Most Important SEO Ranking Factors A Beginner Should Know

Web Analytics Configuration and Audit, an important SEO Ranking Factors.

Setting up Web Analytics Configuration on a website is fairly simple but deriving maximum results and ROI out of it is not so simple. To quote, in other words, Web Analytics Configuration is the future of marketing technologies that track the prospect’s imprints during different phases of browsing a website.

Let’s Know Web Analytics First

Web Analytics has lent a new and transparent approach to the marketing initiatives. To quote it as the most potent way of marketing technology or #MarTech in practice is not wrong. For easy understanding, we all know that Web analytics measures, collects, analysis and gives condensed web data findings to understand and optimize web page and digital imprints. The insights derived from Web Analytics audits can be used as an instrument to assess, review and improve the effectiveness of a website. Say, if the bounce rate of your website is very high, findings from analytics can help us find the probable reasons – if extra website loading time is leading the users to deviate from the initiated search. Or after scanning the content that is not too relevant can also lead to the bounce rate. Now, it’s on web analytics to ascertain the reasons and regulate it in time.

Web Analytics Configuration

To get maximum analytics advantage, the configuration of Web Analytics is a must. The best part about Web Analytics Configuration is its customization and flexibility. Relevant and useful data in tune with your marketing objectives can be extracted via customized installation and configuration code. This kind of goal setting, if achieved, can ease out marketing initiatives in a great way. As a part of this activity, web professionals at Red Berries facilitate-
The definition and monitoring of objectives
The monitoring of campaigns
The analysis of online sales
With such amazing insights from Web Analytics Configuration, imagine the renewed possibilities of marketing insights! But this is not the end of it. Web analytics audits complete the function. Let us explore the relevance of analytics audit below.

Why Web Analytics Audit?

Web analytics audit is a tried and tested way to ascertain maximum value from an analytics tool. Business organizations can ensure tangible value from their investments in analytics. The companies with multiple websites, significant online advertising activities and concurrent digital campaigns can secure immense marketing advantage with web analytics audit.

Auditing analytics implementation has a lot of benefits. First among them is mapping analytics solutions with business strategy. This is done to maximize ROI on analytics efforts and investment. Various KPIs like- Conversion Rate, Goal Completion, Unique Visits, Recurring Visits, Visitor Loyalty and Visitor Regency can be tracked through regular website analytics audit.

If a business is in search for a fruitful digital marketing and a connected ecosystem, including a Website, Social Media Platform traffic, SEO traffic and Conversion metrics, then Web Analytics Configuration and Audit is the first benchmark for it.

Technical Audit:

An SEO Audit is conducted in order to understand where the website currently stands. SEO rankings help to increase the visibility of your website on search engine platforms and increase website visitors through specific keyword which in turn grows your business. Being an SEO company in Dubai, we ensure that the best practices are followed for an SEO Audit.

Our team has the expertise to carry out optimization practices to give your business the best possible results. Our team helps you provide with on-site and off-site optimizations for your website. We identify areas of improvement and provide suggestions, accordingly.
Once we agree on the SEO modifications, we will formulate a strategy and share with you. Once that is approved, we start optimizing the website to increase the brand visibility of your business. We only recommend services which will improve your website in the long run.

Quality of the Content

Content is still the king. Over the years, Google has focused a lot on improving the analysis of textual content. This helps for ranking it on the search engine, accordingly. This is a continuous process and as time goes by, further improvements can be witnessed. Good content is the key when it comes to higher levels of engagement. Making content that is relevant and entertaining, is what the brands are currently trying to do through different ways including, partnering with influencers on different social media platforms, creating tutorials, videos on the brand story etc. Content generators are also making conscious efforts to use AR and VR in their content to leverage these new technologies to promise higher levels of engagement. Experts believe that AR/VR would replace, the infographics in SEO by providing the same information in the virtual world.

Featured Snippets:

Users require simple answers to question. And featured snippets deliver on it. A quick overview of an article can generate more leads than any other content. A question and answer type posts are working well for most of the websites.

Structured Data Becomes More Important:

Content of a blog/article has to have a structure. Either a chronological, bullet points or question and answer type, content must be displayed in a well-structured format. This helps Google to auto select rich snippets from your content.

User Experience:

SEO is of no use without understanding the user journey. A website which is optimized for mobile, loads faster and offers a seamless experience, will have a higher number of visitors and conversions.

AMP: Page Speed Boost:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are mobile optimized pages which load quickly. As the usage of heavy HTML, CSS and image coding is removed, AMP can load content in an instant on mobile devices.

Voice Search:

Due to the rise of home devices and digital assistants, voice search has seen a significant increase in recent times. These devices also help to anticipate the question and is an interesting tool for search engines to improve their results. Its soon becoming a Voice search dominated world as per some of the field experts and they also believe that half of the online traffic would be voice queries. With Alexa, Siri, Google home and similar personal assistant apps, coming in the picture, people are not typing but prefer to ask their question to the gadget, sitting next to them. While looking for the query, people tend to search by asking questions using words from their day to day lives, so its important to use a similar content on the website so that it gets picked by the search engine immediately. By the end of the day its about solving the problem of the existing or potential customer by providing relevant information. So, 2019 appears to be more about voice search SEO.

