Will Artificial Intelligence Take Away Jobs from Humans in the UAE?

Artificial Intelligence v/s Mankind – the topic is generating a mixed response from people across the world. People are doubting if AI will replace humans and wipe off the jobs 10 years down the line. There is a lot of unrest in the minds of professionals across sectors.

How can we compete with the excellence of robots? How can we match the precision and to-the-point approach of AI to solve the toughest of all problems in science, health, banking, finance, kitchen, governance, and the list is endless.

The UAE as an advocate of the knowledge economy has always embraced technology with open arms. The country is implementing technology, AI, 3D printing, and robotics before any other country could think of it. This is establishing the country as a role model for the world in implementing the concepts of automation and the Internet of Things (IoT) fairly well.

Naturally, those who are intimidated by AI or robotics may feel that their skills will soon be obsolete. If you are among those who are daunted by the mushrooming prospects of AI, then there’s good news.

According to statistics, AI is predicted to create over 2.5m jobs in the UAE in the next 15 years.

The growing numbers reiterate the importance of humans in regulating Artificial Intelligence and making full use out of it.

AI is meant to make our jobs easier and help mankind in scenarios like health, production, governance, etc.

Technology has always enhanced our skills and excellence, and AI will also do the same to the manpower. We know, some existing job cuts will be there, but additionally, there will be new job roles waiting to be created.

The solution is to embrace AI, learn every day about new technologies, and welcome advancements in your field. Who knows, in few years down the line, you will be monitoring AI with your rational insights and human intelligence.

Remember, machines are designed to assist humans, and under acute human scrutiny, only the machines / AI can perform their level best.

It is the ‘man with machines’ combination only that can bring the future of technology to us.

At Red Berries, we have always been fascinated with the futuristic trends and technologies in marketing, including automation, chatbots, data segmentations to help our clients outperform marketing.

We believe that technology can help us improve our productivity and maximize our operations to another level altogether. Agree with us? Or have a new point of view to associate with man v/s robots war. Do share your views.

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