Digital Marketing Can Help Universities a lot!

Digital Marketing for Universities in UAE

As a country, UAE has always given the highest priority to education. With the presence of 120+ universities, the country has already given students great choices in education and career development. The high numbers of educational institutions have not only opened up choices for students but also have intensified competition as well.

Each university is trying to distinguish itself in an aspirant’s eyes through the innovative use of digital media. They are trying everything, right from promoting assured placements, showcasing their campus lifestyle, teaching faculties, etc. But is that all enough to engage the youth? Or there’s more that’s needed to engage the vibrant youth sector in the UAE.

Digital marketing has the answer to all these questions. It can help universities and institutions promote their courses and target prospective parents and students. It works in simple ways where strategic decisions are implemented to create a favorable aura around a university among students and parents. Students are the primary targets as they carry a university’s name all through their life. For them, it’s one of the most important decisions of life they take. In such a need, it is suggested for colleges and institutions to reaffirm a belief that they are the best for students.

As the admission time is nearing, all universities are gearing up to attract a sizeable number of students for the new sessions. Everybody will be trying to put their best foot forward through a mix of digital and social. Still, there’s a humongous gap between the queries and conversions. The reasons are many. There’s a lot of competition – each university is trying to capture students’ and parents’ interests alike. Another possible reason is that universities are assigning their digital marketing management to agencies that show a flowery picture, but show no returns. An experienced digital marketing agency doesn’t do that. It doesn’t stay with IF’s and BUT’s but gives a clear picture of the ROI on each dirham spent.

This clarity will give universities an edge over others and will increase the number of admissions for the upcoming session. So, all PR officers and marketing managers of a university must take a cue from the better side of digital marketing in UAE. With the effective support of digital marketing, universities can secure maximum returns in terms of higher inquiries and an increase in the number of admissions.

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