Website Performance is About to Become More Important for Search Rankings

According to StatCounter, a web traffic analysis website, Google has overwhelming dominance as a search engine. It has an 81 percent market share on desktop devices and 94 percent on mobile. Appearing high up on search results is vital for businesses, so websites are always anxious to maintain and improve their Google search rankings.

In May, last year. Google had announced that the next upcoming change in 2021 will have to do with website performance — how quickly a page loads in the browser after a user navigates to the site.

It’s been a big factor for some time, in part because mobile usage has exploded. Hence it is a priority in terms of Google’s algorithm.

Google’s announcement about its upcoming search ranking update spotlighted Core Web Vitals. It is a collection of metrics to quantify the “user experience” factor of a website

The first metric calculates how long it takes the website to load its largest visible piece of content, such as an image, video, or large block of text.
The second criteria measures how quickly a website performance becomes responsive once the user navigates to it.
The third metric is how much a website’s layout shifts during the page loading process. This problem, known as “cumulative layout shift,” is what causes the frustrating experience of having the text you were reading suddenly shift out of view.

Page performance is going to be increasingly important for determining search rank in the future.

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Shift towards UX Design from Advertising

OR UX Design: A Demand of Digital Advertising

OR UX Design: It’s all about the consumer

In the realm of the digital marketing world, ‘change’ is the only ‘constant’ thing. Be it advertising, social media, copywriting, or even design, all are ruled by this ‘change.’ With respect to design, it is a field where passion, happiness, fun, and creativity merge with the growing technological demands.

Thus, there is a constant desire of designers today to be ‘different’ and be ‘out-of-the-box creative. In this need of the hour, designers have evolved over time. From handmade designs to print media to advertising, the ‘shift’ is the only equilibrium. UX Design is increasingly becoming the new talk of the town in the design world and it is justified to be so.

First and foremost, UX Design correlates with the IT culture. Advertising is an area where, often, flexible timings, light-hearted mood, and ongoing shoots happen. Nonetheless, it is a creative arena but may lack the benefits which UX Design provides. Thus, for the ones who seek more discipline, UX Design is disciplinary and rigid to a great extent. The shift is difficult, but nonetheless, for the best. Given the several testimonies and experiences of the past, the shift puts newcomers and the experienced ones on a different threshold altogether. UX design requires a healthy amount of creativity and brain. It is one of the very few mechanisms through which one can be both logical and creative.

In a way, the vision and the end goal are still in synthesis, and only the method has changed.

There is a set process to UX Design. From the top, brainstorming is done which directs one into mind mapping. Charting out ideas visually is the key to developing a wholesome ideology. Next, designers move on to research and workshop interviews with the clients. From this point onwards, the workflow is a combination of the clients’ preferences and the designers’ creative zeal. Ultimately, through sketching, designing, reviewing, testing, and proofing the design, the end product is achieved.

According to many, perhaps the best part about the UX design is that it is not monotonous. It brings new challenges and problems with every project, which keeps the designer thoroughly engaged. There is a diverse range of industries in which UX design works, including education, food,  fashion, etc. providing a new experience every time. It is a mechanism that involves logical and strategic planning.

In the simplest manner, User Experience Design (UXD, UED, or XD) is a tool that ranges further than just creating websites and apps. It is a tool through which consumer satisfaction, enhancing publicity, the interaction of product, and more is prioritized. Understanding the process, the product, including design, utility, and consumer’s needs is a prerequisite to being an expert in this field. Ultimately, UX design places solution-finding as the main goal. It urges one to think whether any progress could have been made to a particular product, or what could have been improved.

This career shift is increasingly becoming the talk of the town and is a field full of potential, prospects, and progress.

At Red Berries, we believe in the power of change, and follow the principles of UX in every aspect of design. Be it a website design, a mobile application, or a simple social media post, all of them follow the seamless way of providing the optimal user experience to the end-user.

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Google Data Studio

Data science is the current trend that’s going to go places in the digital marketing arena. Google Data Studio enables digital agencies to stay equipped with the power called ‘data’ in tandem with digital marketing goals in action.

Google Data Studio comes with the Google Analytics Enterprise package.

