Costs and Advantages of Website Redesign

You can frequently believe you’ve accomplished everything when building your initial website. Now that your site is live, you don’t need to fret; all you need to do is gather leads.

Costs and Advantages of Website Redesign

Yet as with most things in technology, things age. Items become stale and outdated; to stay current, they must be upgraded.

The same is true for websites: the CMS you first used is now outdated, the material you were using is no longer relevant, and, quite frankly, you’ll have more security flaws than even the most seasoned web developers can close.

You should therefore redesign your website. Here are some advantages and costs of redesigning your website before you start looking for a web design firm or taking on this project independently.

Long term, it is more cost-effective.

Cost is one of the main issues when creating a website. You now need to repeat the process!

And while starting from scratch to create a website could cost you up to AED 73,460, the cost-effectiveness of a redesign is far superior to what you had anticipated.

You see, the fact is that your website is pushed further down in the SERPs the older it is. This indicates that you aren’t attracting any new visitors and are likely losing the ones you do have, further contributing to the loss of leads.

Also, you can’t make any sales if you’re not generating new leads, resulting in financial loss.

So, maintaining relevance becomes crucial for websites. Saving AED 73,460 now will result in losing twice as much, if not three times as much, in the time you might have launched a new website because your current website becomes outdated. The longer you wait, the more money you lose.

A business might work with various branding companies to help with brand development. As a result, the website may implement many design decisions over time, resulting in a glaring lack of consistency and brand dissonance.

Redesigning your website can help you take a step back, consider your brand’s message, and then try to make that message prominent.

If you’re still unsure why your brand needs to be consistent with its communications, consider that brands who communicate one consistent message throughout all aspects of their business can see a 23% boost in profits!

And if that’s the reward for putting some work into developing a consistent brand identity, then the effort was worthwhile.

It Boosts Website Speed

We don’t just mean to freshen it up with new media or a wackier typeface when we say you should overhaul your website. Also, we suggest that you revamp any website components that might be slowing it down.

The fact that ancient websites load so slowly is one of the primary complaints users (and Google) have about them. Nowadays, people don’t have the patience or the stamina to deal with slow websites; therefore, they will usually leave any page that takes longer than five seconds to load.

A website that loads in one second has a 3x greater conversion rate than one that loads in five seconds is another startling statistic that supports the idea that users like quick websites.

This makes updating a website much more essential, and if you decide to rebuild your website, you will undoubtedly gain from doing so.

It raises SERP and SEO rankings

Your SEO and your SERP rankings will both increase with faster loading times.

It is well known that Google favors websites with quick page loads. Such websites receive significantly higher indexing priority and, thus, are far more likely to rank higher in SERPs.

You also have the opportunity to review, update, and implement new SEO techniques when you revamp your website.

When Google releases more and more updates, SEO strategies tend to change every few years, and a competent web redesign business should be able to maintain the pace of all the SEO strategies that result in those upgrades.

Brands that blog do see a 67% boost in leads produced. Reworking your content strategy could be the key to taking your brand to the next level because it significantly impacts lead creation.

A professional web design and development business can exploit this to your advantage. They will revamp your website to put your content front and center, making it the reason visitors come back. As a result, visitors will start turning into customers more frequently.

Your experience on the site is improved.

You could wish to rebuild your website for various reasons, but one of the key ones is to improve user experience. With a properly optimized website, you’re giving your developers, as well as your users, a fantastic experience.

An obsolete content management system is frequently one of the biggest obstacles creative companies must face when rebuilding a website.

Modern SEO strategies will be difficult for agency developers to use with an outdated CMS because it frequently doesn’t handle the newest media or fonts.

By updating your CMS or swapping out your outdated one for a new and modern one, you’re creating new opportunities for redesign and modernization, and those fresh, cutting-edge designs could mean the difference between a user having a positive experience and coming back repeatedly, or having a negative one and leaving your site immediately.

Naturally, you’re also enhancing your user experience when you have an optimized website.

UX has significantly influenced customer happiness and conversion rates. Consumers expect a positive browsing experience; therefore, they won’t appreciate your website’s poor loading times, irrelevant information, disorganized navigation, or any other sins that outdated websites frequently commit.

So, most brands strive to give their customers the most enjoyable experience possible. You can take a step back, examine what improves the user experience on your website, and then make adjustments that will eventually result in a better UX and more visits by redesigning it.

It Improves PC and Smartphone Responsiveness

Mobile browsing is currently one of the major trends in web usage. Given how prevalent mobile devices are today, more than 58% of all website traffic is generated by them.

So, it becomes essential that your website is mobile-friendly. It would be best to make your website responsive to mobile devices with much smaller screens since they have smaller screens by default.

One of their greatest crimes is that earlier websites were designed only for desktops and performed poorly on smaller displays. You’re catering to most consumers by rebuilding your website with mobile in mind, which will undoubtedly increase traffic and conversions.

Poor website security is another sin that ancient websites frequently commit.

Data security has been treated much more severely since the Facebook data breach event a few years ago.

These days, leaking will get you into trouble and put you on the losing end of a class action lawsuit.

You search for security holes and backdoors in your system as you revamp your website.

Redesigning your website today will save you a lot of misery later when online fraudsters come knocking because newer CMSs have far better security mechanisms and much fewer security gaps.

It Raises Conversion Rates for Sales

Increasing sales conversions is the ultimate purpose of redesigning your website.

Increased user engagement with your website and increased sales conversions are the single objectives of content updates, security upgrades, visual redesigns, and enhanced user experiences.

Only a brand-new engine and a freshly painted website can accomplish this; a dated design won’t be able to.

The price of relaunching a website

After discussing all the advantages of revamping a website, let’s look at the expenses.

We threw up a price earlier: AED 73,460 for a complete overhaul. Nevertheless, if you’re starting from scratch and giving your website a full facelift, this is what a website redesign will set you back.

You see, the cost of a redesign can differ. If all you want to do is tidy up your aesthetics, you might pay as low as AED 18,365, but if you’re going to develop a brand-new website, you’ll likely pay much more.

The scale of the work performed on your site ultimately determines everything, so we’ve created a number of groupings based on that scope.


Redesign describes a straightforward graphic redesign of the website. We’re discussing a new design, as well as new colors, fonts, and logos. The expenditures will be pretty low, reflecting that this is likely the least amount of work you could perform on your website.


Rewiring is the term for updating backend systems. This includes, but is not limited to, updating security, utilizing cloud hosting and SaaS development, and migrating to another CMS.

You will need to pay for a license to a new CMS, employ more developers, and the entire process will take significantly longer if you do tech-related work instead of just changing the logo and fonts.


Redesigning a website combines the two preceding categories. Renovation entails overhauling the majority of the front end and back end of the website.

This covers everything we’ve previously discussed. You’ll probably wholly alter and update your aesthetics in addition to working on the backend.

Contrarily, doing this will cost you a lot of money and time, but the advantages are abundantly clear if you’ve been reading the essay up to this point.


This entails creating a website from the ground up. We’re talking about a complete overhaul of all systems, a change to a new hosting provider, a new CMS, a new architecture, and new graphics.

Your expenses will be just as expensive as building a new website. Again, your final fees will depend on the functionality of your website, but a good website will cost between AED 36,730 and AED 146,920.

Last Words

Is redesigning your website ultimately a wise move?

In most circumstances, the answer is yes. Most outdated websites struggle to rank well, attract new visitors, and gain new conversions.

Hence, if you have an outdated website, it may be time to give it a fresh look and feel. After that, your website will be delighted to bring in new clients and increase your revenue.