With Digital Marketing Service in Dubai, target Beauty-Care Industry Customers better.

 Digital Marketing Service in Dubai is what Beauty Care Industry relies on!

While standing on the other side of the tide as a beauty blogger in UAE, I’ve seen the industry implement a lot of novelties in its marketing and promotion. From product launches and Events to blogger meets, from advertorials to online product reviews, from print to social media, the journey has been an exciting one.
In this shift, there has been one common thread that brought together the beauty industry’s success on the whole. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s nothing else but digital marketing services in Dubai. From 2010 to 2015, Digital Media has transformed the way the beauty industry functions.

Why Online Marketing for Beauty-Care?

UAE alone has witnessed a great surge in cosmetics and beauty care product consumption. As per the Khaleej Times report published in the year 2014, UAE topped the beauty spend in the Middle East and Africa region with the highest per capita spend.
The rising demand for cosmetics, beauty care ranges,s, and fragrances has UPPED the bar in terms of product range and quality.
Women NOW love to buy new shades, products, and beauty care ranges!
Coz they know there is always a room for improvement of looks. 😉
This pursuit of betterment is the driving force why women shoppers lookout for something different to enhance their looks.

Internet Marketing for Beauty Care– An Overview

Now, the country’s practical customers have the power of Digital Media. Here, they can follow the beauty-care brand updates and leverage the power of being different.

Recent research stats from Google Think Insights say 63% of beauty shoppers conduct research online. This reported influence of social media, advertising, and retail branding vary across categories and age brackets.
Women belonging to 21-34 years of age follow beauty-care websites, blogs, product reviews, videos, and social networks at twice the rate of women over the age of thirty-four.

This is their regular source of beauty information and updates. Influenced by such regular communication, sixty-six percent (66%) of such targeted audience plan their beauty care purchases in advance before going to the store.
This forms a great reason why digital is the way to go. Just to target beauty-care industry customers better.

Beauty Vlogger Diaries

The simple 5-min hair do’s, beauty tips, tricks, and tutorials work wonders on YouTube. I see no wonder when many brands try to use such videos to their ‘BRANDED’ benefit.

Customer Reviews:

This is the most interesting as well as the tricky part of digital marketing. This is an extension of Word of Mouth has taken the shape of ‘real-life’ reviews.
This gives more power to women who use the product and share their experiences with the world.
Remember, the beauty care industry thrives on REVIEWS.
Good or bad! It doesn’t matter. Because it’s natural.
Based on some studies, it can be said that a mix of bad and good reviews is good for building credibility online.
YOU CAN’T BE GOOD ALL THE TIME – 100% positive reviews are just a fantasy. Reality is a mix of both. Also, brands can moderate and monitor the reviews that are irrelevant.

Other Digital Frontiers

Many fragrance companies, the cosmetic industry, and beauty care brands have realized the benefit of going the DIGITAL way. Exotic photoshoots, events, videos, social media communication, effective search presence – all call for an intelligent digital media agency.

Finding that ain’t easy now!

Many brand managers share their woes when talked about their digital agency. Many times, they don’t get the proactive support that being in UAE’s beauty industry requires. To all such brand managers, here’s a PRO TIP – choose an agency based on its experience and build your thriving online beauty empire.
Remember, this association can help you target your women’s audience the better way and improve your digital presence as well.
You can find the case studies on how Red Berries Digital has helped various beauty-care brands in their digital endeavors here –

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