This is a little expensive but serves a purpose for professionals. It is still in Beta format, but is easy to use and comes with a friendly interface. It comes with a certified short course which allows you to gain experience in using it and put it to proper use.

The certification comes in four sections, each one equally essential to those who intend to use Google Data Studio. The sections are; Welcome to Data Studio, Navigate Data Studio, Build your first report, and Format & Design Reports.


Welcome to Google Data Studio

The first section aims to provide an overview of sorts for the whole system. It teaches the basics which most users would already be familiar with. However, if you are not, this is perfect for you. It will start from scratch, allowing you to develop a base in using the tool and its features. Offering official names and terms is useful for those who are familiar with similar offline tools/software too.

Navigate Data Studio

The second section is a lot more specific to the individual features. It offers an ‘interactive walkthrough’ of the homepage and points out details and features with tips on how to use them or where they would prove useful. With more new information than the first section, it is better at providing an idea of how the whole system actually functions.  This too is more useful for those who are new to the whole idea of Data sharing and reports.

Build your first report

This stage too consists of several walkthroughs, similar to the second section. However, these walkthroughs teach you how to connect your data source and edit it. It offers easier to apply techniques for many things you may have an idea of, making it a useful section for everyone.

It teaches you how to create a calculated metric, followed by the actual creation and styling of charts. This is useful for you, regardless of the experience you may have. It then shows how to add date-controls and the process of sharing the report is the concluding part of this section. While this brings back a lot of section 1, it is useful because it is a lot more application-based.

Format and Design Reports

Despite a lack of walkthroughs, this is the most important section. It gives an idea of what you should expect and desire to achieve from the tool with the visual presentation and content. It also offers tips on the themes and final look of the reports.

This certification may be more appreciated by those with no experience in reports and tools of this sort. However, it is good to follow through with it even if you do have the experience as it acts as a base to the few differences of this tool. It may not be revolutionary but it is worth the effort to new users and old users alike. Usage is made far more convenient by getting the certification and following the YouTube tutorials offered.

Staying equipped with such current trends lets a digital advertising agency stay ahead and harness its expertise for the benefit of its clients. According to experts at Red Berries Digital, data is a new power, and those who channelize this power will go places in digital marketing.

While working with our clients, we believe in refreshing the concepts to be the harbinger of change in the digital marketing ecosystem. This includes reviewing and monitoring the campaigns on concrete data mining and analytics with great transparency. This will be the game-changer in the years to come.

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Google Algorithm Update: SEO Broad Core Update what you must know?

On March 13, Google announced its release of a ‘broad core search ranking Google algorithm update.’ This suggests that they made a change to the manner in which results turn up on Google when you search anything.

What is Broad Core Update?

In simple terms, Google intends to replace spam results with related and quality content which helps the user. Therefore, the rank of pages changes according to validity and popularity. To answer the question of how to ‘fix’ ranks, Google tells the webmaster that there is, in fact, no ‘fix’. Their ranks can only be changed or moved depending on the content they post, and to persevere to get a regular user number.

Google went ahead to point out that, while some of their updates are ‘actionable’ and noticeable with months of notice (e.g.: Speed Update), others aren’t so easy to amend or simply cannot be amended and therefore require little notice.

What do Webmasters think about Broad Core Update?

Webmasters are of a mixed opinion regarding Broad Core Update. While one cannot deny how crucial this update will be in terms of eradicating spam websites, still webmasters feel that they should be informed of any changes in advance (regardless of how much they can influence).

This, they feel should be how Google repays them for the little contribution they have in its popularity, as the growth of online learning, and digital usage seems to be steady and plays a minor role in the fame Google has. In their opinion, these updates may not seem to be very troublesome but can prove to be ‘turbulence’ inducing for their site statistics and other decisions in the business and even political areas.

What does Google say about Broad Core Update?

Google, however, justifies itself by providing data to support its choices. A visible and permanent state of fluctuation in the SERPs has been observed, and Google only attempts to stabilize it, and maybe keep it from going out of hand. This not only provides benefits to various sites but also motivates webmasters to create and continue creating the best content they possibly can.

