Shift towards UX Design from Advertising

OR UX Design : A Demand of Digital Advertising

OR UX Design : It’s all about the consumer

In the realm of digital marketing world, ‘change’ is the only ‘constant’ thing. Be it advertising, social media, copywriting or even design, all are ruled by this ‘change.’ With respect to design, it is a field where passion, happiness, fun and creativity merge with the growing technological demands.

Thus, there is a constant desire of designers today to be ‘different’ and be ‘out-of-the-box’ creative. In this need of the hour, designers too have evolved over time. From handmade designs to print media to advertising, the ‘shift’ is the only equilibrium. UX Design is increasingly becoming the new talk of the town in the design world and it is justified to be so.

First and foremost, UX Design correlates with the IT culture. Advertising is an area where, often, flexible timings, light hearted mood, and ongoing shoots happen. Nonetheless, it is a creative arena but may lack the benefits which UX Design provides. Thus, for the ones who seek more discipline, UX Design is disciplinary and rigid to a great extent. The shift is difficult, but nonetheless, for the best. Given the several testimonies and experiences of the past, the shift puts newcomers and the experienced ones on a different threshold altogether. UX design requires a healthy amount of creativity and brains. It is one of the very few mechanisms through which one can be both logical and creative.

In a way, the vision and the end goal are still in synthesis, and only the method has changed.

There is a set process to UX Design. From the top, brainstorming is done which directs one into mind mapping. Charting out ideas visually is the key to developing a wholesome ideology. Next, designers move onto research and workshop interviews with the clients. From this point onwards, the work flow in a combination of the clients’ preferences and the designers’ creative zeal. Ultimately, through sketching, designing, reviewing, testing, and proofing the design, the end product is achieved.

According to many, perhaps the best part about the UX design is that it is not monotonous. It brings new challenges and problems with every project, which keeps the designer thoroughly engaged. There is a diverse range of industries which UX design works with, including education, food,  fashion, etc. providing a new experience every time. It is a mechanism which involves logical and strategic planning.

In the simplest manner, User Experience Design (UXD, UED, or XD) is a tool which ranges further than just creating websites and apps. It is a tool through which consumer satisfaction, enhancing publicity, interaction of product, and more is prioritized. Understanding the process, the product, including design, utility, and consumer’s needs is a prerequisite to be an expert in this field. Ultimately, UX design places solution finding as the main goal. It urges one to think whether any progress could have been made to a particular product, or what could have been improved.

This career shift is increasingly becoming the talk of the town, and is a field full of potential, prospects, and progress.

At Red Berries, we believe in the power of change, and follow the principles of UX in every aspect of design. Be it a website design, a mobile application, or a simple social media post, all of them follows the seamless way of providing the optimal user experience to the end user.