Digital Marketing in Dubai for GETEX

Digital Marketing for Dubai GETEX – get the best of your marketing efforts!

‘Gulf Education and Training Exhibition’ (GETEX) Dubai, is nearing now and marketers are on their foot to look after the stall set-ups, branding, communication and what not. Obviously, they have to represent their educational institution at the number 1 education show in the region. Also these astute marketers know that they’ll get to meet around 20,000+ parents and students, aspiring professionals across 40+ nationalities. Now those are whopping numbers.

And by participating in this renowned educational exhibition in Dubai, each marketer aims to turn the numbers to its side by securing target’s interest. But that’s not an easy task. With thousands of exhibitors promoting 2,500+ undergrad & post grad courses, it becomes fairly tough task to leverage differentiation in communication and presentation.

In such a case, online advertising can help a great deal by helping educational institutions and professional career counsellors to find that differentiating edge. Events and online marketing may look distant apart to a marketer, but a proper alignment between these two mediums can actually do wonders to a university brand.

An institution can promote its best facets in terms of its USP’s over social media. Building buzz and making your education brand perceptions favourable over digital media and can even ensure more footfalls around your stall.

All in all, you can double up returns on efforts, time and resources invested in setting up your stall by aligning digital marketing with an event like GETEX.

Now, you must be thinking what a week of activity of digital marketing can do. Trust us, even a week of dedicated efforts on digital front can do wonders to your exhibition event. Red Berries, a digital agency in Dubai, can help an educational institute leverage the maximum mileage out of any event.

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