Digital marketing and web design for the healthcare sector in Dubai


Healthcare like Hospitals and Doctors in the UAE are no more laggards in digital media marketing. Instead, they have started taking their digital marketing initiatives quite seriously. Because they know that Digital is the new Referral power. Here, they can connect with the patients on a personal level, generate awareness around the disease, and inspire them throughout their treatment.

Especially in a scenario where 1 in 20 searches are health-related, digital marketing is the only avenue that presents an untapped opportunity for the healthcare industry.

The Opportunities

But what’s driving such searches on Google? Many of the healthcare sector’s think tanks come to us with the same question? For them, we have developed an entire patient search cycle that illustrates the patient-initiated search trends.

The cycle reiterates one basic fact – patients are aware and equipped like never before. In this journey to a digital awareness, a smartphone is a constant companion. The device has enabled users to search or engage with a healthcare brand within seconds.

As a result, 62.6% of all Health Conditions & Concerns-related searches in 2016 (Quarter3) were on mobile devices in the UAE. The numbers are likely to grow in the current year.

What’s Next – Channelise the patient’s digital behavior to Healthcare’s Industry’s Advantage
Definitely, that’s our main agenda where we tap patient-initiated search and use it for successful conversions. Our customized solutions for the healthcare industry have helped many hospitals and healthcare brands scale up the digital gap and connect with the prospects on a personal level.

What do we do?

We work as digital media partners for the healthcare industry in UAE and breathe life into their digital communication. Our work profile varies from client to client where we analyze the need of the brand and devise intuitive digital marketing and social media strategies for brand per-se. Our range of activities for the health industry varies from –
Website Development / UX management
• Logo Development and Brand Manuals
• Social Media Management
• Ad Campaign Creation and Management
• Video Content Creation
• Giving Voice to the Brand
• Interviewing Doctors
• Sharing patient’s success stories

Red Berries Hall of Fame for Healthcare Industry
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