Can You Believe That! UAE is among the World’s ‘Stand Out’ Digital Economies

If there’s a winning formula for the future, and the UAE has aced it with the help of ‘Go-Digital’ strategy. The country has always welcomed technology and innovations like a boss. And now, the country has achieved a big boost in the rankings of the Global Innovation Index, bringing it at par with the best of the digital economies worldwide.

As per Digital Planet 2017 report, the UAE is among the top nations when it comes to the digital economy. A brainchild of The Fletcher School at Tufts University, the report has measured the variation in competitiveness and trust in digital economies across the world.

According to it, the UAE is among the top 22 countries globally in its Digital Evolution Index 2017 score, making it the highest-ranking Arab nation.

This is no surprise for the country, which is already channelising innovations in every possible way – through 3D printing, Robocops, and what not. Digital is a part of lives and living in the UAE, which has projected the nation to be the tech-leader.

  • The country is trying to make lives of its residents easier with digital initiatives. There’s an app to book parking ticket, pay utility bills, using drones, bank account access and what not. Need we say more? Digital has certainly made life easy for the people.
  • Beyond life and living, the UAE has been also supporting digital business ecosystem and innovations through incubators that drive start-ups and SMEs to reach business success.
  • The country is also a key market for global brands, which makes it a true choice for centring global digital marketing campaigns.
  • Investment in digitisation infrastructure has been the top priority for the country. In fact, the country is investing heavily in the infrastructure needed to push digitisation further and to reach more people.
  • The UAE has identified ‘Mobile-First’ approach long time back and has already secured one of the best mobile Internet penetrations anywhere in the world.
  • Working harder to earn users’ trust in more digitally-evolved countries: Hey, isn’t it obvious? UAE residents are happy with all the smart and convenient services being provided – and they wouldn’t mind having more of it.
  • The residents of the UAE are receptive to the digital transformation than ever before. They are happy and feel proud of the latest innovations and wish to experience more of it in coming years, making the UAE a perfect ground for demonstrating tech-novation.

Clearly, the UAE is having a winning formula, and in times to come, the country will leave a mark on the digitally enabled world in a great way.

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