Influencer Marketing Dubai: Micro is the New Macro

The world of influencer marketing has grown quickly in a short period of time. You must have come across influencers all across social media, especially on Instagram. People from all walks of life are now becoming “influencers” and producing content for various organizations and their products. What was just a small way of becoming popular online is now an entire marketing strategy for businesses! Precisely, influencers are those individuals on social media that have a positive impact on other users which helps them to increase their number of followers. By the year 2020, the influencer market is said to expand by about 10 Million.


Now that we know what influencers are, let’s get into what the strategy is all about. Instead of focusing on the actual target market on social media, influencer marketing targets only influencers. But why do marketers seek the help of popular people instead of focusing on individual consumers directly? When it comes to brands, the majority of consumers don’t buy their products as soon as they are launched. Consumers continue buying products from their current brands as trust has been already established. Experts have noticed that many consumers tend to buy from brands that they are fairly familiar with.

A lot of influencers nowadays develop a bond with their followers. Such consumers are impacted by the content and “brand” of the influencer and thus, makes consumers follow influencers both in the literal sense and on the platform. Since this is the case, marketing executives find it easier to focus on the influencer marketing strategy and invest in them. Through influencers, consumers learn about various brands that approach them. This has even a higher impact on the consumer to buy that particular product from the brand.

The influencer market is quite powerful. If a follower admires an influencer, they might start being impacted by every brand influencers are sponsoring. However, it really depends on the type of influencer. Prominently, there are two types of influencers online: Micro and Macro. Both of them have significant importance in influencer marketing.

Macro influencers’ followers range from about 100,000 to 1 million. It might seem like an impossible task, but there are so many young influencers who have crossed that mark. How do they gain fame? Usually through creating blogging or ‘vlogging’ content online. Some macro-influencers also get followers through humor content. Micro-influencers are a bit different and it is the lowest category in influencer marketing.

Recently, the micro category of influencers is being called, “the new macro”. Every influencer category is differentiated by the number of followers they have. Even though the macro category is above the micro, the latter seems to be more beneficial to the market. This is because they have a more consistent follower pattern due to their not-so-famous status. Their fans are loyal and they focus on producing authentic content as well. Since their following is not that huge, brands believe that consumers will be more interested in investing in them for their authenticity.

As per the current trend, Micro-Influencers are leading the social media influence due to their approachability, authenticity, and connectivity with their followers. They have a huge outreach among the followers and are a great way to gain maximum traction for brands So, in the real sense, Micro is the real macro.

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