a look at the web design company’s client list or portfolio? Also, what kind of results do you get when you perform a Google search on the company? Don’t forget to pay attention to their marketing skills! You want to ensure your designer has top-notch marketing skills.
All our web designs are created keeping in mind the latest technologies and trends, including search engines. The design is compliant with the current guidelines. However, remember that these technologies and guidelines often evolve. To gain maximum visibility and the most effective results, our web design company highly recommends utilizing our comprehensive SEO services.

We ensure that we start the process with strategic consultation and get to know you. Our web design company team will ask you about your web design preferences, your brand voice, and the kind of message you’re trying to get across to your audience. After this, we work on a web design and show it to you before coming up with a strategy to ensure that you get the maximum number of hits.

No. Many of our competitors do buy web design themes or templates that are already designed to reduce costs. We, however, meticulously hand-code every website to meet the needs of our clients.

Basically, responsive web design is a technique that is used to create a website that adapts its layout to fit the size of any device, including mobile phones. Instead of being forced to rely on a different site for mobile phones, you can reduce costs by focusing on a single website.

Yes. We refuse to compromise and aim to come with the best solutions we can offer. There are clients who benefit from massive hits from mobile phones. Our web design company folks emphasize on providing web designs which offers superior browsing experience on all devices.

Web design agencies in Dubai come in all shapes and sizes. Quotes are largely subjective and vary across companies. Our web design company and its creative department want to offer our clients access services. We achieve this by streamlining our processes and making sure we meet the needs of our clients. Small businesses have often benefited from our web design services. Our finished products often surpass the quality of other products because we put our heart and soul into what we do.

Not a problem at all! Ours is a risk-free guarantee. Before our web design company team actually build the final web design, we will show you a mock version through Photoshop to help you decide and suggest changes if needed. This takes just 10 days. If you feel dissatisfied around this time, you can choose to opt out without incurring any charges.

We’re afraid that’s not possible. Our experience has taught us that projects can experience hiccups, delays and take much longer to complete. We must ask for an invoice 30 days after the original payment but here’s a promise to you: your website will see constant progress and will be in safe hands.

Our web design solutions are some of the best in the industry. Our web design company team pays attention to the latest web design development tools and technologies to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your website. Not only do more visitors get attracted to your site, but they end up coming back and become loyal visitors. It’s important for us to help you strategize and reach out to your target audience in the best way possible.

Geography isn’t a problem for us. We are happy to help you out, no matter where you are. Thanks to apps like Skype and In Vision, we can communicate with you effectively and help you throughout the process. Our clients are currently located in Dubai, Germany, Italy and Ireland.

We believe in being accessible to everyone and work with a plethora of organisations: start-ups, local businesses, charity organizations, schools, international brands, national organizations and even other web design agencies. We aim to utilise our skills to the best of our abilities for each project.

Absolutely. As it turns out, nearly 50% of our work is for other web design agencies and graphic design companies. We’re happy to help! If you need us to be a White Label company and accompany you to client meetings, we’re happy to assist your team throughout!

This is up to the client and their preferences. There are times when a client is content with taking full ownership of their site and manage it on their own while others prefer to sign up for a WordPress support plan that keeps them on track. The latter is becoming more popular as many clients want a hassle-free experience that allows them to seek help for ongoing issues, updates, security patches and more.

It is a herculean task to get a search result to hit the first page in Google’s search results, especially when you consider competitive keywords. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one way to ensure that you can earn a spot on the first page. That said, we’ll do our best to maximise your chances of achieving the best outcome. Our team is highly experienced and has a robust SEO background.

Yes! We can help you out by arranging for one of our partners to provide original, fresh, SEO-friendly content for your website, blog and online marketing assets. We can also assist with content for printed publications such as leaflets, brochures, flyers, magazines and catalogues.

Social media marketing is complex and goes beyond simply sharing updates on Twitter. A proper social media strategy is the need of the hour and that is something we’re happy to discuss with you!

Yes. We offer a support system for 30 days. What is included, you ask? Bug fixes and technical support. After this period, we are happy to offer a comprehensive website maintenance plan and help you out with timely updates. These services help protect your website from potential threats that may harm your site.

Email us, we are sociable!

All queries are answered within 10 hours during work days and within 16 hours during holidays.

