How to transform browsers into buyers in Furnishing Industry?

Digital search has widened a lot of choices while furnishing the home, resulting in lots of digital research or micro-moments. Prospects invest a lot of research time on their smartphones to explore options before purchasing. For home furnishing brands, these digital moments offer a huge opportunity to turn browsers into buyers through engaging content during different phases of buyer cycle.

How to engage the browsers?
More than 13 million hours of home furnishing YouTube videos were watched in 2016. This fact itself states the strong benchmark set up by mobile video content in furnishing industry. Videos offer the best way to engage the browsers and give them food for thought via interesting décor makeovers. Browsers start picturing these changes in their surroundings, and voila! The awareness level in buyer cycle marks its completion on mobiles.
If searches are to be believed, then 57% of searches in I-need-some-ideas moments occur on mobile, which is all set to grow as per yearly analysis.

Picture these furniture sets /Furnishings – in my own space
After checking-out latest trends online, the next step in a browser to buyer journey is identifying what’s-best-for-my-space moments. Under this phase, shoppers are researching for an informed choice, where the keywords also shift from – Inspiring kitchen décor to what’s best dining table for an open kitchen. The detailed keywords define the personalized element through photographs and feedback reviews. 360⁰ virtual tours are helpful in this buyer journey level.

Purchasing Furniture / Furnishings
After being double sure of the deal only a browser converts into buyer over a smartphone device. An increasingly popular phenomenon, nearly 47 % of home furnishing shoppers say they are making more purchases on mobile. The rest, if they head to a store to purchase, it’s often a mobile that leads them there. So, it is duly noted that mobile is a crux to convert browsers into buyers.

What’s NEXT for Interior Design / Furnishing Industry?
Now that we know there are levels to translate browsers into buyers, it’s time to implement these practices into the marketing of furniture and furnishings sector. As a Google Partner, we know the value and potentials of these moments and make every possible effort to translate them into conversion. And that’s what’s driving such brands soaring returns over digital marketing.

Red Berries Hall of Fame for Interior / Furnishings Sector
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