This is also Google’s way to keep up with the changing and shifting trends. It is also an opportunity to eradicate or shake up sites that can be labeled as ‘spam’, ‘invalid’, or ‘irrelevant.  As digital and machine learning continues to grow and maintain its popularity, the ‘flux’ remains inevitable and Google finds this as the only way to tackle it.

The relevance of Broad Core Update

So, no matter how much one sees it as inconvenient, Google validates it with data that suggest the necessity of these updates. Maybe, the style and manner of announcing it can change but is beneficial despite the small-scale inconveniences it causes. Google continues to give the same advice of facing the ranks and ‘fixing’ them – to be creative with the content. That’s the best way to stay relevant on this Search Engine and maintain rankings in the long run.

Broad Core Update: The Takeaways

Therefore, as someone who produces content, like Content Marketers or juggles with rankings like Search Engine Specialists, please note that you should continue applying the following advice to its best. Be creative; follow trends and moderate audience reactions. Optimize and provide content which people would want to see and even recommend to others. Improve the ‘onsite experience’ and try to see what would attract users. Do not waste the time you could spend applying this advice by grieving over what is actually transparency, and beneficial. Instead, choose to see where you can begin your improvements. And then, you will realize how Broad Core Update can actually work wonders for the SEO success of a brand/product/service. Agree with us? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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What should you look out for while searching for BEST DIGITAL ADVERTISING AGENCY?

A digital advertising agency or a creative agency is a go-to hub for marketers. Many of them approach a digital agency not just to fulfill advertising and promotional services, but to achieve a ‘bigger purpose.’ This bigger purpose could be planning, designing, and executing innovative promotional campaigns, or earning Returns on digital marketing, or building a brand’s presence on social media or search engines.

Whatever be the case, majorly all clients rely upon the professional expertise of a digital advertising agency to reach the world and have a strong digital presence.

But, what constitutes the best digital advertising agency?

If you have also wondered the same, then here is a checklist that can help you find the best digital advertising agencies in town.

1. Fosters creativity and innovation:

Creativity and innovation form the crux of any advertising agency. A good digital advertising agency is always in a hunt for new ideas and digital solutions to promote a client’s business. The professionals working at a digital marketing agency have the capability to work on concepts that are unique and hard-hitting in every right. They dare to take risks and experiment with new trends. This results in creative and out-of-the-box concepts that touch the right chord with the audiences in the digital world.

2. Commands digital expertise:

A digital advertising agency should be a trendsetter in terms of knowing and using advanced digital marketing tools. Be it the usage of analytics to track the success of goals or creating buzz around a campaign, the digital know-how can enable clients to make the most of digital media. Along with this, agency knowledge about the trending means of digital marketing like content marketing, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, SEO, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook marketing is a must. An agency’s proficiency must be tested in accordance with it. Marketers / Clients can ask for success stories or case studies to find out their performance potentials in digital marketing.

3. Impressive communication skills:

Marketing and communication are inextricable. It is a prerequisite for a marketing agency to be able to communicate with the audience effectively and keep them interested in the client’s business for a long period of time till it establishes its goodwill. Knowing what to communicate and when to communicate for a deeper impact is the agency’s foremost job.

4. Accurate data-keeping:

A marketing agency must keep the engagements high and keep a tab on them. Providing accurate data to the client about the audience reactions and engagements helps to identify loopholes in business (if any). The client should be made aware of how the data was collected and how it was used to create a favorable impact.

5. Transparency in billing:

Trust is the most important foundation of a business deal. At the end of the day, every business thrives for an increase in sales and better ROI. Having a clear and transparent invoice system makes the business know what services it is being charged for. This garners trust and openness between both parties.

6. Strong online standing:

An agency will be able to help you build a strong online presence only if it has a reliable and noteworthy standing in the market and online business. Un-updated profiles speak of a lackadaisical attitude and one must not rely on such agencies for digital media services.

7. Execution of ideas:

Having a winner idea but not being able to execute it effectively is a waste of time, money, and resources. Digital advertising agencies should know how to turn ideas into reality. Launching ideas at a particular time and place can help strike a chord with the audience.

