Are you connecting with the customers through Chat Bots for Business?

Chatbots for business are in trend these days. Many marketers are eager to implement the chat feature on their websites. But are they making full use of the same? Or they are also using the feature as the world does. Chatbot, if implemented well, keeping in the mind the customer interactions can really come up to be one of the amazing customer service channels.

Chat bot, as the name says is a smart representation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where technology is used to interact with the customers. Now, how does it work? Does a human track the incoming chat messages or AI technology works 24×7 and humanises the conversation based on brand’s product offerings.

Say a pizza outlet chatbot will initiate a conversation about the kinds of pizzas the brand offers. This is the most important connection that brings both customer and brand together. This fact also opens up the implementation of AI and automation for the active chatbot.

Chatbots for business marketing works wonders for our clients who feel their customer experience has improved immensely

post chatbot implementation in UAE. The best part is that customers feel they are talking to a human. But the reality is somewhat more intelligent, delivering an excellent customer experience while interacting with the brand.

The key to this successful AI implementation is its recognition of content and context while addressing customers’ requests and questions. The potential of important keywords is leveraged and conversations are fuelled through natural language processes and machine learning.
When the chatbot has no response to a customer request, ideal systems suggest human intervention as a customer support system. Much like what IVRS – Interactive Voice Response System does in the telecom industry.

There are many good features about Chatbots that make them a promising Marketing Technology of the current generation. 24×7 support while implementing a Chatbot addresses consumers’ concerns immediately, which doesn’t happen with human employees. Another advantage it brings is the data capturing that can be used to personalize the customer experience. Based on interaction, a LIVE agent can sense the scope of conversation and deliver the expected response without spending much time again understanding the query and annoying customers.

Chatbot technology can also be aligned with email automation to connect with the customers on their birthdays, service follow-up, or product experience. These ways, the technology can help brands foster brand loyalty and provide a more human experience.

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