Websites Design and Digital Marketing for the Auto Industry in Dubai.

This question might put you in a dilemma whether you even need Digital Marketing in Dubai.

You are driving good annual sales turnover. Your brands are happy and so are you.But this happiness can be increased manifold.

Are you now wondering how to bring in more business to your exclusive outlet and gain exponential growth?

Digital Marketing Dubai can be an answer to automobile growth.
Still not clear! Let us take you through the numbers which will help you understand the insights in detail.
UAE Remains Strongest Auto Market In Middle East – UAE Interact
Yes, the world knows about the Middle East’s love affair with luxury automobiles and fast cars. And a sole reason on automobile markets’ success rate as well. UAE comes second after Saudi Arabia in automobile demand and sales. According to a Gulfnews report, almost 8 out of every 10 people intend to buy a car.
If we delve deep into the trends and numbers, we will see that online marketing is the main crux of why the automobile segment gets constant desirability among its customers.
Did You Know?
97% of MENA use online sources to learn about cars.
64% use search engines to decide on a car to purchase.
These facts ascertain one thing – Search Engine Marketing in Dubai is the go-to place for buyers to first learn about cars.
But you don’t sell online! And we understand that.
Here’s another fact that might give you an answer.
87% of interested car buyers visit DEALERS later in the process only after they have done their research in MENA.
One cannot rule out the prospects of classified ads in selling the best of cars. According to statistics, 700K Car ads placed on the classified websites in UAE generate 12 Inquires per ad in UAE.
If we track more insights on Customer Behaviour, we get a potent reason why Digital Marketing is a sure-shot answer to the automobile industry in UAE.
At present, the consumption of online auto content is really high!
• 3 of 4 Buyers in MENA watch automotive videos on YouTube
• 43B Views of automotive YouTube videos.
• 1,070 YouTube channels managed by automotive brands
This in-depth penetration speaks wonders about online marketing in UAE.
There is more to this digital wave in UAE.
UAE boasts a +70% smartphone penetration, the highest in the world.
To be more precise to your industry, 60% of auto research time is spent on mobile.
Now, that’s a huge share.
This smartphone holds a huge share of traffic, queries and offers great scope for conversions for automotive dealers as well.
After going through a lot of facts, let’s analyze the takeaways of this blog post.
Wouldn’t it help your automobile outlet a great deal if it comes on the first Search Engine Result Page? OR cater to the smartphone traffic effectively through a seamless mobile website. OR a personalized YouTube channel to publish exclusive content to your retail outlet.
YES! It would. That’s the main reason why expert digital agencies in Dubai are hired for. Leading digital agency in UAE prepares automobile dealers with customized online marketing solutions in a meaningful way. And make you Digital Ready.

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