8. Expert assistance:

The reason behind the success of any business is the people behind it. Before hiring an agency for your valuable business, make sure it consists of goal-driven individuals with professionalism and subject knowledge running down their DNA. The agency should perform tasks keeping mutual benefit in mind.

With all these points in place, marketers can find the best digital advertising agency near them and make the most of digital marketing trends. Your thoughts? Do share them with us in the comments section.

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Virtual Reality Dubai – Are brands ready for it?

Marketing has always envisioned immersing a target segment in a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. But with all the distractions in the world, it has become a fairly impossible task for brands to achieve so. Virtual reality beats such barriers and offers a brand a pure opportunity for immersive experiences.

Picture this; you are experiencing a test drive of a car you wanted badly while sitting at your desk. Or, you witness the luxury of a penthouse, its interiors, rooms, finishes, and outdoor scenery, before actually visiting this venue. Credit goes to VR technology for actualizing the possibility of transporting customers to different environments and enabling them to experience the product in context.

The possibilities are endless for VR, and in a knowledge economy like UAE, such an immersive Virtual Reality technology always has great potential, provided if used effectively. This creates a more personal and emotional connection with the brand, much better than any ad video or a campaign.

But are these brands catching up on this emerging technology frontier? Well, if statistics are to be believed, then only 8% of marketers are currently using VR in their advertising.

This huge gap between its implementation says a lot about a marketer’s apprehensions about VR. Some of them feel Virtual Reality is all about hype and no substance in the case of marketing and advertising. As a result, they are resorting to basic tried and tested methods like digital marketing, social media marketing, and video creation.

At Red Berries, we feel that VR is a box of new experiences that have the possibility to engage the target segments like never before. We are fascinated with the prospects virtual reality offers for each brand in the UAE.

What more a marketer wants? From a dormant outside viewer to an active insider, Virtual Reality enables him to experience your brand first hand within a few minutes of exposure. That’s what is on the wishlist of every marketer in the UAE. Are you one of them? Do you want to understand the prospects of VR in Digital Marketing for your brand?

Then, wait no further! Contact us and unleash a world full of experiences with Virtual Reality.
VR is a whole new world of experiences. Whatever they do choose, they should be bold and take risks.

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How To Achieve Consistent Content Strategy for Digital Marketing in UAE?

When 70 percent of marketers complain they lack a consistent or integrated content strategy, it is a pain point for any digital marketing initiative. In fact, without properly curated content, the digital presence looks bland, dull, and purposeless. In the UAE also, many marketers are on the lookout for a consistent content strategy that entails their business and gives customers a favorable experience. If you are also one among them, then

here are few ways to ensure consistency in Content Strategy Marketing.

1. Set a Monthly Schedule

Monthly plans are a great way to stay consistent in content. The topics of Blogs, Infographics, Videos, Social Media Post Ideas are planned and scheduled for next month in advance. This is one proper way of channelizing content churning and execution in advance. It prevents last-minute hiccups and ensures the free flow of content on a regular basis. Marketers can seek out Monthly plans from their Digital Agency in UAE to ensure all the stakeholders are on the same page.

2. Team Meetings

Team meetings are an effective way to churn out dynamic content marketing ideas and be prepared in advance with a consistent approach. In the UAE’s competitive market, the marketing team and digital agency team should sit together to brainstorm and plan the content themes ahead. Remember, the brand in question is a common factor linking clients and digital agencies and mutual efforts in streamlining content strategy can nurture the brand’s presence effectively.

3. Think of Dynamic ways of Content

Variety is the spice of consistent content strategy. A month of the content plan should have ideas of interesting article ideas, vlogs, and advertising campaigns. Research around the topics equips the team with better ideas and insights about the subject.

4. Understanding of Brand Tonality

After ascertaining the modes of communication, understanding and imbibing brand tonality is a great way to achieve consistency in content. The entire digital marketing team must be aware of the brand’s personality – friendly, professional, helpful, quirky, thoughtful. Understanding the brand’s qualities, Do’s and Don’ts brings the best of content plan.

5. Set and Adhere Deadlines

Planning takes time, but the creation of content calendars, blogs, articles, infographics is a time-consuming job. Properly charted-out deadlines help clients and digital agencies make the most of content strategy.

