10 Tips to Evaluate Your Website’s User Experience Dubai

The term UX has been sweeping over the marketing world for the past few years. Literally meaning, a website’s user experience, the term basically determines how easily a customer is able to browse through the website and find what they need. We read somewhere about how the concept of a website should be like that of a supermarket. A website’s user experience defines how much convenience is brought to the person.

Brief introduction aside, let’s look at ten questions to ask for UX evaluation Dubai.

1. Is it Mobile-Friendly?

You have to make sure that your website is easy-to-use all sorts of mediums. This question is first on our list because it's something that is extremely relevant to customers these days. Everyone around you is constantly communicating through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. So what can you do? Make a website that's easily accessible not only on a PC but on mobile too.

2. Is it a Hot Mess?

If your website is currently exploding with offers, banners, product services, etc. you're doing something wrong. Some brands have the opinion of, "more is more". However, when it comes to a website's user experience, less is always the way to go. Keep the space to the point and clean. Cluttering may take away your potential customer's attention span.

3. Is it Full of Errors?

Suppose a potential customer comes across a link to your website. Seeing that he/she might find something they need on it, they click on it. Only to be disappointed by doing so because they receive an error. If you have any bad links fix them ASAP. No one likes a dead-end website.

4. Loads Too Long?

According to the facts, the best time for a website to load is within two seconds. If your website is taking any longer than that, you might have a problem in-store.

5. Are Forms too Complicated?

In everyday life too, no one really cares about filling long bible-length forms. If your website uses certain online forms, which it should, design them in a short and sweet manner to enhance the website’s user experience.

6. Does it feature Misleading Content?

Brands often display self-drafted blogs on their websites. This is to actually improve the website’s user experience. However, it should be done in an honest manner and should not be misleading.

7. Call To Action?

This step is the last but the most crucial part of advertising. Make sure your website has enough sources of a call to action so that customers can fulfill their needs as soon as possible.

8. Web Design is user-friendly or not?

Is your website really basic? Even if it is, that’s not a bad thing, but personalization is number one in marketing. Enhance your website’s user experience with an attractive web design.

9. Is Website in Order?

Are your products in order of categories? If not, you need to do something soon. Customers look for websites that are efficient and easy to use not the opposite.

10. Are You Tracking?

Tracking your overall UX at least a few times a week could help you a lot. Like anything else, low ends help websites too in order for them to improve.

Now that you know the top 10 questions on how to evaluate your website, it’s the right time to do your website’s UX checked.

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