How Artificial Intelligence is legit for marketing industry?

In the last decade, who would’ve thought even in their dreams about the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for marketing?

But the reality is full of possibilities. In our last blog on Chatbots, we actually covered the promising prospects of artificial intelligence in customer connections through chatting.

Today, we are covering how AI can be a breakthrough for the marketing sector. It is the leap ahead for the marketing efforts to improve ROI, market growth, and loyalty.

CMOS and CTOs are investing their time and efforts in streamlining AI’s essentials to connect with the customers and monitor digital marketing’s performance at all levels. They are embracing data for engaging the customers and giving them a cohesive brand experience through automation.

The marketing technology can use AI to create a panoramic view of customer touchpoints and give this crucial data a unified presentation. The entire buyer cycle projections can be mapped in one place, enabling CMOs to streamline their targeting process effectively.

AI can also organize data with great accuracy and can help the brands monitor brand performance, data per se. Segregations based on region, product, target audience can be accessed instantly with the help of AI. The versatility is not just limited to a campaign. AI’s takeaways can be implemented across campaigns, channels, content, and customer segments. Therefore, AI is a potent tool for data comparison and deriving insights.

Also, AI has made marketing results and performance more predictable and assuring. With the insights and analytics in place, AI can identify the factors that bolster customer journey effectively. The always-on optimization was never experienced before AI. This is surely a step ahead in leveraging AI-powered insights.

With all such strategic advantages, we can easily say that AI can be the upcoming #MarTech many brands and businesses in UAE are in dire need these days. Not only AI can show brands the big picture, it can even map their journeys as well.

Digital Marketing Agencies in UAE are observing the implementation of AI in their functioning in the nick of time to derive a strategic foothold in the region. At Red Berries, we have always designed marketing trends for the future and are ready to welcome this revolution through our latest work innovations.