Does your business benefit from Facebook Stories?

It definitely does!

Let us embark on this marketing 101 book on your shelf. Facebook Stories… rings a bell, doesn’t it? Shortly after Instagram adapted to the feature, the CEO of Facebook decided to introduce stories to their parent social media network. Facebook Stories for business gives you a slight edge since we know that 2.13 billion users are active on the platform every month.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of the Facebook stories for your business:

Stories will be the next big thing!

Users will be able to interact with their products via story advertising in a much proactive way with quick messaging and chatbots. This means you better get stories as a part of those good old content calendars.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Customers love it when you share something they do not know about your product or service! Feel free to share tips and a few how-tos or benefits that your business can offer and watch those positive reviews pile up on your page. (Makes a good impression you know?)

Let Your Customers Participate

Hosting an event for your product or service? You can now ask users to participate and share stories about your event! This is one way to let their friends know about your business.

Build a Stories Campaign!

Sketching a storyline around your product such as a contest or a giveaway is also very effective considering that you have 24 hours until your story disappears. Facebook Stories also have the ability to cross-post to Instagram! Mind = Blown.

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