Digital Marketing Trends for Social Media to look out!

Spring of 2015 has arrived and it has brought with it numerous social media changes and updates to look out for. With Facebook killing its organic reach, the social media managers are keeping a close eye on the sale-ability and ROI on social media platforms. For they know ‘boost posts’ and draining money is not the only solution. For this purpose only, these digital experts are making every possible effort to catch up with the trends and keep the social reach challenges at bay. Have a look at such digital marketing trends that are catching fancy of many marketers in Dubai.

Google Will Depend on Social Media for SEO

This feature has again reinstated the fact why we should not stop posting social updates on social platforms. The organic marketing ecosystem at SEO welcomes SOCIAL SIGNALS. It means whatever you post on Facebook, Twitter or G+ will come up in a Google Search. Thus, it can be said that SEO teams must rely on Social Media to leverage limelight on search engine platforms like Google.

This revelation has also brought to the fore the culmination of SEO and Social Media Marketing teams as well. Remember, it’s all about how marketers can get the most of the online world. The clients’ just expect direct returns on money they are investing on SEO and Social. Therefore, it becomes essential for both the teams to work for a common and clearly defined goals rather than working in different directions. As per this, the Social Media Managers must have knowledge about SEO’s strategies and their eventual benefits. This can even help them prune the content marketing strategy – the base that helps in channelizing the digital marketing goals effectively.

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Trends can help in Reaching a Contented User

Content marketing will be the ANSWER on how to promote your business on social. Remember, it’s the content that bridges the gap between the user and audience. It even offers value to the customer and engages him in a better way. The businesses which are relying on a solid content strategy are winning big on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. Even a well written blog works well for such clients, who want to come across as thoughtful in front of customers.

Websites Should be Mobile-Friendly

It is a biblical connotation for every brand to have a mobile-friendly website. No brand can afford to be away to a user’s reach. And this forms the crux of mobile optimized websites. This is also because of the drastic shift in the way people’s search engine practices. Nearly 80 % of the internet users have a smartphone and it is bit obvious that mobile search is giving a tough competition to the PC or Laptop initiated searches. Also, the mobile-friendly websites are important because nearly half of the engagement on social comes from mobiles. Thus, it can be said that being on mobile is a doorway to a lot of digital opportunities, and hence a way forward trend of 2015.

New Twitter Search Engine Seeks for Tweets to be more Optimized

Twitter recently released the new and more powerful Twitter search engine that can track through every tweet ever published. It means the way to structure tweets matters the same way as compressing the message in 140 characters. The hashtags, images, links and the right keywords in your Tweets will give you more visibility upon an initiated search.

Implement Buyer Personas in Digital Media Strategy

If you are into digital marketing, you must be aware of buyer personas? These are nothing but a semi fictional representation of your ideal target customer. A detail introspection and analysis of the TA enhances the way how you communicate over social media. This will even make the online and social experience more human in nature, and hence more engaging. The digital media in Dubai has sprung up with a lot of innovations and demands on the digital front. And the year 2015 is going to change how people consume communications online. It is even going to be demanding from a marketer’s end who are on a look-out from engagement to conversions. In all such requirements, one should take assistance from a digital agency in Dubai that not just promises a fancy picture, but paints it as well in terms of ROI on digital marketing.

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