At Red Berries, we believe that it’s the content that connects digital agency to the brand and a brand to its target segments. Hence, we follow the techniques and invest in thoughtful ways to streamline the perfect content strategy for the awesome digital marketing campaigns.

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How To Make The Most Of Your Customer Touchpoints In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in UAE is all about connections – with the target segments over multiple platforms. Be it engaging social media posts, successful business emails, a million-video views; all aim to connect with the customers and leave a positive impact in their minds. These points of contact are called as Customer Touchpoints and as expected, they surely bring a great marketing advantage. Marketers in the UAE can leverage these interactions between customer and company brands and use it to strengthen brand’s digital presence.

The companies with well-defined customer touchpoint strategy always stand-out among the competition. Their unique attempts to connect with the customers and understand their needs from every perspective gives brands insights to improve on their product / service. If clubbed with customer journey mapping, customer touchpoint marketing can make the most of digital marketing in the UAE.

First, let us identify the Common Customer Touchpoints in Digital Marketing UAE

On the way to be a digital economy, UAE has identified many ways to connect customers with brands. Latest technologies and concepts are redefining the customer touchpoints even more, offering digital agencies great opportunities to experiment and invent new ways to promote products and sales.

Here are several of the most common customer touchpoints:
Chat logs / Chat bots
Social media Posts / Comments
Ratings and Reviews / Testimonials
Customer service
Organic sharing / Influence
Community events
Retail/Office facilities
Website interaction
Offline / E-Catalogs
Promotions and Coupons
Point of sale / Sales / Billing
Meet and greets
Staff / Consultations
Ecommerce / Shipping and Receiving
IT support
Mobile Apps
Online help centers
Loyalty Cards
As a successful marketer, one must aim to identify ways and improve processes at every touchpoint to achieve a satisfying customer experience.

Marketing with Customer Touchpoints

Each touchpoint presents a great opportunity to experiment and enhance a customer experience. A successful digital marketing strategy takes note of identifying ideal touchpoints and works on strengthening it in every possible way. Nowadays, various digital marketing strategists are implementing their knowledge of such touchpoints and elaborating on them for a favourable customer experience. In this pursuit, they are utilising technologies to build favourable connections and secure conversions.
Remember, each touchpoint comes laced with a potent opportunity that is best utilised by the experienced digital marketing in the UAE. Their ever-growing knowledge about the digital ecosystem and their immense possibilities helps them innovate and explore the existing as well as new touchpoints for better customer experiences.

At RedBerries, we believe in the power of connections and leave no stone unturned while exploring the prospects of customer touchpoints in securing better interactions and experiences. This is our way to leverage value out of customer engagement over digital platforms.

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Marketing Buzzwords That Every Digital Marketing Enthusiast in UAE Must Know

The future of digital marketing is here in UAE. Daily, new concepts and technologies are empowering brands and consumers like never before. Marketing Technologies or #MarTech is evolving every day. Where is your brand standing in terms of marketing? Is it ready for the future of marketing or not?

Are you leveraging the power of data to derive deeper insights? Before answering these bumbling questions, here are a few basics of current marketing technology trends a marketer must understand to establish one-to-one relationships with the target segments.

Artificial Intelligence:

Buzzing marketing technology for a digitally-enabled economy that can revolutionize the actions and maximize the chance of desired goal’s success. Some successful examples of AI in the UAE are robocops, 3D printing in construction, driverless cars, chat-bots, data insight tracking and analysis, etc.

Audience segmentation:

If RoI and increased sales are the endpoint goal of any marketing activity, then audience segmentation is the roadmap. Clearly, a segmented audience helps streamline communication themes and approach the customers in a better way.

Campaign automation:

This allows marketers to set up dynamic paths to track the actions taken by the lead. Basically, this process automates marketing, sales, and business operations through desired user action. Like, if a prospect subscribed to us for lead generation, our automated newsletters introduce them strategically to the concept and inspire them to take action, i.e. opt for a campaign.

