Improving SEO Through Internal Link Building

Nowadays, small businesses want to increase their online visibility organically. Internal link building is one such Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic that will increase website traffic without incurring any additional cost. Internal link building is one of the many SEO tactics which can be used to improve search engine rankings.

Internal Link Building and SEO

Below listed are some of the factors which may affect the page rankings of your website:

  • Content: How relevant and accurate it is to the user’s search query and the overall quality of the content.
  • Social Sharing: Number of visitors who have shared your content on social media and their online credibility.
  • Links: Quality of inbound & outbound links.

Adding Internal Links to Your Website

You can add internal links on most of the CMS platforms quite easily by highlighting the text and clicking on the icon.

Ensure that when users click on the anchor text, it redirects them to a relevant page. The link of the page and the text on which it’s hyperlinked should be related.

Pages You Must Internally Link

The homepage of your website has the greatest “authority” as far as Google search engine is concerned. Content with links on the homepage will have higher credibility than other internal links. Product and services pages are usually considered to have the highest “authority” after the homepage. You will need to make sure that all the pages are somehow internally linked, whether they are blogs or various subpages of the website. This helps the users to redirect and access the information they want to quite easily.

Amount of Internal Linking You Should Do

There is no number set in stone when it comes to the question: how many internal links should be on a page? However, there are certain sets of guidelines that will help you determine how much linking is appropriate. Some of those are:

  • Help users to navigate easily through the website. Links are designed to help users navigate the entire internet and your website is no different from it.
  • Avoid linking pages that are irrelevant to the content. Use precise and accurate anchor text for internal linking.
  • Do not add links to the entire page. It makes content to read harder and may even decrease the quality score of your website.

These are some simple internal linking techniques you can apply to your website for no additional costs and increase traffic to your website, organically.

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