Google’s Mobile First Index:

Mobile browsing has been outgrown compared to desktops. This has led to Mobile First Index by Google. Pages optimized for mobile will be ranked higher and shown first when searching through a mobile. Businesses need to adapt and start optimizing websites for mobile.

User experience

At the end of the day everything needs to have a user-centric approach for it to succeed. The attention spans have gone down and to ensure that the customers or the potential customers stay on the site, the businesses will have to go an extra mile to ensure the site scores well on User experience and take a call on revamping their sites which is critical for online success.

Users are looking forward to having a seamless experience of the site, on all the devices. This is not a new trend but will stay as one of the most important ones, as we keep going ahead in the future.


Blockchain is comparatively a new technology and is considered to be a complex one by few but can prove to impact the SEO world in a big way. This technology enables decentralization of the internet space and will make the information or the data sharing to be more public and secure and is believed to affect the big fishes like Google.

Another plus about Blockchain is that it would decrease the click-frauds by identifying real people based on their online activities. Once people would become more aware of the concept of Blockchain, consumers would want to see the websites with blockchain codes so it is important that the SEO companies look at integrating with Blockchain services in the coming future.

Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning have a humongous potential of enhancing the customer experience and can be used by the SEO firms to their business advantage. They can help to monitor the customer lifecycle and generate deeper insights about how the buying decision is being made which can a game changer for the brands.

Rank Brain:

A machine learning based search engine algorithm, RankBrain is the third most important factor when it comes to search engine rankings factors. Google has not disclosed all of the 200+ search engine factors but has stated that RankBrain is one of the most important factors.

Rank Brain basically makes a guess for an unfamiliar word or phrase and matches up with the words or phrase which may contain similar phrases to it and filter the results accordingly. This displays search queries or keyword which would otherwise never been shown. It has allowed Google to boost up its algorithm testing speed to choose from the best content for a particular keyword search.

TF-IDF:What is TF- IDF?

Full form of TF-IDF is Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency. It is a Google text analysis ranking factor to show the importance of a word or a phrase in blogs/articles. It takes a deeper look into the value of the content and displays it to the relevant audience who are looking for it.
TF-IDF does two things mainly. Firstly, it factors how often a word is displayed. Words like “a”, “the”, “is”, are more frequent in general. This is the “Term Frequency” part, which tells you the frequency of word repetition.

Secondly, it assigns the value to each word. The more frequent a word is repeated, the lesser it is valued. This is the “Inverse Document Frequency Part” as the relationship it has with more repeated words is inverse. If more unique words are used, higher is the value of the content.

How does it matter for your search engine rankings?
Google ranks quality content higher and considers it more valuable than any other. By reducing the frequency of repeated words and focusing on unique, targeted keywords, your blog or website can see better results.

E-A-T Score: E-A-T stands for

• Expertise.
• Authority.
• Trustworthiness.
Google ranks content higher on search rankings which meets the above three factors. Red Berries, the best SEO company in Dubai suggests these to improve your E-A-T Score:

Include Author Details:

It is crucial to include details of the author such as name and their biography. This helps Google to understand the E-A-T of the writer, who has published the content and if they have any other similar content produced elsewhere on the internet.

Personal Branding:

Content with negative reviews will lower your website rankings and lead to fewer visitors to your website. Choose content creators who have a positive influence and are reliable for the information they share. More reliable the author higher will be your ranking.

Low E-A-T Content:

Not only the E-A-T of individual authors, but the E-A-T of your website will be also ranked lower as your website may have multiple contents from different authors who may have negative reviews. Ensure to edit and remove any content from lower ranked authors.

Technical Security:

Security is another aspect of trustworthiness. If your website doesn’t have a secure checkout, you won’t be able to grow your business. Users trust a website which offers security. Ensure to buy an SSL certificate for your website.

User-Generated Content (UGC):

UGC posts are not verified authors. That doesn’t mean a UGC post will have lower E-A-T score. But the value of content generated by the user is a ranking factor. A UGC post with accurate information will have higher E-A-T score for the whole website and vice versa.

Breaking Down Google’s Desktop “People Also Search For” Box.

“People also search for” is a feature offered by Google which displays frequently search queries after you have initially entered a search query. This feature relies on most searched queries before or after the original query was typed into the search bar.
People who share similar interests with the original search query will most likely click on these queries and redirect themselves to a new search result page. This shows us that there is a behavior pattern among users for search queries.
Being an SEO agency in Dubai, we know that SEO requires constant nurturing to boost ROI in an organic way. Some factors worth considering while conceiving an SEO strategy include:

• Potential traffic levels
• Keywords Competition
• Past performance of keywords for Benchmarking
• Searcher intent (i.e. Are they just looking, or are they ready to buy?)
• Industry trends and predictions

If followed well, an SEO goood Strategy is bound to bring long-term rewards in terms of ROI and organic conversions. Request a free consultation. Reach out to us via email at [email protected] or call us on +971 4 295 7880 or +971 55 4140 870.