Who’s winning the Traditional v/s Digital Advertising War in UAE?

Digital Advertising scenario in UAE is facing stiff times. Marketers who were investing heavily in print and outdoor media are reconsidering their decisions due to no accountability and assured RoI on marketing spends in UAE. As per recent Gulf News report, ‘Print ads suffer in soft UAE market’; marketers now feel less convinced about advertising in print. Advertisers have cut down their budgets, making publishing and OOH industry suffer even more.

In such a slow scenario, digital advertising is emerging as a hope for marketers.

To quote another Gulf News report, the biggest social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are exploring new possibilities in advertising to the money inflow from existing advertisers. This means more popularity of video ads, Canvas ads, Sponsored posts, GIF’s, sponsored tweets and the list is ever growing.

There is no slump in Google Ads as well. The leader of the online advertising market is expected to increase at about 7 per cent a year in 2016 and 2017. All thanks to the steady transition from desktop to mobile-friendly ads.

In our last blog, we mentioned marketer’s emphasis on measurability marketing and why does it matter in the digital advertising. Now, we know – Digital is the way to go to build consumer connections and inspire them to act upon certain call-to-actions.

While exploring the prevalent advertising options, we can’t rule out the possibilities in virtual and augmented reality. The success of viral game Pokemon Go has made a steady declaration – that VR is the way to go in digital success. It has disrupted the digital marketing a big way. Many brands are collaborating with the makers of the game, making it a successful model.

Now, the makers have followed a carefully planned strategic digital marketing plan. The game, based on the popular cartoon series used Virtual Augmented Reality to catch Pokemon on the go. Additionally, the strategy utilized was exciting as well. It evoked the nostalgia among the Gen-Y who followed the series by heart. To build the buzz among Millennials, the game brand used content marketing, VR, ads, sponsored ads. Soon, the game became VIRAL, and inspired people to download the game and ‘Gotta catch em’ all’

Now, why are we talking about Pokemon Go! It is a perfect example to explain why Digital is the future of marketing. All these facts are evident of Digital winning the ad game the big way. With its possibility to innovate and penetrate towards the needs of the target groups, Digital Ads are all set to become most versatile ads of all times.

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