Future of Marketing: The Rise of Marketing Dashboards

Have a look into the future of marketing with us.


Digital marketing all over the world is incomplete without dashboards. Of course, any marketer needs to see these dashboards as a part of monthly reports and analytics to scrutinize the progress over social media and search engines. It is also a way to analyze if the proposed plan of action has been implemented or not. But more than that, these reports also supply lots of charts, and more importantly – DATA.

There are many prospects that come up to us with a universal question – how valuable are these dashboards in marketing?

We have a simple answer for them – it is CRUCIAL in marketing. Especially when these dashboards are considered as a universal benchmark to trace and track the returns on digital marketing spending.

So, if these dashboards are so important in digital marketing, then why do many clients worldwide feel that the charts are not fulfilling the purpose. Let us analyze find out what is the missing link that many digital marketers are missing these days.

Gone are the days when just tracking and presenting ANALYTICS in monthly reports was enough. Now, with the rise of Marketing Technologies, companies subscribing to digital marketing also want the value-addition to the usual dashboards.

How to add value to Dashboards?

Dashboards alone don’t provide value. It’s on the digital agency’s think-tank to distill insights from the dashboards and mine value-based findings for the accounts.

More than collating screenshots of various social media and search engine’s monthly reports, the study involves using advancements in data analytics to present the growth metrics in the digital ecosystem.

In short, the value-addition is possible through analyzing numbers and data in correlation with the project’s outcomes.

Say, if there is a sudden rise in website traffic, then these marketing think-tanks would go to the root to identify what led to the increase in the page visits, time spent per session, bounce rates, etc. Efforts would be then invested to identify what led to the increase in the click-through rates? Was it because of the newly implemented AMP project to the website that led to the increase or the recent blog that drew the high number of page visits?

A usual dashboard will just give you the rise in numbers, whereas experts at a digital marketing agency will mine the data and present it in the form of relevant insights.

What relevance these do insights bring to a brand/company?

These insights bring management one step closer to digital marketing activity by squeezing true RoI over digital marketing spending. As a marketing associate, brands and digital marketing agencies can exchange their views over the digital media performance and alter the current strategy, if needed for the brand’s growth.

These data metrics also enable the marketing managers to communicate trends in inputs, methods, and key outcomes with key stakeholders.

The key findings from marketing dashboards can be the torchbearers for the next month’s campaign and can represent the marketing goals to be achieved.
Just the right digital marketing agency can equip the brand marketers with the dashboard acumen and co-partner with the brand’s digital growth.

This is the future of marketing in the digital world that no brand/company should miss. But still, if you are wondering where to start from while scrutinizing the marketing dashboards, then look no step further!

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