    Landing Page Design Services Dubai

    A landing page helps to increase conversions as we give the users what exactly they want. Websites are useful to share generic information about your brand but landing pages direct your visitors to the exact product or service they are looking for. This enables us to simplify the decision-making process for the users.

    At Red Berries, we follow best practices and methods to achieve desired results. We design landing pages that can capture users’ attention and direct them to act on them.

    Since landing pages are made for a specific product or service, the content is minimal and focused on highlighting its Unique Selling Prospects (USPs).

    Do we build landing pages?

    Absolutely! As a digital marketing agency, we provide a wide range of digital services, one of them is building landing pages for your digital marketing campaigns.

    Our priority is to help your business grow by satisfying your expectations and meeting your goals. We keep this in mind while designing the online marketing campaign and ensure it is aligned with your long term goals. We identify your goals, understand your requirements and take action, accordingly. This allows us to collaborate successfully and redirect the users where we want to.

    Once we understand your goals and requirements, we start designing landing pages and create necessary written & visual content, keeping your brand voice in mind. We always assign a clear call-to-action for users’ to get higher conversions. We also keep in mind the user journey and understand how they will interact on the page.

    There are various types of lead generation pages we can build. We identify what suits you the best and follow the “less is more” approach towards it. We do not display any content which may distract the user and make them leave the page. Landing pages are made for a specific campaign and hence, our goal is to present all the information relevant to it.

    We keep the content simple yet persuasive. Our goal is to not only display all the relevant information about the campaign but also keep them engaged and eventually take action. This is not possible without having a clear and concise copywriting. Our creative team has the experience and the ability to write extraordinary content. Attracting users and keeping them on the page to take an action is the end purpose of a landing page, which our team can help you accomplish.

    We Prioritize Design

    We give the landing page content and design an equal amount of importance. We create a landing page that meets your requirements and has all the right elements for your campaign. We design pages in such a way that it captures all the possible information about the user visiting the page.

    We also keep in mind the fact that the user journey can start from any device. We create responsive landing pages which are compatible with different devices, orientations, and specifications without losing any information. This helps your brand to have consistency throughout its online campaigns. Landing pages on any device should be able to attract user attention and keep them engaged on the page.

    Once the campaign is launched, our team monitors it frequently and sends you performance reports. We identify areas that are working for us and which needs to improve, in order to get better results and increase your ROI.

    Importance of Testing

    Testing is an essential part of the overall digital campaign as we customize landing pages based on your requirements. What may work for one campaign may not work for another, and therefore we keep trying out various elements on the landing page to optimize it.

    What Do We Provide?

    We at Red Berries always strive to provide you with the best possible service and achieving maximum efficiency. Our services help you to grow your business while saving you hours of analyzing your landing page. Our team has the experience and the ability to deliver results within a tight timeline.

    What Can Our Landing Pages Deliver?

    • Identify your goals, understand your requirements and take action.
    • Start designing landing pages and create necessary written & visual content.
    • Identify what suits you the best and follow the “less is more” approach.
    • Keep the content simple yet persuasive.
    • Attracting users and keeping them on the page to take action is the end purpose.
    • We do not display any content which may distract the user.
    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you integrate landing pages with an email marketing campaign?

    Definitely! As we provide a full range of digital services, we highly recommend integrating email marketing with the landing page.

    Keeping the user journey in mind, we design our campaigns by keeping all the content consistent through all the mediums and platforms. Written & visual content is either exactly the same or similar on all the online marketing platforms.

    Splash pages are meant for B2C or B2B Market?

    Both of them! A landing page is optimized when we try and use different elements for various campaigns. We use the best industry practices to grow your business and provide tailor-made solutions to match your requirements.

    eCommerce Website Development Company in Dubai

    We Are a Full-Service eCommerce Website Development Company in Dubai

    Our knowledge and expertise are the keys to the successful delivery of websites and applications for our clients. We are agile and understand that time sensitivity is crucial in today’s day and age.



    Here’s how we can help you with eCommerce website development in Dubai
    OR Here’s what we can do for you:


    One of the most prominent e-commerce solutions out there. Shopify is spread in over 175 countries and has over 1 million business clients. Shopify is best suited for small to medium businesses, with various features already integrated into the platform, making it simple in use. There are plenty of featured that come along with excellent support on Shopify, some that are worth noting are the diverse custom domains, AI personalization and over 70 user-friendly templates.


