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Digital Marketing Dubai - Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is promoting business through multiple digital platforms on the internet. That includes SEO, Google advertising (ppc-pay per click) and social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat), content marketing, etc. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media. Digital marketing tactics typically include a potential user being led to a landing page or website to find out details and inquire directly. Social networking networks like Facebook focus on ways to hold clients on a forum to directly create the lead instead of moving them to the website. Campaigns including lead forms are set up to collect input without tapping or abandoning the prospective client.
The comprehensive plan to acquire, gain and keep consumers online is a Digital Marketing Strategy. A digital marketing plan comprises of analysis into your specific customers and personas, digital platforms that concentrate on your target customers and spend time online, including paying, earned and owned media, and also use in-depth advertising campaigns that help this community of people to take action. This is then calculated and measured with the help of data analytics that allows you to monitor and evaluate your advertising and help measure your Key Performance indicators or KPIs to measure the success of your business goals.
In order to develop a brand, an investment in your campaign is necessary. A "cost you money" campaign is not a success. Our aim is to ensure that the organization expands profitably. When partnering with a digital agency and budgeting the campaign, there are two factors.
  1. What is my budget for media publishers such as Google and Facebook (the advertisement spend), which increases visibility, traffic and pushes my targets to achieve? The amount spend goes directly to these publishers for ad cost via credit card attached to their platform. This can conveniently be achieved according to average conversion rates and the click costs. You must reverse engineer what your you want to achieve, to find out the numbers from the cost of a click cost or awareness, to conversion rate on platform or the website, through to your actual sales rate.
  2. What are the fees for handling this campaign for me that I need to pay to this agency? Some organizations charge a proportion of the budget, while others charge a fixed rate, some mark up the cost of the budget, while others charge a fee depending on the results.
For companies with fast growth such as RedBerries is to delivers digital marketing at a flat rate and provides competitive value pricing. It is the safest way to accomplish the goals. The flat percent model is flawed as you have a good interest in growing spending on media publishers, but this is not the right idea. The time invested to produce results do not serve you at the end of the day. The outcomes and outcomes are based on a set and performance basis.
The Digital Marketing idea is simple. It focusses on helping brands and businesses in promotion through several digital technologies such as the email, social media, SMS, etc. All marketing strategies involves creating goals which are based on target audience surveys and existing market data and then choosing a desirable marketing channel or platform. For example, let us say a brand wants to advertise its products online. This is possible through Social Media Marketing or through several social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The whole promotion process would involve setting up a marketing campaign that focusses on the product and brand awareness. A brand can either undertake such campaigns by itself or employ a digital marketing agency with experience.
Digital Marketing is currently the most preferred marketing technique because we live in a tech savvy environment and almost every aspect of business is online based in some form or the other. To stay competitive from others, setting up just the website and social profile is not enough as it requires strong online presence and so Digital Marketing helps to establish it. It supports companies in expanding their online presence, carry out market research based on target audience and then incorporates all the data and adjust the company’s online profile accordingly. To sum up, digital marketing will help organizations to generate new sales, leads and most importantly bring online traffic.
Yes, Digital Marketing is the way forward in the field of marketing. About 99% of the population relies on the internet for official jobs, domestics tasks or normal day to day activities and digital marketing is completely online based and requires internet. From viral marketing strategies to other data requirements, digital marketing has always evolved and adapted according to the marketing requirements of online organizations and brands. Digital Marketing is becoming extremely popular and is evolving faster thanks to the improved digital infrastructure and better connectivity with fast internet speed. From traditional approaches such as SEO and Marketing, it is in process towards the shift of Artificial Intelligence. Programmatic Marketing is now a reality with the help of automated online AI ads.
Majority of the companies require some form of marketing activity to promote their products and services and thus need to invest in digital marketing to boost their sales. A website which is technically optimized and user friendly, attractive profiles on several platforms, creative and convincing content on products helps in bringing many new customers. Yet, some organizations require more marketing compared to others such as electronics-based companies, food-based companies, law firms, entertainment-based businesses, automobile companies and dealerships, Healthcare industry companies, etc.
Digital marketing services have an immense role to play in the current world of internet marketing. The best digital marketing agency knows the importance of a working 360° spectrum of digital marketing services and strategies. One should always work with those digital marketing agencies only who has a mix of both technologists and subject matter experts and not either one of them. The vital roles of a digital marketing agency are: 1. The capability to form a digital roadmap and marketing strategies for brand building 2. The capability to produce digital assets for both B2C and B2B digital marketing campaigns 3. The capability to develop plans that can be executed and then following up for the digital marketing campaigns with the help of Google or Bing Analytics. A digital marketing agency is considered the best if it is an expert in all above factors.
Dubai is a tech driven city wherein brands offer convenience to its consumers using mobile apps & online services. Digital Marketing is an essential part to drive more traffic towards these app downloads & websites. It pays a key role in growing the sales of the brand. Besides, Dubai has a high penetration of smartphones and internet. This means that most customers can be targeted online. Therefore, having an online presence in Dubai is indispensable for a brand. And hiring a digital marketing company in Dubai will offer a brand access to the best expertise, knowledge, skills and tools required to capitalize on this mass opportunity. For local companies, hiring an advertising agency in Dubai means they can rely on experts to guide them to the best approaches and strategies for online marketing. A top-notch media company in Dubai has several successful online marketing campaigns under its belt, and therefore, have the best team to ensure success. This is because the best advertising agencies in Dubai are well versed in the latest trends and market needs in the region. Moreover, appointing a digital marketing agency in Dubai will offer international businesses key insights into the customers’ culture and preferences. Opting for digital marketing services from local agencies will, therefore, help them expand into Dubai or UAE effectively by customizing their promotional content to suit the needs of the region. Besides, selecting a digital marketing agency in Dubai means reducing chances of unintentionally hurting customer sentiments or offending them due to lack of knowledge or understanding of their culture. After all, there are several examples of online marketing campaigns that have turned out to be disastrous.