Campaign metrics:

This concept has redefined digital marketing in the UAE with marketers seeking clarity on the parameters to gauge a campaign’s success. A Tip – Clearly defined campaign metrics or KPIs ascertain the return on digital marketing in terms of conversions and sales.

Consumer journey:

Digital touchpoints that are going to transform customers’ experience or journey with the brand. Usually, this is mapped through different mediums where a prospect can access you. Through newsletters, social media posts, blogs, or advertisements.


The customer is always right and CRM utilizes, manages, and analyzes the customer interactions & data throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The idea is to improve relationships with customers, inspire them to trust the brand, and drive sales growth. CRM systems work to trace conversations/contacts between the customer and the company. If implemented well, this system can give relevant insights and data related to customers’ preferences, purchase history, and concerns. The collated data can thus, be used to provide a better customer experience in terms of products and services.

Marketing Automation –

Technology that eases out the marketing job and makes interactions seamless for the purpose is called marketing automation. Again, it is in the experimental phase, where digital agencies are trying every possible way to grab this technology and use it to build B2B and B2C connections and sales.

Omnichannel Campaigns:

Digital media has blurred the line between online and offline. There is no segregation as such to demarcate either an ad campaign or an offline event activity brought more engagement and conversions. Omnichannel campaigns combine the best of both worlds to secure successful campaigns and RoI.

These are a few of the terminologies that are relevant in the UAE’s digital marketing arena. Any marketer must make full use of these upcoming marketing technologies for assured growth over digital marketing platforms. These ways, we can bring marketing for the future beaming bright.

Keywords – marketing for the future, automation, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot, tracking and analytics, RoI, Campaign Metrics, Campaign KPIs, MarTech, Marketing Automation, Audience Segmentation

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Can You Believe That! UAE is among the World’s ‘Stand Out’ Digital Economies

If there’s a winning formula for the future, and the UAE has aced it with the help of ‘Go-Digital’ strategy. The country has always welcomed technology and innovations like a boss. And now, the country has achieved a big boost in the rankings of the Global Innovation Index, bringing it at par with the best of the digital economies worldwide.

As per Digital Planet 2017 report, the UAE is among the top nations when it comes to the digital economy. A brainchild of The Fletcher School at Tufts University, the report has measured the variation in competitiveness and trust in digital economies across the world.

According to it, the UAE is among the top 22 countries globally in its Digital Evolution Index 2017 score, making it the highest-ranking Arab nation.

This is no surprise for the country, which is already channelising innovations in every possible way – through 3D printing, Robocops, and what not. Digital is a part of lives and living in the UAE, which has projected the nation to be the tech-leader.

  • The country is trying to make lives of its residents easier with digital initiatives. There’s an app to book parking ticket, pay utility bills, using drones, bank account access and what not. Need we say more? Digital has certainly made life easy for the people.
  • Beyond life and living, the UAE has been also supporting digital business ecosystem and innovations through incubators that drive start-ups and SMEs to reach business success.
  • The country is also a key market for global brands, which makes it a true choice for centring global digital marketing campaigns.
  • Investment in digitisation infrastructure has been the top priority for the country. In fact, the country is investing heavily in the infrastructure needed to push digitisation further and to reach more people.
  • The UAE has identified ‘Mobile-First’ approach long time back and has already secured one of the best mobile Internet penetrations anywhere in the world.
  • Working harder to earn users’ trust in more digitally-evolved countries: Hey, isn’t it obvious? UAE residents are happy with all the smart and convenient services being provided – and they wouldn’t mind having more of it.
  • The residents of the UAE are receptive to the digital transformation than ever before. They are happy and feel proud of the latest innovations and wish to experience more of it in coming years, making the UAE a perfect ground for demonstrating tech-novation.

Clearly, the UAE is having a winning formula, and in times to come, the country will leave a mark on the digitally enabled world in a great way.

At Red Berries, we feel proud to be based in a country that fosters innovations and inventions like never before. The present changes in the digitally enabled economy inspire us to outperform the standards, learn the new digital innovations and bring the ‘Marketing of the Future’ in the present. Isn’t that exciting? We surely are, but we would love to know your views on the UAE’s Digital Economy. Do share your views in the comments section.

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