    One of the well-known e-commerce platforms that is also open source. Initially released in 2009 and providing services in many countries ever since, magento is best suited for small to medium businesses that require manpower and time for set up. The various features such as global selling, optimization for mobile shopping, instant purchased, video options and more, is what makes magento reliable.


    WooCommerce is first that comes to mind when you think of e-commerce platforms. Not only is it an open source but also a free shopping cart plugin. WooCommerce is used by over 30% of all online stores. It is crucial for small businesses that already possess a site on WordPress but have a minimal budget. Third-party plugins and user-friendly themes make this platform extremely flexible. With different features such as shipping options, calculator, geolocation support, mobile optimization, coupons, and discounts, and more.


    An open-source and free e-platform that helps perform various functions on your website. It has flexible features that can help to customize an e-commerce store according to customers’ needs. This accessible and secure platform is best suited for small companies with a relatively tight budget. optimization, coupons, and discounts, and more.


    Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is now spread across 120 countries. It is best suited for SMBs that require their online platforms to perform various functions. It is slightly costlier than other platforms, but it is loaded with a variety of features including gift cards, limitless bandwidth and product listings, custom domains, lots of themes and templates that make the cost not seem like such a bad idea after all.


    Your one-stop-shop for running an online store. OpenCart is an open-source software that can be added to an existing website. It’s various modules, extensions, and themes will help you customize the look and feel of your website. OpenCart also provides excellent assistance from registered members, as well as other paid technical support.


    A great software for entrepreneurs that wish to develop. Its various features make it super user-friendly. It is secured with two-factor authentication and various anti-fraud tools but is also a scalable platform that you can use to build your website.


    eCommerce website development company in Dubai
    eCommerce website development company in Dubai

    Things to consider before developing an e-commerce website

    Research well about your business industry: Before you begin the e-commerce web development process, one of the most important things that you must do is conduct is a thorough analysis and research of the business industry you aim to fit in to. You must understand the various loopholes and take into consideration your target customer. Take a deep dive into their preferences, age, and other factors that will help you develop the product categories, product descriptions, payment gateway, product images, and other essential aspects.

    Attend to the needs of the target audience: Once you understand what you want to sell, it is now time to prioritize your potential customers. You must understand their culture, geography, demography, and purchasing inclinations. The best thing is to develop a questionnaire which will help you design your e-commerce business.

    Determine your branding and plan a content strategy: Without proper branding and content strategy, you will never be able to reach out to customers. Think about all the successful companies such as Amazon and their logos, product details, product reviews, visual images, emotional references, wish lists, everything that made them successful. Similarly, you now need to take into consideration these aspects and build from scratch.

    Mind your e-commerce website development budget: It is always easy to go overboard, you need to be very cautious about staying within the stipulated budget and employing strategies that will help you to do so. It is always easy to get over excited about something and end up spending more, keep your end-goal in mind, start simple and build on it, see what works first then only invest.

    Bear in mind the competition: A business is all about standing out! It is a great exercise for you to check out your competition by analyzing their working segments by applying the relevant catchphrases into a browser search. Look out for the various promotional tools and features they use, are they using social media, e-commerce email marketing, or something else? How does the design of their pages look like? You must also pay attention to the technical aspect, such as the hosting tool, domain name, content management system, and any other add-ons that are being used by them.

    Create an MVP (Minimum viable product): You need to understand that the essential function of an e-commerce store is to sell. On the other hand, the goal of an e-commerce MVP is to assess the potential of a particular business to encourage people to buy the goods and services being provided by them. If you aim to create a creative and innovative shopping platform with a high conversion rate, with an algorithm and a fantastic user experience, and the best products, it is important for you to use the assistance of an MVP.

    Train your team: If you want to raise sales and increase the volume with time passing, you should have dedicated SDRs on board. Before investing in a project, make sure you have the right talent before the launch, or if you plan to do it by yourself, make sure you have the time for this. You might face some challenges with productivity and efficiency both in yourself, and your team. For this to be avoided within a team, you should invest in a sales process and team training.

    eCommerce website development Dubai
    eCommerce website development Dubai

    Lets Get Started your project

    Fill the form and give us more information about your needs and wishes.

    Why choose Red Berries?

    We Attract. We Engage. We Sell.

    We have been providing eCommerce development services and creating products which boost sales for a while now. Our data-driven approach, with psychographic factors of the targeted audience in mind, adherence to UI, UX and IxD trends is what sets us apart from the rest, allowing us to convert our solutions by up to 3%. Need we say more?

