Tried & Tested Ways to Generate B2B Leads

No company can grow without acquiring new business and generating B2B leads to get new business is not easy either. We understand the painstaking process of filtering databases and reaching out to leads who may not even convert.

Here are some ways to Generate qualified B2B leads to boost your sales:

1. Create Valuable Content

Understand the pain points of your clients and create valuable content accordingly. Creating blog posts or videos can help potential clients approach you directly instead of you approaching them. You can repurpose this content and use it in a newsletter or approach media agencies to publish your blog which can further attract more traction towards your business. Make sure to have a call to action in the content

2. Use Network Referrals

If you have clients who are satisfied and loyal towards your product or services, you can ask them to refer other potential customers to you. When a friend or an acquaintance refers something to us, we will most likely go ahead and buy it due to the trust factor which has been already established. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to get qualified leads.

3. Product Demonstrations

Product demos are a great way of generating new leads as you establish trust with your potential clients if you are dealing with selling of physical items. If the product you are selling matches or exceeds expectation levels of your lead, chances of them converting increases and you may acquire a new customer. In case they fail to convert, you have gained their confidence which you can nurture it again.

4. Get Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform that is made for generating B2B leads. You can increase your leads by directly connecting to decision-makers by finding their profiles performing a keyword search. Ensure to add a note before sending a connection request. You can also use LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool to generate targeted leads and connect with people who matches with your preferred customer profile.

5. Run Google Ads

Pay Per Click ads is a pull marketing strategy wherein people who are already interested in your product or service are researching or willing to buy it. Therefore, they are easy to convert with not much convincing required from your end. Google nearly generates more than 3.5 billion search queries in a day with a high possibility that your product or service is included in those search queries.

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