For Social Media Marketing, why being young matters.

Social Media Marketing tips you’ve probably never heard of!

Being young is so much fun and interesting. It has an all-new vibe to it. For social media marketing, being young is the attribute most marketers are looking out for while curating their content in the UAE. This is not just because of the tried and tested ‘catch them young’ philosophy, but there is a huge study around it. If we quote the Arab Media Outlook report, we understand that 50% of the region’s population is under 24 years. This demographic young crowd has its own unique quirks and social media usage patterns. This includes spending almost two hours a day watching videos and engaging with social networks.

Now, this is just a beginning of it. In-depth study of youngsters’ behavior over digital platforms also can be a learning lesson for the digital marketers on ‘how to ace social media marketing.’ Wondering how? Let us take you through key takeaways on being young at social media:-

1. Know how they post

Be it their lingo or the usages of short forms and the already popular hashtags, the youngsters are conversant with the medium like no other. They know what type of content works where and frame the content accordingly. So, it would be safe to say, learn the social media content creation right from the youngsters.

The Tip 

To make the content engaging, we need to find the type of content useful for your followers in an easy and coherent way.

2. Make social media fun and carefree

If you look at the social media handles of the youngsters, you will find that they post the content that is fun, happening, relevant, and engaging in every sense. Digital marketing UAE can borrow this concept in their posting strategies to earn more engagement.

The Tip

Make social media platforms fun and immersive experience for the followers.

3. Be consistent

Youngsters might not pay attention to their studies, but when they post, they are regular at it. Take any social media platform owned by youngsters, they keep it regular with the postings. The reason behind this is the fact that it is not a chore for them, but an enjoyable experience to share and see the thumbs-up numbers growing.
They have so much to say / post in a fun way that their vibe becomes infectious. Digital marketers can borrow this consistency facet while posting regularly on social media and stay relevant among the followers.

The Tip

Sharing engaging content consistently is the key to earn repeated visitors and ensure thriving social media presence.

These are some of our observations that can make your social media management UAE a thriving business opportunity. Hope you liked it? Do share your comments or feedback with us, it is the guiding light for us at Red Berries. So, stay connected.

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