    We have a considerable amount of experience.

    Just a small fraction of what we do: personalized systems for selling tickets, booking websites, subscription boxes, affiliate marketing apps.

    We have proven expertise.

    We are web designers with CWDSA diplomas, CIW eCommerce-engineers and consultants compliant with CBAP requirements – all in one place.

    We guarantee quality.

    We are confident with the high quality of the software we develop. Our testers enable your application, therefore avoiding potentially devastating effects of bugs and hacks.

    Who are our clients?

    We have delivered effective coding solutions to several innovative companies. Our focus is on quality and putting our customers’ business needs at the heart of everything we do! This led us to longstanding collaborations with major brands across various industries.

    Shall we talk?

    Whether you already have a project in mind, or you are simply exploring your options and want to learn more about the way we work, we are just a click away!

    eCommerce Development Company in Dubai
    eCommerce Development Company in Dubai

    A number of companies populate the e-commerce market across the B2B, B2C segments. E-commerce has arguably also led to the growth and prospering of C2C (consumer to consumer) by creating an online marketplace for pre-owned goods. C2B segment, where a customer posts project requirements and budget online to attract bids from vendors has also taken off under e-commerce.

    So how do you differentiate yourself amidst all the clamor? Allow Redberries eCommerce Website Development Dubai company to ring a clear bell for your target audience to hear by evolving a holistic e-commerce strategy that delivers sustainable benefits to your organization:

    • Cataloging of goods and services
    • Creation of shopping cart application
    • Facilitating shipments
    • Payment module integration
    • Network security and data privacy
    • Database management
    • Customer insights and analytics
    • Compliance with legal requirements

    Redberries eCommerce Website Development Company in Dubai will ensure that you extract the advantages of e-commerce by making your site the online manifestation of the ultimate shopping experience.

    What Makes Our e-Commerce Website Development Solution Different?
    Each business has a different set of requirements when it comes to developing and implementing an eCommerce web development. Firstly, we understand what are your exact requirements. Then, we provide you with tailor-made solutions which are not only aligned with your goals but also helps to grow and expand your business.

    Our team is highly adaptable to the ever-changing environment of the digital world and can help to modify your website, accordingly. Our team is experienced and specialized in developing e-commerce websites. They account for every single detail, from website security to product information, to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

    Explore New Business Opportunities!
    Get started with upgrading your website and take your business to new heights!

    Content Management:
    We specialize in managing content efficiently. Our team is able to update and maintain various pages on the website. Product listings, image distribution, blog posts updating, website banners, reviews, and comments are few of the many content management tasks our team is able to execute.

    Online Cart Design:
    It is important to have a user-friendly interface for the online cart to give users the best shopping experience. Our team has analyzed several e commerce website development in the past and implement best industry practices to give your customers a smooth and friendly browsing experience. Functionality such as order revisions, add/remove products from carts, add multiple products, etc. are provided to both, customer and the business from our end.

    eCommerce Website Development in Dubai
    eCommerce Website Development in Dubai
    eCommerce Website Development Dubai - Red Berries
    eCommerce Website Development Dubai

    Payment Methods:
    We provide multiple payment options for eCommerce website development in UAE which helps your business to gain more sales and conversion. Our eCommerce website development Dubai team integrates payment options such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Cash on Delivery, and so on to satisfy your customers and allowing them to choose their desired mode of payment.

    Website Security:
    Online scams and hacking have become easier than ever due to technological advancements. We at Red Berries do not compromise on website security for any reason. It is always our top priority to give your website the most advanced level of security. Credit card details, personal data, and other important user data have to be protected at all times.

    We provide you with multiple levels of encryption, fully supported SSL certificates, and implement any other measures to safeguard your customers’ data.

    Customer Feedback:
    A highly optimized eCommerce website will not only grow your business but will also help you receive positive customer reviews. We understand the importance of these customer reviews and display them to all the potential customers visiting your e-commerce website to grow your business.

    Consistent Design and Product Information:
    An accurate display of product information and image is crucial for your brand reputation. Color schemes, font types, product descriptions, all have to be uniform and 100% correct in order to build trust with your potential customers. This also helps the website visitors to get an overview of the products and it’s benefits.

    Contact Information & Support:
    There could be multiple issues arising when someone makes a purchase from your e-commerce platform. Our team at Red Berries specializes in an effective customer service approach wherein customer’s concerns are being well heard and ensure that prompt action is taken.

