How Fashion and Apparel Industry can harp on Digital Marketing?


In UAE, every day is a shopping festival, at least for the fashion and apparel industry. With mind-boggling offers and international fashion brands on offer, this time is the best for the fashion industry in the region.

In the last few years, Fashion and Apparel Industry has experienced a major shift. Shops are now on smartphones as e-commerce portals and mobile applications. What’s more exciting is the fact that e-shoppers have received this trend favorably, making apparel the most commonly shopped-for category on smartphones. Browsers are more interested in upgrading their wardrobe and accessories collection in their leisure moments than anything else. Demand for branded apparel has risen up enormously. To add up to it, e-tail has made shopping a simple and rewarding experience. All these opportunities are inspiring fashion and apparel merchandisers to increase their online presence and serve the prospects in a highly intelligent way.


Search engine marketing and social media marketing both go hand in hand while scoring brownie points for the fashion industry. There are numerous versatile opportunities both the mediums present while targeting the prospects online. And mobile has a great role to play while attracting the target segment with new launches, flash sales, latest season trends, etc.

But the effort isn’t as easy as it looks. Digital marketing for the fashion and apparel sector keeps digital marketing teams on their toes. Achieving sales targets, tracking conversions, implementing robust analytics, regular analytics audits, creative appeal, and relatable campaigns – all keep the fashion brand alive in the digital circuit.

Fashion products in-sight have better rates of conversions, hence continuous activity in terms of the offer, range, and brands always reaps returns. Here’s an interesting stat that says 91% of smartphone owners purchased or plan to purchase something after seeing an ad they described as relevant.

Google Display Ads and Ads on Social Media Platforms improve visibility of a product, drive in more clicks and prospects of conversions as well.

What’s Next?

The potent prospects of digital media in the fashion industry call for a unique digital marketing strategy that is friendly and flexible in its own way. Fashion e-commerce brands can adopt this unique approach by being a friend or a companion in search of exciting fashion grabs.

The approach is similar to what image consultants do while serving their clients with the best that suits their body type. Digital trial rooms are the future where on a fashion e-tail site a customer can insert their body measurements and get the exact look of the dress on their proportions. Isn’t that exciting? Well surely, that is. The possibilities are immense on the fashion industry’s digital marketing and so are the returns. All the fashion e-tail brands need is the right opportunity to embrace this digital wave and win big.

How we can help?

Right from managing e-commerce retail stores to conceiving and executing result-oriented strategies, Red Berries can facilitate the fashion industry’s digital marketing goals effectively. That includes the implementation of advanced analytics tools to derive insights from a fashion shopper’s browsing behavior. This helps us define customer-centric strategies that in turn facilitate better conversions for the fashion sector digitally.

Red Berries Recommendation for E-commerce Industry

Pad up your monthly/seasonal digital marketing campaigns with RoI-oriented Web Analytics configuration and audits for the best-performing digital marketing campaign. To know more, contact our team of digital experts for a digital marketing evaluation customized for your own fashion brand.

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