There are many digital marketing companies in Dubai. Therefore, selecting the ideal digital marketing agency in Dubai can be a challenge. But the most important factors to remember while selecting an advertising agency in Dubai are:

  1. Size of business: Hire a digital marketing company in Dubai that is the right size for your brand. If you hire a very large media company in Dubai, your brand may not get enough attention, while hiring an agency that is too small may leave you with a company that is ill-equipped to run successful campaigns for your brand.
  2. Reputation: Another critical aspect is identifying the track record of the digital marketing agency in Dubai by discussing or requesting case studies, success stories, etc.
  3. Identifying Competencies: Always have face-to-face interaction with marketing consultants to properly vet and understand the team, its expertise, and the company’s ability to deliver the results you desire.

Ultimately, it may also be important to ensure that the digital marketing and web design agency in Dubai you opt for should have a similar culture to your business to facilitate a smooth working relationship. After all, the advertising agency in Dubai you choose will define your brand image to the customers. Therefore, it is important that you decide on a media company in Dubai that best fits your organization’s needs.

Digital marketing agencies have a targeted customized approach for every type of project. Attractive and creative design services, digital and social media marketing services (i.e Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Marketing), PPC marketing, Content Marketing, SEO services, and website design and Development are the types of services provided by digital marketing companies. Some also provide video production and explainer video services. The standard rule is that any top digital marketing agency will plan the business growth based on these factors and then promote the business through digital and social media platforms. Thus, digital marketing helps every business to achieve boosted growth by spending less as compared to other traditional advertising methods.