    Online Promotions & Discounts:
    Online discounts and promotions make an e-commerce platform much more valuable for purchases as it attracts more customers. Through the use of promo codes and referral links, many customers can avail discounts in just a matter of a few clicks.

    What Makes Our eCommerce Website Development Solution Different?

    • Specialize in managing content efficiently.
    • User-friendly interface for the online cart.
    • Provide multiple payment options for the e-commerce website.
    • Provide you with multiple levels of encryption, fully supported SSL certificates.
    • Specializes in an effective customer service approach.
    • Help you receive positive customer reviews.
    • An accurate display of product information and image.
    eCommerce Website Development UAE - Red Berries
    eCommerce Website Development UAE
    woocommerce if you aren’t expecting huge traffic, concurrency, and features. Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento have different design, cost, and function related aspects that you can choose from based on your needs.
    Prior to choosing an ecommerce platform you should take a look at all the opportunities, your budget and your needs because all ecommerce platforms have some pros and cons.
    Activities include getting a domain name, designing a logo, designing the website itself. Of course, getting a payment gateway, deciding on several extensions required for running the portal, promoting the website, making it visible in various search engines, back-end work for uploading products, dealing with orders and shipments. The list may go on, depending on what are your goals for the portal.
    Maintenance, enhancements + digital marketing + infrastructure management.
    When you setup a company you can decide if it will be a proprietorship + partnership, LLP or Pvt. Ltd. As an example, the GST no. Payment Gateway will require a set of formalities to be fulfilled. You must apply for GST and file the GST return.
    This entirely depends on your choice. It also depends on your budget, for example premade themes are cheaper.
    Some extensions are free, some are paid, they both can be added on as and when you require them. The price depends on the extension you are looking for, for example for a basic e-commerce store you do not require any extensions at all.
    It will be low for WordPress + woocommerce as it can be hosted on shared server approx. AED XX Per month, and higher for Magento as it requires at least 4 GB VPS server, prices for that start from AED XX.

