Digital Marketing Metrics That Matter for Big Growth Opportunities

The average digital marketing spending for businesses is touching new levels every day. In UAE alone, marketers are spending a considerable share in digital marketing endeavors, just to make the most of the opportunity. But are those marketing spends bringing in the desired return on investments (ROI) for your business? Well, we have you sorted with our most prominent digital marketing metrics or KPIs that matter the most for marketing spending.

1. New vs Returning Visitors

New customers are important, and many digital agencies in UAE and marketers demand analytics based on it. This, for them, is a benchmark that the marketing initiatives are working. But how many marketers demand the rate of returning visitors on the website. This is a sort of a revelation that many marketers miss out on. As an answer, we recommend the brands and companies in the UAE keep a close check on the returning customers. Remember, these have the potential to be the loyal customer base and have to be engaged in every possible way to connect with them. The high percentage of returning customers compared to the previous month ascertains the success of marketing content in generating traffic.

2. The Telephone

In this mobile-friendly world, customers initiate a search on smart devices which is the most convenient thing to do. But do you know what happens next? They lookout for a point of contact for the business. To the marketer’s surprise, 75% of consumers still consider phone calls to be the fastest way to receive a response from a business. Here comes the unique mix of technology and personal touch. While the target customers use technology to identify their points of interest, they still look forward to talking to a customer representative. Telephone in these scenarios is a perfect way to connect and engage with the customers from different touchpoints instantly.

In analytics, we follow the visitor level call tracking concept that traces the source of visits from different channels or touchpoints. This for us is a phone-call conversion to your business. Employing efficient customer care representatives on a phone call can further foster conversions, provided the data is effectively collated.

3. User Exit Rate

Exit rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site from a specific page. User upon visiting a website or a landing page usually starts navigating different pages. This differs from bounce rate, which is leaving the website without navigating beyond the landing page.

The reasons for the exit rate in a sales-oriented campaign are a red flag for any marketer. Upon noticing this KPI, the first motive is to rectify the error and work accordingly for the desired user experience. If a product demo page where its advantages are enlisted has one of the highest exit rates, then probably this page is not connecting with the customers effectively.

E-commerce companies also suffer from high exit rates, if shipping costs are mentioned after the cart checkout. To bring that exit rate down, ideally, such marketers should mention shipping rates on the product description page.

Seamless transactions if designed with a progress tracker can also ease out high exit rates. Many e-commerce companies label each step of the checkout process for data tracking and goal setting. Step by step allocation of the shipping address, delivery method, billing address, and payment details also reduces the chances of high exit rates.

So, these were the few relevant digital marketing metrics that matter the most these days for big growth opportunities. This, if followed well, can help us realize the bountiful side of digital marketing and bring in marketing for the future. Do you agree? Have any questions, or feel to raise a query, do share your views in our comments box.

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