Importance of Google Answer Box/ Featured Snippet in SEO

Google has answers to everything in the world.

But does it have an answer to get sure-shot web traffic and ultimate brand power on this search engine? Yes! Has, With Google Answers in place; you can present reliable information, achieve first-hand traffic and gain maximum exposure on this premier search engine platform.

With the ever-increasing advancements in the arena of online traffic, Google continuously upbeats the latest features. These features are crucial to the development and growth of your website. Every individual involved in digital marketing, SEO, or blogging, should be informed about the most recent updates to drive more traffic and lead to more sales.

Technical SEO and backlinks are some of the surest ways to improve website traffic and rank into search results. Perhaps, one of the best ways to inline more traffic to your website is to make sure that your results appear on the first-page display snippet box. This will lead the users onto your website for more information directly, without engaging themselves in any other options.

All about Featured Snippets

What exactly is a Featured Snippet? In the simplest manner, a Featured Snippet or Google Answer Box is a selected search result that is displayed with priority in Google’s organic results below the ads box. When a search enters Google, the SERP or Search Engine Ranking Page displays the description of the result, and attached to it is a website linked to a webpage. Meaning, this indicates and directs the traffic.

These featured snippets play a crucial role in helping to improve SEO results. At the crux, these snippets are held at the 0th position, meaning the topmost result. Thus, this becomes an integral part of SEO because it determines the first-hand traffic. Customers are able to find their desired result without glancing at the other options. Thus, it is important to first understand the types of featured snippets.

There are basically three main kinds of featured snippets:

1)      Text snippet, which often accompanies a picture. Currently, Wikipedia dominates this type of search result

2)      List and table snippets are results where Google grasps information from several similar sites and integrates the result in a list format

3)      Video snippet primarily showcases results from YouTube. The search box immediately directs the user to the video page

Importance of Featured Snippets

By understanding this mechanism, it is clear that several advantages accompany this use for website operators. It is necessary that budding companies, along with the pre-established ones comprehend a complete view of this tool.

1)      Refines search results: The most crucial part of this mechanism is that it filters out the best result from a plethora of options, and in this way works to direct the traffic towards the most suitable and accurate one

2)      Increases brand awareness: If your website is in the 0th position, the traffic direction immediately correlates with the progressing brand image

3)      Enhances credibility and provides a greater number of clicks

4)      Increases website authority

5)      In the respect of Keyword Ranking, it works to boost that and ultimately aid the website

6)      Higher conversion rate as the information is strategically placed

Thus, this is an organic and immediate mechanism that provides a great opportunity to increase publicity for your website. It is a mechanism through which accuracy can be delivered to customers, and brand awareness to website operators; making it a win-win situation.

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