Why Should Marketers Use Mobile Search Advertising?

Why Should Marketers Use Mobile Search Advertising?

Mobile is a hot buzzword these days. In a world where mobile payments, mobile shopping, mobile banking, etc are going gung-ho, mobile marketing is also soaring with increasing mobile ad spending and its assured return on investments.

The biggest change can be seen in the fact where Search Engine Result Pages are incorporating mobile-friendly ads, thereby giving Mobile Search Advertising UAE a big boost. As a result, Mobile Searches are not just driving heavier traffic, but also ensuring improvement in mobile conversion rates.
Not just that, 2016 saw another trendsetting change in the history of Mobile Ad Spends. For the first time ever, ad spending on mobile display has overtaken Desktop ads.

All these trends assert one thing – Mobile will play a crucial role in connecting customers with brands. Through mobile search advertising, marketers will aim to target niche segments and take a plunge with amplified ad spending in fulfilling marketing goals.

But before going for Mobile Search Advertising, let us give you a refresher on the parameters that need to be considered for ascertaining whether the campaign is a hit or a miss.

Implementing Adwords Conversion Tracking is a great way to channelize your mobile search ad spends effectively. The tool helps marketers identify the effectiveness of ad clicks and how these clicks lead to valuable customer activity. Through this tracking tool, marketers can identify the goal tracking, i.e. website purchases, phone calls, app downloadfs, newsletter sign-ups, and more. In the first instance, we have to identify the conversion source, or where your conversions come from. The next step is to install conversion tracking and gain insights on the campaign’s efficacy.

This is the key to successful mobile PPC advertising campaigns in UAE and at Red Berries Digital, we use this key to unlock the potentials of mobile ads. This way, we also amplify returns on marketing spends and redefine the future of mobile advertising.

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