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Better user experience, increased user engagement, more conversions

A research states that humans have shorter attention span than goldfish! A goldfish is said to have an attention span of 9-seconds and for a millennial, the time is even shorter – 8-seconds! Thanks to the smart revolution that started around the year 2000. Appalling, right? But that’s how the world is, so don’t worry.
Wait; there is something you should be worried about now. Does your website load within 8-seconds? Hold on, 8 seconds is all the time you got to engage the visitor and present an interesting story through the website.

So, an 8-second loading website won’t be enough– you need a website that loads within a few twinkles of your eyes – say 2-3. Yes, you technically have 2-3 seconds to prepare yourself for the moment of glory – the big entry of your website.
What’s the loss? It’s HUGE and can bring a big DENT to your business. Remember, 30-40% of all website visitors today are from mobile devices. Not that, the most conversions happens through mobiles only. Over and above, mobile friendliness of a website offers a big Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) boost for search engines like Google. So a poor mobile performing website can lose ranking and thereby potential business.

How do we solve this NOW?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an answer. Over the last few months, search engine visitors have seen the rise of Instant Articles, not just on Social Media, News Articles, but also on search engines like Google. It has powered up the websites and redefined the meaning of NOW.

What is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

AMP is a Google Initiative that will help the web pages with rich content like video, animations, graphics load instantaneously on a mobile device.
The study shows that 50% of mobile visitors abandon a page if it doesn’t load in 10 seconds. And 3 out of 5 don’t even return to that site. In such scenarios, AMP is a revolution in its own. The project seamlessly amalgamates different elements on a web page and presents it as per the ideal UX interface suited for the mobile visitor. This engages the users more and engrosses them in the best possible mobile experience.

Why should digital marketers go for AMP route?

Web surfers want instant search results and Google AMP harps on the super fast speed to deliver them a cohesive experience. Faster loading of websites with AMP contributes to the SEO. As AMP enabled page will load faster, and will have fewer bounce rates, it will definitely improve search engine rankings. The page is considered valuable and will determine higher placements in search engine result pages.

When should marketers start investing in AMP?

Considering all these plus points, it is extremely safe to say that the TIME is NOW to implement AMP project for the benefit of a business. All marketers need is a support of a digital agency like Red berries (that’s us! :), to facilitate the seamless integration and maintenance of AMP code standards.
Redberries is a Google Partner Agency. We can help you AMP up your website. Request a call back here.

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