Digital Marketing, Website Design and SEO for Healthcare and Hospitals in Dubai

The Healthcare industry is seeing exponential growth across UAE. With the private sector moving into healthcare and increasing their share in the market, the competition now is on to reach out to their prospective consumers.

Conventionally, offline advertisement was one of the most effective mediums however with today’s interconnected world of the internet with smart devices like phones or tablets connect to the internet, potential consumers are changing this market space, as they are able to access information with a click of a button.


On the other hand, the effectiveness of digital channels is not being harnessed to its potential. At present time a large percentage of today’s consumers have smart devices and they use these devices to get their information. Having said so, when it comes to the marketing front lot of money is being spent on conventional offline media. Digital channels remain second to offline channels or at best are used in a silo, therefore, making it an ineffective strategy.


Search engine like Google has reported high growth in search volumes, its related products, services in UAE. Google search influences a patient’s response much before he/she pays a visit to a clinic or a hospital.

Considering this patient behavior, it is natural to ideally focus on digital marketing in Dubai for the Health care segment. By incorporating Digital Marketing in Dubai, your media plan opens out to the ever-expanding world of the digital world.

But this obvious fact is overlooked by the global healthcare industry. Did you know that the stats reveal that healthcare marketing is TWO YEARS BEHIND OTHER INDUSTRIES!

As a doctor or hospital, did you realize the growing importance of digital marketing in Dubai for Healthcare?

The time has come where hospitals, clinics, and doctors can never overlook this concept of internet marketing in Dubai anymore.
According to Alpen Capital, UAE is one of the fastest-growing markets for healthcare in the region. The trend is going the digital way where government health set-ups like Dubai Health Authority (DHA) are dispersing 35 percent of their electronic services on mobile apps.

There is a lot of potential promise healthcare online marketing in Dubai holds in its scope. All that hospitals and healthcare companies need is the right kind of support and digital expertise from a top digital agency in Dubai. Here emerges the role of Red Berries Digital in the picture.

An expert digital agency in Dubai with years of distilled experience in the digital domain has the right solutions to suit hospitals and clinics. Over the years of its journey, the agency has developed proactive web marketing support to suit the intelligent needs of doctors.

Through this way, the best digital agency in Dubai is bringing ‘Doctors and Digital’ on a single platform and helping them find their firm hold over the world of websites, smartphones, and mobile apps. Having worked with many doctors and understanding their peculiar requirements, the agency has developed a business model that can bring about a great revolution in the way the healthcare industry functions in the Middle East zone.

If looking out for digital expertise in the medical field, the team at Red Berries Digital can surely help your clinic/doctors/hospitals in a much-needed way.

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Most of the clinics and hospitals in Dubai have a very clear unique proposition on their websites, however, it lacks the potential of being an eCommerce assert. A simple example would be to give consumers an option to make appointments with the doctors once they come to the website.