The Future Of AI And Automation In The Digital World

Is a machine a threat to manpower’s talent and expertise? This is an ever long debate that never seems to end. But with constant innovations and inventions in robotics, artificial intelligence and automation, the question has become even more evident. Will the manpower survive the challenges posed by the precision of AI and automation, or will give up to it?

Automation and AI have definitely attracted the attention of enterprises and consumers alike. People are fascinated at the prospects of how these technologies can ease out business operations and personal life as well. By 2030, we can actually see the Robots in action around us.

But is this an end to Human power and talent, like they show in the Sci-Fi movies? A Big NO is my answer. Technology innovates at the core of better functioning and productivity. Initially, there will be job-cuts, and workforce will be reduced. Look at the bigger picture. Technology needs proper supervision and regulation to perform its optimal best.

This is where human workforce’s role is all the more important. Proper scrutiny of data-driven challenges in AI and automation holds the crux of workforce’s efficiency and functioning.

Yes, there will be initial turbulence around the implementation of AI in practical life. Manpower will have to unlearn few concepts, learn the new technologies and synchronise their working around them to stay relevant.

Working professionals have nothing to fear. Their dynamic approach to learn new concepts, and adapt their working accordingly is the biggest strength. All they need is to use this quality to their advantage.

Imagine the possibilities of a professional enabled with an AI application or automation concept. After reviewing and scrutinizing the application, the professional can use his thinking capabilities to envision the bigger picture and bring his creativity into action.

The future of workforce is secure with AI, Automation and Robotics. All the workforce needs is to rise up, activate their learning prowess for upcoming technologies and grow tremendously as a professional.