    You will need all product details in appropriate CSV format/photographs, and an official agreement signed by all parties. If you are planning a Marketplace, you need to purchase a paid extension and integration and customization fee as an extra add on.
    You can check the format of standard Marketplace companies or hire a law firm to help you with this.
    Ideally, through sales or transactional margin.
    We charge a one-time design and development fee which is a fixed cost. And a variable cost for hosting + digital marketing + maintenance.
    Your customers may choose to buy from your portal for the following reasons: You have excellent customer service / excellent user experience You are reliable (Quality & Genuine Products) Product range – Wide and exclusive range, or niche products Competitive price
    B2B and B2C both are appropriate for ecommerce businesses. It all depends on your purpose and if you want to sell your products to other business (B2B) or if you want to sell your product direct to your customer (B2C).
    You can write these yourself, outsource to a copywriter (for an extra fee). If you don’t have the flare for writing and don’t want to spend money on a copywriter, you can find standard formats for various requirements from the web and modify according to your preference.
    Due to the online marketing revolution, ecommerce has now reached far beyond limits, so for customers it is always more preferred to shop from anywhere! Here are some more reasons why you require a Mobile App for your portal: Captive Customer – you must keep your customers engaged. Routine / Regular offers and notifications to stay top of mind Frequency of purchase – If products are frequently purchased. To fulfill specific business needs or logic. Customers need to be provided with regular data in the form of facts and analysis
    Yes, if you start with WordPress you will have to upgrade to Magento when you experience a concurrency of approx. 3000 to 4000 users. If you already use an upgraded software, this exercise can be avoided, and your portal duplicated.
    You will have to fulfill all the current and outstanding order, while doing so stop taking new orders on a customer facing side. And from a professional standpoint you will need to meet with your vendors, let them know you’re closing, then ask your CA firm to officially close the company.
    We can provide you with valuable consultancy + support + digital marketing and hosting.
    We have delivered e-commerce platforms using SaaS based solutions and some that were based on off-the-shelf solutions, we have even built from scratch using modern technologies like PHP and MySQL! You can check out our portfolio HERE.
    Yes! Products today are discovered on mobile devices, therefore having a mobile-friendly online store is highly critical. Mobile-ready websites are also Google-friendly and help in ranking.
    Yes, you can look at our portfolio HERE. If you want to see more send us a message, we’ll happily boast about our work.
    Our experience spans over XX years within the region. We’d say we’re pretty seasoned professionals.
    An online store set up of a simple off-the-shelf solution can go live in a couple of weeks, but a bigger, feature-rich platform can take a few months to launch. Keeping in mind the final list of features and design goals, get a specific idea of how much time it will take for your online store to go live before you set a date in your mind. Tip: If someone quotes a really short time while promising an Amazon-like store, it’s probably too good to be true.
    SEO helps sites rank higher on Google and we believe your online store must be developed with the latest SEO norms. Ignoring SEO while developing your e-store will hamper its performance and growth in the long run. You can test us!
    Because you have the best understanding of your website goals, we will work with you closely during the ecommerce store development process. We work in phases or modules therefore you will be in the loop at all times, and if you have any questions during the process you can always talk to us.
    We work with methodologies like Minimum Viable Product and Proof of Concept to test the technical dependency before diving deeper. These processes help validate the product idea without pumping a lot of resources and time into it. In short, we know what we’re doing.
    Technology is everything when it comes to building an online store. It happens very often with entrepreneurs that start their online store with a solution that is not scalable with the business, they later must rebuild everything. Therefore, this is something that requires all the attention you can give. Top ecommerce development firms understand this, and their products are highly scalable horizontally as well as vertically.
    We appreciate clients who let us know of their budget from the initial discussion. Small online stores can cost between 1000 USD and 5000 USD, while a bigger and feature-rich online store can cost a lot more. Costing depends a lot on the features you have in mind, the technology you want used, scalability and reliability.
    We use a comprehensive design and development process that includes requirement gathering, initial planning, design mockups, development, review, deployment, and support. You must be an active participant in each step of the development. You must not miss any of the above mentioned in order to have a powerful online store. Long story short, ask plenty of questions regarding work process and always be in the loop.
    We can deliver a custom design, use a pre-designed template, or combine both when designing your ecommerce store, the choice is yours. Online stores built from scratch using modern development technologies are powerful, scalable but are more expensive. Stores built on SaaS solutions can be launched super quickly but may falter as your store grows.
    Launching an ecommerce store isn’t the end goal of your digital journey. Online stores require support of content, SEO, social media, and branding to further succeed. That’s why it helps if you let us help with all other aspects of digital growth. This is an added advantage, but not a deal breaker.
    In order to build an online store that you dream of, we initially ask for website goals, budget and feature requirements for a perfect proposal. After that you will need to supply a product catalog, product images and descriptions, content, and a lot of other things down the line. Building a great online store is a collaborative process that required you and the developer to work together closely.

    Tip: If a developer asks you for full payment upfront, run! That is a red flag, and no real developer will ask for such terms.

    If you are not hands-on with ecommerce websites, you will need plenty of after-sales support. You will need the help in resolving bugs, making design changes, and improving any newly built processes. We offer at least 4 months of support for mid-sized online stores and up to 12 months of additional, free support for any technical issues caused by our own development. Not sure how much to pay for your online store? Email us at ask@redberries.ae for a free quote!

    Redberries fact file:

    More than 40% of internet users have purchased goods online. Let millions reach your site through Redberries.

    For social updates Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

    Responsive Websites Design Agency Dubai

    Responsive Web Design Development Agency

    Redberries responsive web design solutions allow your organization to create an easy reading and viewing for its users-visitors accessing the site across platforms. They will not be haggled by excessive scrolling, unfriendly layouts and non-adaptive images.


    Responsive Web Design Development Agency
    Responsive Web Design Development Agency

    Not too long ago, internet usage was restricted to single screen-users who accessed websites through one device such as their computers or laptops. An average user nowadays accesses internet through multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and personal computer. Each medium comes with its own set of requirements and websites need to adapt to multiple platforms to provide a seamless experience to users. Responsive web design derives from responsive architecture, an example being glass walls that increase their opacity on sensing the presence of people inside a room. It would be incredibly impractical, if not impossible, for a firm to design web interfaces tailor made to suit a variety of platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and so on.

    Redberries creates responsive websites using the fundamental principles of responsive web design such as:

    • Adaptable screen resolutions
    • Resizable images
    • Flexible grids
    • Media queries using CSS3
    • Javascript

    Responsive websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity with mobile traffic now forming the major chunk on overall internet traffic. Google factors in the responsiveness of websites into it’s rankings and ranks websites with non-responsive designs lower.

