Dubai Font – Beyond The Borders

What’s in a Font or rather a Typeface as we correctly call it? Fonts play an important role in every day communication, particularly in the digital world. Right from the invention of printing press, fonts played an important role in presentation & publication of reading material. Time passed and now fonts are part of our everyday life and have become a tool to express our thoughts and emotions. Brands use fonts as their identity. Personalities akin themselves with fixed typefaces. As individuals, we all too have our own personal taste and preferences when it comes to usage of fonts, right?

Here is the importance and relevance of Dubai Font. As the official statement from Dubai Font says, “The aim of the Dubai Font is to offer a powerful and freely accessible tool to share thoughts, ideas, stories and individuality. The essence of your mind through the window of alphabets.”

Dubai is a city of several firsts and innovations. The great rulers of the country visions everything good for not just their countrymen but for all those made the city their second home. Dubai Font is considered as a gift to the world. Dubai font can be used by anyone who wishes to, meaning there is no copyright or usage rights license required. It works on all major platforms and supports 23 character sets.