How Hospitality Industry Thrives on Digital Marketing?

Be it on-season or off-season, hospitality industry is always on its toes while digital marketing fronts are considered. But did you know what idea drives the search sessions for a hotel property on Google? Is it the wanderlust of the travellers, or business trips that drive travellers to destinations across the world?
As per statistics, more rooms are booked for the purpose of travelling and vacationing than for business trips. These leisure searches may require months of planning in advance and can even be booked last minute. That’s the versatility of the hospitality industry that caters to such a wide variety of audience. Hence, better preparation and tracking of customer’s journey, both long-term and instant will always be a hotel brand’s priority. Tapping both categories of customers is an opportunity that no hotel marketer must miss.

Tapping into different buyer cycles and easing their booking experience is the very first marketing approach for any hotel marketer. Usually trip planning is hounded by lots of doubts – whether the room booked will be comfortable, or will I get the best value for my hotel spends? Not just that, 69% of leisure travelers worry they’re not finding the best price or making the best decision while booking a trip. 1
It is an utmost duty of every hotel marketer to address such concerns. The time-frame within which a prospect is planning hotel bookings or trip logistics may vary individual per se. This may prove challenging for marketers who are trying to stand out of the competition and increase their prospects for travel planning journey.

What’s Next?
Now, that the hospitality industry is trying to tap in multiple target segments, efforts must be made to analyze different buyer personas and define their travel planning journey effectively. As part of this, each relevant search should be used as a source of insights. Data like repeated website visits, bounce rate on booking page, viewed videos, brand searches on search engines is ideally traced to conceive and execute audience-driven campaign strategy.
Digital insights like these help hotel brands gain unparalleled insights into their target audience’s mindset and behavior. The search tracking here establishes traveller’s intentions and gives enough material to observe their intentions on digital media.

What we do?
Digital marketing’s advanced analytics tools can help various hotel brands derive insights from a traveler’s behavior. Combined with creative intelligence, customer-centric strategies and intuitive hotel service, these analytics can help the hospitality industry increase the conversion rates. At Red Berries, our analytics expertise meets the insightful minds to achieve result-oriented strategies and operations. Tailored content writing to meet different search stages also helps hospitality sector secure sales, be it on-season or off-season.

Red Berries Recommendation for Hotels
Continue your digital marketing campaign annually along with Web Analytics Configuration and Analysis for the best-performing digital marketing campaign. To know more, contact our team of digital experts for a digital marketing evaluation customized for hospitality industry.