Why Your Digital Marketing Initiatives are Incomplete without Video Marketing?

Dear marketers, if you are keeping a close eye on the current trend of social media marketing or digital promotions, one thing you must have noticed is common. They have campaigns that evoke emotions, generate interest and inspire conversations. But what makes them ‘talk-able.’ Definitely, it is a video that presents a narrative around a product or a service with great fluidity and conveys the message in a simple, yet appealing way.

All the viral campaigns off-late have adopted this facet, and are using video marketing as a potent way of communicating with the customers. Many award-winning campaigns at Cannes Festival 2017 have also aligned Video Marketing to lend fluidity and simplicity to the narrative. In the last few years, Video production has also become a basic parameter for any digital marketing campaign’s success in the UAE. In fact, we think video content completes the digital campaigns. Wondering how? Let us simplify it for you.

Visual wins big with audience interests and improves the performance of digital marketing campaigns. The engagement key brands yearn for come in a package deal with digital campaigns featuring video content.

Digital marketers in the UAE utilise video as a core part of a brand’s marketing strategy. It opens scope of experimentation for brands and marketers and helps them say something new with every advertising promotion visual. Marketers make full use of this medium and weave their campaigns’ reach accordingly.

The marketers can synchronise the campaigns around video content through many mediums. Social media campaigns, contests, PR coverage, video views – all contribute to the much-needed buzz around the brand. So, we can easily say that campaigns get due weightage and limelight, if they focus on video content.

Customers when associate with the brand message responds to it favourably. There are many incidents where target segments in the UAE followed the integrated campaigns wholeheartedly and even tried the product/service once. So, another inference suggests that video content, if handled well, boosts the chances of conversions as well.

At Red Berries, we feel delighted with the prospects of video content and even suggest our clients align video content with their digital marketing strategy and experience the difference in terms of engagement and returns on investment.

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