Email Marketing Strategy – At what frequency should one email customers?

Being a trusted strategy of email marketing, customer emails are an appealing method of keeping your customers informed on any updates on your company or site. However, there is a number of emails that, when crossed can be considered too much. This piece aims to give you an idea of what number is considered ideal when emailing customers by providing tips on how to maintain the limit. Staying within the limit gives you the advantage of having your emails actually being checked. Crossing the limit, on the other hand, can negatively influence your customers to unsubscribe from your emails.

Divide your Email marketing strategies into three aspects-Segment, Simplify and Send:

Segmenting is the process of segregating your customers into categories based on their interests and browsing habits.

Simplifying is the aspect wherein you saturate your content to a simple, easy to read, and enjoyable amount.

Sending is the last part where you send a number of emails to the segregated lists with the appropriate and saturated content.

The idea of segmenting is to make sure that each customer is satisfied with a first-rate and customized mail. This will play a role in convincing them to make a purchase immediately.

Try creating a variety of emails:

This will ensure that your customer opens emails sent by you regularly. The variety also keeps them more interested in your products, thus, increasing the number of purchases made. These emails should be sent in a sequence to encourage them to read and purchase.

The sequence to be followed is Announcement, Reminder, and Last Chance.

This can be applied in the case of a sale; first, announce the sale and the products which will be on discount, then remind them of the sale which will occur in the near future, finally when the sale starts, send them a final mail which alerts them of how much time is left. This process requires you to send no more than three to four emails and is helpful in the number of sales.

Follow up on Analytics and Statistics:

Tying your company or site to a transparent business result makes your numbers more reliable. If you rely on ‘Open and Clicks’ you might not get accurate results as the number of times the mail is opened does not reflect the number of clicks precisely. Instead, your analytics will give a more insightful idea of how much your emails are influencing the number of purchases made.

Analytics and Statistics
Analytics and Statistics

Be free when sending emails – learn the importance of sending emails:

While planning an email marketing campaign can feel stiff and even amateurish, it has advantages. Not all customers will open your mail, there is no doubt of that, but some number will and that is precisely what you need. These emails are far more advantageous than you believe them to be. They will allow you, as a businessperson, to build a steady number of customers and even create a list of regular customers who open your emails at regulated intervals and visit your site to make purchases after reading those emails.

The final tip which is less practical and more about gaining your customers’ favors is to think from their point of view. Think: How frequently would you like to be reminded of anything at all? What emails and content would convince you to make a purchase? Would informative content influence your decision? If you think your strategies are answering all these questions and ticking all the boxes, you are on the right path.

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