Unlock Google Ads’ Hidden Gems & Supercharge Your Campaigns with RedBerries

Forget the generic Google Ads grind! RedBerries reveals powerful, under-the-radar features to skyrocket your campaigns.

Tired of Blending In?

Nowadays, just showing up online isn’t enough. Businesses need to stand out to thrive. Google Ads has long been a go-to for reaching target audiences, but many neglect its hidden treasures – features with the potential to revolutionise your approach.

RedBerries, Your PPC Optimization Ninjas

We’re seasoned digital marketer dubai specialists who’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these hidden gems. We’ll share our PPC expertise to unlock features buried deep within the Google Ads interface, ready to propel your business to new heights.

Laser-Targeted Audiences: Reach the Perfect People

Demographic Deep Dives:
Go beyond basic targeting! Google Ads lets you pinpoint users by marital status, education, or even homeownership. Imagine a luxury appliance brand reaching homeowners keen on renovations – that’s laser focus for maximum conversions! (Note: availability may vary by region)

In-Market Audience Advantage:
Be there at the exact moment potential customers search! This feature lets you target users actively looking for products or services like yours. Imagine capturing travel-hungry users with your agency’s hottest deals just as they seek “best travel deals.”

Affinity Audience Allies:
Dive into user habits and interests. Google Ads helps uncover new audiences likely to be fans of your brand. A fitness brand, for example, could target health and wellness enthusiasts, expanding their reach beyond the immediate market.

Custom Intent Audiences:
Craft dream audiences based on online browsing behaviour. Launching a new product? Target users researching similar products to generate buzz and sales.

Creative Ad Solutions: Make Your Ads Stand Out

Responsive Search Ads:
Let AI Be Your Ad Copywriter! This feature uses AI to test different combinations of headlines and descriptions, constantly optimising your ads for peak performance – all without extra effort on your end.

Gallery Ads: A Visual Feast for Mobile Users
Showcase your products in all their glory with these visually engaging mobile search results. Users can scroll through a gallery of relevant images, significantly boosting engagement and click-through rates – perfect for businesses with eye-catching products.

Dynamic Ads: Tailored Content for Every User
These ads adapt their content to each user based on past interactions with your website. This ensures your ads stay relevant across your entire campaign, potentially skyrocketing conversion rates by showing users exactly what they crave.

Smart Bidding Strategies: Bid Like a Pro

Conversion Optimizer: Take the Guesswork Out of Bidding
This feature automatically adjusts your bids to maximise conversions within your budget. No more struggling with manual adjustments – Google’s vast data streamlines the bidding process for optimal results.

Enhanced CPC (eCPC): The Bidding Sweet Spot
This hybrid approach combines manual bidding with automated adjustments, targeting bids towards conversions with a higher likelihood of success. Enjoy finer control while leveraging automated insights to elevate performance.

Target CPA & ROAS: Focus on What Matters Most
Set goals for Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) to guide your bidding strategies and meet specific business objectives. These strategies are ideal for businesses with clear conversion value metrics and ROI targets.

Integrations & Extensions: Power Up Your Ads

Google My Business Integration:
Amplify your local presence! Connecting Google My Business Profile to your Google Ads account makes it easier for potential customers to find your physical stores, boosting offline conversions.

Call Extensions: Drive Direct Engagement
Make it easy for potential customers to connect with a simple tap. Adding a phone number directly to your ads encourages immediate action. Remember to track these calls as conversions for valuable insights into how your ads drive real-world results. (While not exactly hidden, it’s surprising how often we see them missing!)

Promotion Extensions: Highlight Your Deals
Showcase special offers directly in your ads with Promotion Extensions. This increases the visibility of your sales and promotions, attracting deal-seeking customers and boosting clicks and conversions.

Measurement & Optimization Tools: Track, Analyze, and Refine

Cross-Account Conversion Tracking: Simplify Multi-Account Management
Managing multiple Google Ads Management accounts? Cross-account conversion tracking provides a unified view of performance across all campaigns, streamlining the optimization process.

Attribution Models: Understand the Customer Journey
Choosing the right attribution model is crucial for comprehending how each touchpoint influences conversions. Whether it’s first-click, last-click, or linear attribution, selecting the best model illuminates the path to conversion.

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