Ad Blockers in Digital Marketing

How to Prevent Content Getting Blocked from Audience?

Ad-blocker is seen by the digital marketing industry as a big threat these days. But what exactly is an ad blocker. Is it a rebellion by the audience? Or there is more to it. Let’s find that out in the following blog post.

An ad-blocker is an audience-controlled mechanism where they just block or mute an advertisement if it annoys them frequently. Now, no digital marketer can ever invest in hiring a digital agency in Dubai only to get their ads blocked. But this recent trend is a sort of an eye-opener, where audience over different social platforms is exercising their rights for adblocking.
The most visible and terrifying symptom of the digital industry, Ad blocking is showing how the content inflow has overwhelmed the audience. The internet is bursting with information right from the moment the day starts and never stops even when the audience is in deep slumber. But now, the audience has the power to control and filter out the unwanted media and access the relevant media at their own convenience.

Statistics suggest that the use of ad blockers has more than tripled over the past three years to 181 million users today. Imagine, your audience hates your ad, and this is the worst that can happen to your brand. To get over this fad, marketers must wake up to the fact and identify with the audience’s needs and meet their expectations.

Marketers who are depending on the power of reporting and analytics must identify with this development and create their content accordingly. Still, a more elaborate way to achieve the most digital ad campaigns is to follow the procedure.

– Create the campaign, post, info-graphic, video, etc relevant to the target audience
– Develop content strategy in tune with digital and marketing budgets
– Choose your audience wisely while running ads. The audience’s demographic, geographic profile must match your TG’s profile
– Run tester ads to gauge the audience’s reaction

The basic premise – create digital assets that matter to the people. Else no other power in the world can save you / your brand from getting ignored, avoided, or blocked. Don’t intrude in the TG’s timeline by showing up for the ‘Nth’ number of times. Instead, use the power of storytelling, context to content and leverage engagement.
All these steps will not only help you gain audience engagement but also maximize the Return on Digital Spends in a great way.
Do you agree with our Digital Marketing Team’s views on Ad-Blocker trends? Or have any suggestions on the same. We would be more than happy to hear your views on the same. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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