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Considering the recent scenario, it is extremely important for the brands to have an online presence in this Digital world. The online presence doesn’t just include designing a website but also ensuring that it is done smartly. It doesn’t mean investing a fortune in creation of website but identifying the right style of website that fits your business model. A better website design can lead to increased customer traffic and better customer engagement. However, a poor design can lead to losing potential customers. As they say a website is the “Digital Face” of the brand so make it your best one!

Things to keep in mind while designing your website:


Most of the designers use a lot of patterns, colors and effects on the websites while designing to make it look a lot fancy but in reality, “A lot” can cause confusion in the minds of the customers and the brand mind end up losing them. The navigation is the key when it comes to designing a website. It should be very easy to explore the components of the website for the customers and the designer should make sure that the customer is easily able to find what he/she wants from the website in the least amount of time which will lead to conversion. Navigation needs to be intuitive. One may design the best of websites for a brand but the User experience is the something which would guarantee success or failure.


Content on the website plays a vital role as it communicates about the brand and its values. Having the authentic and trustworthy content on the website is crucial. The designers should make sure that there is not too much of text on the page as it will make the website look cluttered, ensure that the readers get some time to rest their eyes and process the information. Delivering the right message that reaches the target segment and stays in their minds, will make them stay with your brand, so its very important to strike the right cord. Relevancy of the content is a must as one may have good quality content on the website but if it is not relevant to your target audience then it is of no use. So, a detailed research needs to go behind what’s going up ,on the website. The design of the website should in a way compliment the content on the page.


The brand should ensure that the website looks trustworthy. If the visual communication on the website is not aligned with the Brand communication on the different platforms, then the visitors will have trust issues about the brand and conversion will be a problem. Building credibility through the website , will assure the potential customers to believe in your brand. Once the brand is able to instill the trust , customer turn loyal and rest all is taken care of.

Search Engine Optimization

The web design needs to be aligned with the SEO in order to produce successful results. It is important to include important constituents in the design which drive traffic to the website. It is also important that the website is supported by all the devices to maximize the reach. Including tags, keywords etc in the design is important so that the site is easily detected in the online search. SEO helps in enhancing the reach of your brand and hence the visibility increases and so does the awareness. The prime focus of any brand is creating awareness about the brand and then everything comes to play as far as the strategies are concerned. Search Engine Optimization is a need of the hour while you design a website because at the end of the day, every brand wants to have its presence felt to their target audience and SEO does act as a catalyst by enhancing the visibility of the website.

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