The digital marketing consultant’s role is to boost organic traffic by increasing website visibility on search engine websites through search engine optimization (SEO). All the good SEO consultants follow the white hat SEO approach as it is widely accepted by the algorithms and abides by the rules of the algorithms. One must never work with companies practicing black hat SEO methods as they try to get the results fasters and may lead to penalties.
Digital Marketing companies have many services to provide and so we first must understand the scope of work we are looking for. The approach by several premium digital marketing service providers are:
  • Brainstorming with the team to get an idea about the business and its targets
  • Give an honest opinion about what all can be achieved by digital marketing
  • When the scope and objectives have been decided, the team will be established, and key performance areas and activities are allocated
  • A consistent and clear approach is taken to keep business owners updated about progress and the digital marketing dimension results.
  • Our approach may differ slightly in relation to Search Engine Optimisation services in Dubai
Overall, packages for digital marketing services in Dubai fall under 3 categories: Basic, Premium, and Professional. Please contact for more information.
Everyone has got an opportunity cost. RedBerries hires a third-party accountant, to complete and file our taxes. Should we ourselves do them? Certainly... poorly. Is our time invested best on digital media strategies for our customers? Absolutely! When you have an organization there are many things to do like run the business, drive sales, lead people, and a certain number of skills which are certainly much better than digital marketing. A great digital marketing agency brings to the table "on the job," because you can reach better results with the same budget. The additional exposure, brand awareness, lead generation and ultimately, business growth will provide a higher return than doing it yourself. Have you heard the saying “jack of all trades, king of none”? A good digital marketing agency would introduce experts and not all-rounders to challenges. With a comprehensive understanding and experience in any digital field, such as only Facebook publicity or google publicity, better results are obtained. RedBerries has digital media experts focused on a single field, putting them together under one roof and cooperating with our clients in delivering measurable outcomes. A digital marketing agency, also referred to as online marketing company or digital advertising company, specializes in creating marketing campaigns and promotional content around a brand’s image, and offers measurable returns on investment (ROI). For a brand, hiring a digital advertising company, therefore, offers multiple benefits. Firstly, appointing an online marketing company allows a brand more freedom to concentrate on its core businesses. A digital advertising company’s core business is to facilitate the online promotion of brands. Therefore, by allowing an agency to take over the online marketing responsibilities, a brand can avoid the cost and hassle of setting up a specialized team and devote its resources towards its core operations. Moreover, this also cuts down the total cost of online marketing since it is less expensive to hire an online marketing company than to set up an in-house digital marketing team, and to access the tools and platforms required to effectively run campaigns. Secondly, hiring an online marketing company means getting access to the best team of digital marketing experts who have years of experience in running successful campaigns. This becomes especially important when expanding to other regions, or outside a brand’s country or region of origin, since customer tastes and preferences can differ drastically. For example, if a company seeks to expand into Dubai or target UAE as a whole, it would be best to appoint a digital marketing agency in Dubai, since they would be best suited to guide a brand about the customer preferences in the region. This is because customers located in the UAE region differ in starkly in culture, tastes, and habits, from those in other parts of the world. In order to ensure that your brand campaigns reflect and respect the cultural intricacies of UAE, hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai or surrounding regions is of utmost importance. Even in one’s own country, hiring a digital marketing agency is important since they have the knowledge about the best strategies, and it is this expert knowledge that brands pay for. Consequently, opting for digital marketing services reduces the chances of failure, both for marketing campaigns and for expansion. Finally, a digital marketing agency helps brands determine the metrics to track the effectiveness of campaigns and deliver results. This ensures that a brand’s investment into online marketing never goes to waste. If a campaign performs poorly, a digital marketing company will immediately halt it or change its positioning or strategy to maximize ROI.
The expert team of RedBerries is selected by hand like a good wine. With some of our senior staff in the digital space reaching 15 years and others awarded for campaign results, you can be assured that your promotions and company can only be managed by the best and professional digital marketers. We blend intelligent technological solutions with fine, old-fashioned tactics and innovative thinking. It is not our biggest strength; our employees are our family. We still aspire to be better than we had yesterday and breath digital. This is what makes us a preferred media company in Dubai. Our industry partners help consumers accomplish their business results and supply a variety of offerings, including SEOs for offerings and e-commerce enterprises, Google Advertising solutions for social media, and all channels. RedBerries charges a fixed fee retainer for all our services, based on the degree and level of support that your campaign demands. As a trusted advisor we would recommend the monthly spends as you pay the media publishers (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) directly via credit card. We are providing a model that is completely transparent and you can order invoices from Email, Facebook, or LinkedIn directly. There is no opportunity available for us to increase your spending on Google and Facebook unless it is in line with your goals and we recommend increasing your revenue and results. All our rates have been created so that you can quickly expand and scale with RedBerries and add new services as you need them. If you want to check our rates, please call here for a 30-minute strategy:
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