Web Design Dubai Price

There are a number of variables which are involved in deciding the website design dubai price. Before asking for the cost, you need to ask, what is that you want from a website? What purpose does your website serve?

Some of the reasons you might need a website are for:

  • Building Awareness
  • Create an online shopping business
  • Showcasing your work
  • Building credibility
  • Generating new leads & conversions

Once you know why exactly you require a website and what will it be used for, we can start developing it based on your needs.

Variables which decide the cost of the website are:

  • Number of Pages
  • Types of Features
  • Expected Traffic
  • Content Editing Technology (Content Management System)
  • Marketing Tools (CRM, Email Marketing, etc.)
  • Content (Either provided by you or written by the agency)


There are various technological tools provided. We provide you with the one which is most suitable for your business needs. Our solutions at Red Berries our customized for each client as we understand that each business is unique.

Size of the Website

Size matters a lot as it affects the loading time for a website. Also, if you have more pages on the website, it will cost you more to develop it.

Website Design

When it comes to website designs, a variety of options are available. From a simple corporate website with plain designs to funking looking one with bright colors, a wide range of design options are available. You need to understand your brand voice and we can help you design a website, accordingly.

Depending on the complexity of website design, the price of developing one may vary. The end goal of a website should be for a customer to interact with you and makes sure they take action on it.

Website Functions

More complex the website functions are, higher will be its costs. E-commerce websites, for example, have many features which are to be taken care of. Secure payment gateway, options to add/remove multiple products, promo/discount codes, etc. are few of the many functions required by e-commerce websites. Hence its development cost is higher as well, compared to a basic website.

We also need to consider the third party integrations with your websites such as CRM, ERP or Email Marketing Solution, for example. This will also increase your cost for web development but it will also automate your business.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most crucial parts of your website. This is where the written and visual content is added, edited and updated. There are many CMS tools available such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and so on.

Which CMS option is best for you depends on who will be updating your website from your firm. Is it a technical or an administrative person? Once that is decided, we can develop a solution that is easy and effective for you to maintain and update.

Types of Websites

Let’s break down types of websites into four main categories; basic, medium, large corporate & e-commerce websites, and look at their approximate website design Dubai price.

Basic Corporate Website: A basic corporate website acts as the storefront of the business is no longer than 5-10 pages. Its aim is usually to display information and not generate leads, as a business for them is earned through years of relationship building.

Medium Corporate Website: These websites have slightly more content than basic corporate websites but they serve the same purpose of displaying information. These websites are slightly more complex as well in terms of functionality when compared to basic websites.

Large Corporate Website: Bigger and complex they become, higher will be the cost. A large corporate website has much more functions and interactivity than a medium website.

E-commerce Websites: For an e-commerce website, the cost of it really depends on the number of features which are required and the number of products listed on the website. It can also be built in phases to test it out first and check if it’s working smoothly with few products.

Factors to consider before choosing a website design company dubai

Here are some factors you can consider before making a final call on which web development agency you want to work with:

  • Profile & Experience in Dubai: Their services and past experience.
  • Budget: Agencies working within the given budget.
  • Communication: Frequently updating your team on progress.
  • Understanding: Meeting your requirements and fulfilling it.