    Responsive Website Agency

    In the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s important to develop a responsive web design (RWD) which can work on any type of device (mobile, tablet, desktops, etc.).The evolution of modern consumer technology has increased the requirements from a standard website. A responsive website is not just an option, but a mandatory requirement which has to implemented to grow your business.

    Leading Responsive Web Agency in Dubai

    The most difficult aspect of building a responsive website is that it has to be compatible with different operating systems (OS), various display orientations and so on. It is nearly impossible to create a responsive website for all the devices and OS out there in the market.

    We at Red Berries understand this and our team provides you with a solution which can be adapted to most frequently used type of devices and operating systems. This helps your business to reach a majority of the people who can have a seamless user experience.

    Responsive Web Design Method

    We are completely aware of how to keep your customers satisfied. We provide customized solutions to your business which gets you a valuable return on investment (ROI). We are able to achieve due to our expertise in the digital marketing ecosystem and keep ourselves updated with the latest technological trends.

    Responsive Web Design Concept

    The most important part about a responsive website is the way content is displayed on the website. Irrespective of the orientation, pixel density, OS, web browser, and other specifications, the content should be displayed appropriately within the given screen size of the device. This is crucial as web users may drop off from the website if the content is not shown appropriately.

    Responsive Web Design
    Responsive Web Design
    Responsive Website Design
    Responsive Website Design

    Benefits of a responsive website are:

    • An aesthetic looking website which can be viewed on any device.
    • Customized codes prevent the image dimensions, displaying it appropriately across various devices.
    • Our team develops robust coding to support different layouts of the website.
    • Format web pages differently for various devices.

    Displaying Content:
    If RWD is developed, there is no need to create different versions of the same website. This also helps to publish less content and can be modified easily. This also leads to brand consistency as it can adapt to different devices without creating multiple websites.

    Future Designs Compatibility :
    Best way to develop an RWD is by adhering to current web standards and also build a lean & agile code which can be adaptive to future devices. Responsive websites should not only focus on current devices but also keep in mind the devices which will be introduced in the future.

    Mobile First Designs
    There has been a paradigm shift in the way users browse websites. Over the years, mobile has dominated over desktops and laptops when it comes to browsing and purchasing online. This is due to the fact people like to browse or shop on the go. We at Red Berries always start developing websites by keeping in mind the mobile user journey first.

    Responsive Web Design (RWD)
    Responsive websites allow users to instantly switch from their desktop to mobile without making any changes in the displayed content. Responsive websites will adapt to different presentation styles automatically for various devices. We also deliver solutions which optimize the website for different search engine platforms and speeds up the website loading time.

    Important Features of Responsive Websites

    Media Queries:

    Website developers can alter and change the targeted areas of a media query layout in terms of design width, orientation, to name a few. This allows us to make a number of adjustments and develop an efficient responsive website. The end result is an aesthetic looking website which can be viewed on any device.

    Fluid Layouts:

    Once the creatives for websites are approved, our team develops robust coding to support different layouts of the website. Irrespective of the screen size, the website automatically adjusts itself to the screen orientation, displaying content without any loss of information. This approach helps for future updates on the website as well. As the changes are applied on a single version of your website, the overall cost of maintenance is reduced.

    Viewport Meta Tags:

    Viewport meta tags help web developers to adjust page widths and format webpages differently for various devices. It’s a small piece of code which is embedded to allow the device to be compatible with any browser.

    Frequently Asked Responsive Web Design Questions

    Are we able to integrate responsive behavior with custom web designs?
    Definitely! Any industry can benefit from responsive website optimization. That’s the sole reason we offer custom web design services Dubai.

    Redberries FactFile:

    Number of people using mobiles to access internet is expected to double over the coming years.
    Get geared with Redberries responsive websites to maximize your website’s appeal across interfaces.

    Email us, we are sociable!

    All queries are answered within 10 hours during work days and within 16 hours during holidays.

      Browser Compatibility

      Cross Browser Website Design And Testing

      What is the meaning of ‘Best viewed in XYZ Browser Version ABC and above’?
      Why do newer versions of the same browser have problems in supporting features that the older versions supported?
      Is there a way to ensure that the quality of user experience be consistent across all platforms?

      These are just some of the questions which point towards browser compatibility- a necessary attribute of modern day websites and an important criterion in testing the quality of a browser.

