Are you using your Data effectively in digital marketing?

This is one question we ask our prospects more often these days. Data is the driving force of digital media marketing and within a few minutes only, we can have data wealth with advanced analytics and tracking tools. This can be used to engage customers in real-time, update them with a variety of services, and secure effective conversions.

In other words, data science is not a fad anymore. A lot of brands are waking up to this fact and trying to channelize the power of DATA. But, did you know only 25% of the dataset is being used for real-time customer engagement?

As per recent statistics, it has been noticed that only a quarter of data is effectively used for advancing marketing initiatives. This means there’s still a gap in making the most of the data science in marketing.

The power of the dataset received at the point of customer contact can be used in segmentation effectively.

For e.g. If A is a professional, and XYZ is a cab booking brand with a mobile app, then XYZ can actually find out how many times, he books a cab in a week, does he travel late at night, or initiate the last minute bookings. Answers to these questions can be used by Brand XYZ to target A in times of need and download the mobile app for continued bookings.

Data Science, if used effectively can even result in happy-engaged customers. In this scenario of bombarded messages, remember that data gathering and mining is the perfect way to connect with the customers and build inimitable customer connections.

Coming back to the statistics, 60% of the organizations believe that real-time customer engagement can increase revenue by 10%-40%. This means a direct increase in profits and ROI. But this calls for the collection of a relevant customer database to connect with customers.

The chain is interlinked, where churning out insights from customer data can greatly influence the ROI on digital marketing.

Keeping all these things in mind, it has become customary for organizations to act on gathering data insights and put them to use effectively while marketing and engaging with the customers. Only this way, we can bring marketing for the future to our brands in UAE and help them succeed in the upcoming Expo-2020 phase. Marketing technology utilizing data sciences for targeting, segmenting, and converting prospects is one of the promising ways with which Red Berries can help its clients. We have helped our clients stand out among sturdy competition through a personalized relationship with prospective customers and engagement. Remember, more engagement means more chances of sales/revenue. Isn’t that thought exciting? Well for us, it is! What do you think of the same? Do share your thoughts on data-based marketing initiatives.

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