      Browser compatibility (from our client’s viewpoint) is the ability of the website or application to perform optimally across different browsers (from a webmaster’s viewpoint, it can be seen as the capability of the browser to read the HTML codes of websites efficiently).

      Redberries provides quality services to its clients to maximize browser compatibility, based on its cross functional knowledge arising from presence in related domains such as website development, web designing and responsive websites.

      Redberries’ robust approach ensures that our client’s websites exhibit excellent performance across all categories of browsers and devices with:

      • Potent CSS3 support
      • Responsive design
      • Nimble media query framework

      A number of factors need to be concerned while formulating a solution to address the issue of browser compatibility:

      • What type of content is to be made compatible-is it text-rich, or is it infused with many images, videos, flash animations, etc.?
      • What is the time and money being allocated for enhancing compatibility?
      • What connection speeds are the expected visitors working on? Is the site more likely to be viewed on mobiles or on laptops/PCs?

      Redberries FactFile:

      Most users are turned away from the site if it fails to load on their browser properly. With Redberries, you canensure that your visitors never just click away!

      Website Accessibility Implementation

      The internet is a great equalizer for our age. Individuals across the world irrespective of their backgrounds have unprecedented access to information and connectivity. The onus lies on web developers to remove barriers to access that might hamper individuals with disabilities from accessing resources through the internet.

      Website Accessibility means designing websites in such a way that people with disabilities can conveniently access them and utilize the various tools and functionalities with ease.

      Redberries strongly supports web accessibility for a number of reasons:

      • Access to the internet is a fundamental need in today’s date and Web accessibility has been recognized as a basic right by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006)
      • Accessible internet benefits all, not just people with disabilities
      • The need for accessibility boosts innovation and contributes to the betterment of web design

      The immense experience of Redberries in designing web interfaces for a multitude of clients lends its strong capabilities for creating accessible webpages, compliant with international standards and in strict adherence to the guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) under the Web Accessibility Initiative:

      • WCAG 2.0- Web Content Accessibility Guidelines which relate to making text, images, sounds, and other general elements of a website more accessible
      • ATAG 1.0- Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines relate to tools used for creating websites
      • UAAG 1.0- User Agent Accessibility Guidelines relate to software's which are used by almost everyone accessing the internet, such as browsers, media players
      • WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) compliance

      Redberries fact file:

      Greater than 50% of computer users are expected to benefit from accessible web designs. Be a pioneer of accessible web design with Redberries.

      Content Management

      If the website is a skeleton, then Content Management System is its heart.

      At the core of any website development, content management is essential for its successful run. But the irony of the fact is that marketers or companies barely know about this feature whenever they are designing their website.

      Integrate your website’s content through management

      If the website is a skeleton, then Content Management System is its heart. At the core of any website development, content management is essential for its successful run. But the irony of the fact is that marketers or companies barely know about this feature whenever they are designing their website. As a result, they compromise on a lot of benefits. As a digital agency, Red Berries Digital has made it a point to facilitate awareness around CMS integration to a website.

      Relevance of CMS

      Besides content marketing, Content Management Systems also bring other exciting benefits. These include high ranking on search engines which is possible with an incredible Content Strategy. An essential way to leverage the power of content is the easy and seamless way of uploading through content management systems.

      Nowadays, a lot of marketers in UAE are getting particular, not just about the website’s UX and design, but also towards the nitty-gritty of SEO and On-site conversions. For all such individuals, Content Management System is sort of a revelation that can bring the desired benefits of ROI on Digital Spends.

      Why your website needs CMS?

      The advantages are many if you wish to have a dynamic website. It brings a lot of independence to you as a marketer, if you wish to update content, as and when you want. You won’t have to rely on your digital agency to publish content. If you have hired an agency for content marketing, still the control will be in your hands. You can check the content (blog, article, video, etc) and analyse if it resonates with your brand’s tonality before publishing. You can even share your views independently over your blog, without any dependency in a more frequent manner. Isn’t it great?

      Content Management System in Dubai, UAE

      At Red Berries Digital, our main aim is to generate value for our clients, and Content Management System UAE is one way with which we achieve our mission. From beginning of website development to the ideal CMS, from website design to content writing, we bring it all on the table for a fruitful partnership with our clients.

      If you’re looking for a web design company in Dubai? Get in touch with us. Let’s have a conversation about how we can help find a way to make users say “wow” to your website or app.

      Experience the Content Management System Advantage Firsthand!